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Inspire vol II: Rationalization, Operational Directions, Open-Source Jihad, and Pivoting the Battle-Space

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Inspire Magazine vol II came out and while being a bit less incendiary than the first issue, it is still useful in gauging just what AQ is thinking. This time around, the magazine’s articles start with the pumping of Jihad as a Muslim’s duty with interviews and life tales from certain jihadists OBL to Zachary Chesser. Then it swings into the rationalization of AQ’s concept of Jihad in the face of the Mardin Declaration which basically comes down to Allah and Muhammad hate disbelievers and it’s all good to take the sword to them.

Yeah… That’s the gist of it really.. With a lot of philosophizing and waxing rhapsodic in order to make what they are doing right in their minds. I mean after all, Allah is the one and only God and Islam the only religion huh?

“Religious fanatics.. I hate these guys”

Chesser’s little story is rather poorly worded and show’s his education level to be sub standard but it gives you a look into his mindset. He seems to be akin to one of those whacknut Christians who says give all your troubles over to God, he will take care of you. Yet, he is more dangerous because he takes literally the spoon fed crap that he has been given by the Salafi Imam’s that he has been with that if you are not with Allah, then you should be put to the sword as a Zionist swine. He tells his tale in simple minded interludes of how he escaped to Yemen and evaded all of the FBI and CIA tales that he alleges he had..

Because you know.. He is a mental genius…

Rationalizing Their POV

The magazine has a heavy handed approach to rationalizing their world view and their decisions on Jihad as a “way of life” because of the recent Mardin Declaration that I linked to above. It seems that the Imam’s got together from all over, and decided that they would take a stand against the Salafi’s and Jihadi’s to rebuke their ways and their interpretation of the Quran. This obviously has ruffled the feathers of AQ and AQAP quite a bit as they took so much time to refute and to re-enforce their ideas to the masses in the west (recruits) with Inspire vol II.

The arguments twist and turn but always come back to the ideas that Islam only tolerated the Jews and Christians as long as they were subjugated and knew that they were apostates. This also was alluded to with the added history that both religious believers were taxed back in the day just to live and worship even though they were regularly looked down upon by Islam… Well, in that day in the Caliphate sure.. However, this is today and, well sparky, you don’t have a caliphate.. What you do have are come caves, some townhouses in Pakistan, and AK-47’s  Keep on dreaming big man.

All in all, these guys are deluded with dreams of being a man, being a shahid, and even with a section in the magazine later on, tries to lure in the reader with what they can expect once they visit Allah after being martyred.


Opensource Jihad

In the latter sections of volume II we have what they are calling Open Source Jihad. This is in reality the same type of thing that you see out there on the internet as encyclopedias of Jihad. How to make bombs, books on first aid, etc are the norm, however, this section adds a whole new dimension with operational ideas for lone wolf jihad. Their big idea of this issue is to use your truck as a “mowing machine”

Imagine that, they seem to have this crazy “Mad Max” idea here where a lone wolf welds all kinds of blades to their F-150 and drives it into a busy footpath… Yeah, I have to believe that this is somewhat tongue in cheek here.. Really? Really? You mean you’re gonna advocate someone drive anywhere with blades welded to their truck? See how far they get before they are pulled over… Oh, and by the way takfiri, this is a “martyrdom operation” so bring a gun to shoot yourself with.. Yeah, statistically there have only been about 2 martyrdom operatives who were American so.. I really don’t think this will be a big issue here. I mean hell, even Faisal Shazahd tried to flee.. His convictions were oh so strong…

Tips for Brothers in the USA: CBRN and Tradecraft

The last sections of this document were the ones that bothered me the most but were nothing really new per se. The pivoting of the battle space has been going on for some time now as AQ has been coming to understand that they are pinned up in Waziristan. Its akin to what happened in the hacking world once people started to actually patch systems and configure firewalls properly. In the case of both aggressors, crackers and  jihadi’s they learned that if you cannot strike from the outside, then you pivot and attack from within.

It would seem though, that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have made these guys a bit twitchy though. They are advocating “staying clean” a term that is used within spook circles as not putting yourself on the radar by associating with anyone who may be considered worth the investigative time. However, they have taken it to the level of “trust no one” hahaha I am glad that we have put the fear into them! They also are pretty much aware now that no matter what they do on the internet, they are likely to be intercepted and eventually captured as you can see below.

Its really all advocating one man cells that do not talk to anyone, do not go to jihadist websites, and generally keep themselves closeted as Muslims as I see it. Of course no mention that in the online world there are measures that can be taken.. and then of course in the end they offer up emails to contact Al-Malahem directly using ASRAR (encryption program) which I am sure has been cracked by now. Interesting though, that this particular volume does not have any real plans on how to make things like the “pressure cooker” bomb.. So, how do you expect these American junior wanna be jihadists to get those plans if they can’t go to the site?


The reality is kids there are many folks out there at Fort Meade watching you as well as others like moi. It also seems that you can trust no one… Hell, I would not even trust the shower in your apartment.. It’s probably bugged too! So, get all ripe and stinky, this will keep others away… and let us know who you are by smell…

Of course the most troubling part of this document is the above sections on CBRN. It has been known since the beginning that the jihadists would love to get their hands on some CBRN tech and or convince someone to create some for them. In this section above, they are making the call for American students or those abroad here to spin up and create them for jihad. One has to wonder just how many Afia Saddiqi’s there are out there though.. Those who would heed this call and get their hands on some toxins to release.

That’s the troubling bit.

Time will tell… Until then, you guys at Al-Malahem keep making these little magazines to share with everyone… Including me and others like me. You keep us laughing as well as give out some good data on what you guys are thinking. Sure there’s a lot of propagandist muck to wade through in reading it (god it’s horrid and tedious) but, there are those gems in there that give us good data to use against you!

Keep it up… We will keep tracking your asses down.