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Facebook Jihad

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So this morning I was watching “The Social Network” and thought “I wonder if the jihadi’s have facebook pages that I can cull” Well, sure enough, with a few key Google searches I was able to easily locate sites devoted to groups as well as individuals on the path to violent jihad. One has to wonder if Zucky and his minions know about these as well as perhaps are letting them exist online at the bidding of the government doesn’t one? The alternative is that they have no idea that they are there.. and… well, the way they mine our data for their profit just doesn’t allow for them not knowing these are there in my mind.

Facebook Jihadist Sites:

Mujahid Indonesia Facebook

Mujahid Indonesia | Facebook
Parako mga Guraba a mga Bangsa Moro | Facebook
THORIQUNA | Facebook
Muazzam Usman | Facebook
‫الشبكة العالمية للجهاد الإعلامي THE WORLD NETWORK FOR MEDIA JEHAD | Facebook‬
Awaludin Mujahid | Fahad Ali Mujahid | People Directory | Facebook
Mujahideen Videos
Jihadi Nasheed | Facebook
Ribat Media Center | الرباط مرکز نشریات | Facebook
war against america g.a mujahideen…….! | Facebook
Afghanistan Mujahideen | Facebook
Al Mujahideen w’Al Shuhadaa | Facebook
Khalil-Mujahideen Negrophil-Army | Facebook
Muhammad Amriki | Facebook
Ansar al-Mujahideen::Stances Regarding the Method of Relief Work::By The Mujahid Sheikh / Osama bin Laden | Facebook | Facebook
Mujahidheen fi sabeelillah | Facebook
فحص أمني مطلوب | Facebook
Al Jihad | Facebook
alshabaab | Facebook
Omar Hamza | Facebook

All of the sites have anywhere from 200 to 4K users or posters who “like” them (heh) and I am going to develop a methodology to spider them all and then Maltego the shit out of all of them. Hey all you takfiri shahid wanna-be’s out there..

See you soon.


Written by Krypt3ia

2010/10/26 at 19:37

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  1. This group is not racist ?, sexist, or in any way a “hate group”?. This group does not condone any of the aforementioned, nor do we condone violence of any kind?

    independence of republics of the North Caucasus:


    This group has reached 5000 members so the facebook has blocked the group’s message sending facility, so in order to unblock the facility, we need some of you to move to our new group:

    and…and…and million terrorist group

    Christa Horvath

    2010/10/28 at 10:05

  2. … and your point being?


    2010/10/28 at 10:47

  3. […] Internet jihad for whatever political expediency she needs. I have reported in the past about the Facebook Jihad (notice 2010) and pretty much sum it up to propaganda and thats it. Sure, there may be some illicit […]

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