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“The Jihadi Social Network”

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The Jihadi Network


Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crazies out there on the intertubes to chase. It seems like the jihadi sites are just popping up like mushrooms on piles of internet dung too. So, in a state of apathy, I decided to map out the “Top Ten” jihadi sites out there to see their interconnectivity and if indeed they were related to each other. What I found was kind of interesting. Many of the sites have links to each other, but also that many seem to have all of their eggs in one server.

One of the other features here from these searches also is an expanding of the jihadi site list that I have already. Just from this one map above, I have come across a whole slew of Indonesian jihadi sites on WordPress. These sites also have more links on them to others.. and on.. and on.. You know, its the interwebs. I will continue following them all down the rabbit hole and see if anything interesting turns up. However, I decided to let you all play at home. If you like, you can open the Maltego maps here

Meanwhile… I ran across an interesting trend.. The irahbi’s are multiplying! Irhabi’s as in irhabi001, irahbi008, and irhabi009. The interesting part seems to be a connection to the Indonesian’s again…

The irhabi iterations are all over the place and talkative on the usual sites. I guess they are just picking up where Younis left off back when he was caught and put into detention.

Full Map

It would seem that they have been busy, but I am getting the impression that the new gen of irahbi’s has just been getting started. I will drill down a bit more and see what I can locate to pass on. As I have pointed out in the past though, I do worry that the Indo Asiatic sector of Jihad is just beginning to really spin up. As such, we should be looking toward that area for more possible events as well as support to the AQAP and AQ boys.

The other troubling aspect here is just how connected these guys are to the kavkaz (Eastern European) sector too. The mujhaids in the Baltics are still very active and also have a long, distinguished history of jihad. Of course these are the same guys who brought you the attacks on the Russian opera house and the school in Beslan so, we know what they are capable of.

More soon…


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2010/10/15 at 11:25