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#LIGATT How To Be Sued for 23K by your Billboard Advertising Company

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Word on the street is that Ligatt has failed to pay for these monstrosities and they have since been taken down. I for one can assume there are many glad motorists who now don’t have a giant Evans proclaiming his hacker status and snake oil salesmanship technique at them every day. Interestingly enough, after the billboards disappeared, the word on the street began to say that the company Olympus Media LLC began the process to sue Ligatt and Evans for $23,000 that he had not paid for the boards. Perhaps Ligatt does not know the real meaning of the word “Mogul”



( lowercase ) an important, powerful, or influential person: a mogul of the movie industry.

Oh my… Nope.. He doesn’t.. Perhaps he knows the word “Delusional”

Guess those billboards did not pay for themselves huh? Just another one of those roosters… well.. “roosting” I guess. Once the Gwinnett County courts system has the records I’ll let you know.


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2010/11/30 at 21:04


Phear And Leaking On Wikileaks: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Foreign Policy Dream

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With all of the hullabaloo over the recent Wikileaks “Cablegate” dump, I felt the need to write my thoughts on the whole thing, including the elusive Mr. Assange. First off, I must preface that I am not opposed to a “Wikileaks” organization as it stands for shining sunlight on corrupt actions on the part of the government or corporations. However, my issue with the current system in place is that so far, none of the “leaks” put out really have anything to do with an overarching corruption on the part of any government or corporation. The net effect is that Wikileaks has failed to do anything but make itself a lightning rod for “alleged” corruption that when really looked at, fizzles into what seems more like self aggrandizement.

That aggrandizement would of course be the child of Mr. Assange himself would it not?

My impression of it all (after reading the docs including those recently posted) is that there are no earth shattering facts here. Nothing that has anyone at the UN or any other body banging their shoe against the desk and asking for redress. Nothing like that at all. In fact, these cables of late have been more revealing in an embarrassing way than they have been in any kind of criminal or secret revealing way.  I ask you, who did not believe that China hacked Google? I mean that particular elephant has not only been in the room for a long time, but it has been sitting naked spread eagle for all to see.. If one knew where to look or just perhaps used Occam’s Razor as a litmus test of the truth of it all.

Nope, none of these alleged mind blowing cables did anything of the sort. No one I am sure who has half a brain is saying;


Or, for that matter, that Ambassadors would be asked to gather as much HUMINT as possible by being close to other state actors at the annual soirée’s that they attend? C’mon people, wake up and smell the diplomacy two step! This isn’t rocket science here, each country, each actor, each individual has their agenda’s and will do what they can to get their way. Just because people are not sitting down and trying to be all cuddly about it means that anyone is any more or less corrupt in doing it.

Human nature is human nature.

So once again, I say that nothing here is worthy of a Daniel Ellesberg moment.. Unlike what Assange would like you to believe. Sure some of this stuff is embarrassing and yeah, SECSTATE had to make some calls, but overall I don’t see this as overly damaging. After all, only 5% of the docs were even marked (S) here. I mean, you get the same kinds of data by doing specific Google searches if the servers have been mis-configured or people are playing fast and loose with the documents online. What is more embarrassing is that the likes of  PFC Manning could in fact take 250K of documents so easily and NOT be noticed or blocked by the security measures in place. Perhaps the measures really weren’t in place huh? Now that would be a real slap in the face to us all.

Like some have put it on the internet.. This is the TMZ of leaks.

So why are you doing all of this Julian? Do you really require all of the attention? Is this why much of your staff quit recently? One wonders… C’mon, tell us all about it.

I am sure you won’t, you will just go on playing martyr/Jesus/world savior won’t you? How does it feel though to be wanted enough for some to actually call for your “group” to be re-classified as a terrorist organization? Of course I think that is the silliest thing I have heard in some time and the senator who uttered it needs a good dope slap, but, it must make you not only cream in your egotistic shorts,but also perhaps instill a sliver of fear too? Maybe that turns you on even more?


… And “meh” is really all I have to say for you. Nothing you have done is so epically stunning. All the press is just that, whoring press, and they will follow the story as long as it can get any air. Now that you blew your wad of oh so secret documents, what are you to do now to keep in the spotlight I wonder? I mean, Manning is in the pokey and gee, I don’t see a landslide more documents coming your way..

Whatever shall you do? You need the limelight.

I wonder, will you escalate? Will you do just about anything to keep the whoring mass media eye on you?

Personally, unless you get something worthy of the idea, I suggest you lay this vorpal sword down Alice.. Cuz the Jabberwocky has no secrets that you can access and slay it with.


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2010/11/29 at 20:24

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Inspire 3 “Operation Hemorrhage” Analysis

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Al-Malahem came out with their “special” edition covering their recent parcel bomb attack on the West yesterday and it was a smug piece of propaganda that they try to gloat with. I am guessing they really need to get it out there that they had a “win” in their check-box over this failed scheme to bomb planes over the US because they are steadily losing momentum on a larger scale. However, some of what they do say in the piece does have bearing on what has been happening in the US regarding TSA security and the “theater” that they have in place instead of real security measures and about the United States financial expenditures to make us all “feel safe” These are both things that I have touched upon many times in this blog and will line up with AQAP’s strategies now.

“Operation Hemorrhage” boasts the writers, cost only a mere $4,200.00 and the kinetic damage through fear and spending will be billions in their estimates. Thus they are only bleeding the US economy further with each attack whether successful or not. Their assessment on this is somewhat true especially given the fact that for every move there is also a counter move within the game of mental chess here on security measures. Of course, the problem has been within the US’s approach vis a vis creating the behemoth of the TSA, that there are way too many cooks and the soup is not only spoiled, but it is cold and congealed in the pot because of all of the legal, political, and infighting problems that come along with creating a government entity. Add to this that the TSA has been poorly executing security measures to begin with, then you have a problem of complete ossification of an organization that is supposed to be nimble and smart.

Instead of nimble and smart, we have had one debacle after another leading up to the current issue of invasive pat-downs and backscatter scans that are trying to prevent the last attack’s M.O. all the while the enemy has moved on to a new vector of attack. The writers of this issue make sure to re-enforce that idea:

If your opponent covers his right cheek, slap him on his left. Since9-11 the West has been stepping up defenses for its commercial aircrafts. The continuous attempts that followed 9-11 by our brother Richard Reid, the Heathrow airport plot and finally the operation of brother Umar Farouk have forced the West to spend billions of dollars to defend its airplanes. But what about cargo planes? The air freight is a multi-billion dollar industry. FedEx alone flies a fleet of 600 aircrafts and ships an average of four million packages per day. It is a huge worldwide industry. For the trade between North America and Europe air cargo is indispensable and to be able to force the West to install stringent security measures sufficient enough to stop our explosive devices would add a heavy economic burden to an already faltering economy. We knew that cargo planes are staffed by only a pilot and a co-pilot so our objective was not to cause maximum casualties but to cause maximum losses to the American economy. That is also the reason why we singled outthe two U.S. air freight companies: FedEx and UPS for our dual operation.In our discussions prior to the operation we set the passage of explosive devices from any airport as a bench-mark of success. For us, blowing up the planes would have made us very pleased but according to our planand specified objectives it was only a plus. The first package made it successfully and brought down the UPS flight in Dubai. The experiment was a brilliant success. In our following operation we used a different explosive package and determined that if both packages passed throughthe inspection at the FedEx and UPS facilities and passed through the X-Ray systems at the airport, that would raise a worldwide alert that would force upon the West two choices: You either spend billions of dollars to inspect each and every package in the world or you do nothing and we keep trying again. The packages not only made it out of Sana’a but one of them made it all the way to London and if it was not for an intelligence tip, both devices would have detonated. After the operation of brother UmarFarouk we have been experimenting with ways to bring down airplanes.We have researched the various se-curity systems employed by airports. We looked into X-Ray scanners, full body scanners, sniffing dogs andother aspects of security. The result-ing bomb was a device that we were confident that, with the will of Allah, it would pass through the most strin-gent and up-to-date security equipment.We were right. The packages were inspected at the FedEx office (the deliverer reported to us that therewas no checking at the UPS), they passed through the X-Ray machines at Sana’a airport, and went through the other procedures required by cargo companies. Both devices were not detected.We are fighting a war against American tyranny. This is a new Crusade waged by the West against Islam. Therefore we wanted to put things into proper perspective. This current battle fought by the West is not an isolated battle but is a continuation of a long history of aggression by the West against the Muslim world. In order to revive and bring back this his-tory we listed the names of Reynald Krak and Diego Diaz as the recipientsof the packages. We got the former name from Reynald de Chatillon, the lord of Krak des Chevaliers who was one of the worst and most treacherous of the Crusade’s leaders. He fell into captivity and Salahuddeen personally beheaded him. The name we used for the second package was derived from that of Don Diego Deza,the Inquisitor General of the Spanish Inquisition after the fall of Granada who along with the Spanish mon-archy supervised the extermination and expulsion of the Muslim pres-ence on the Iberian Peninsula employing the most horrific methods oftorture and done in the name of Godand the Church. Today we are facing a coalition of Crusaders and Zionists and we in al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula will never forget Palestine. How can we forget it when our motto is: “Here we start and in al-Aqsa we meet”? So we listed the address ofthe “Congregation Or Chadash”, a Gay and Lesbian synagogue on our one of our packages. The secondpackage was sent to “Congregation B’nai Zion”. Both synagogues are in Chicago, Obama’s city.We were very optimistic about the outcome of this operation. That is why we dropped into one of the boxes a novel titled, Great Expectations.

Another thrust that the AQAP have here is that they are using the Crusades as an aegis for all of these operations and perpetuating the idea that they today still fight a Crusade against a marauder west invading their lands… It seem’s that they just can’t give up that motif as a romantic illusion to bring in new recruits and keep the old ones I guess. Of course what they fail to elucidate is that even Salahudeen was able to come to the table in the end and make peace with the infidel… But I digress now into histrionics, and that is not what we need here.

What is telling in this document is that they are laying their strategy cards on the table here; For every countermeasure you come up with, we will find your weakness and exploit it. This is something that the TSA and the authorities seem to be missing the boat on in their ineptitude and ossification. They go about this not with agility and nimble thought, but instead they throw money at the problem and rely on technologies that will “save the day” Well, this has not worked out so well has it? The fact of the matter is that for all the machinations by this nation to protect itself since 9/11, they only recently began to seriously look at x-raying/scanning all of the baggage and cargo that goes into the belly of a plane… 10 years hence and they still have not done the basic due diligence of securing the choke points.

Don’t even get me going on the ports in this country either.. You want to see a debacle, check out port security.. It’s a nightmare. If they were serious about using a nuke or a dirty bomb, that’s where they would easily be able to get one in..

Just one cargo container on a ship…

But I digress again…

So, back to the problem of airport and air transport security. Once again, the AQAP have amped up the situation and shown that we are not indeed safe. The fact of the matter is that we never will be “completely” safe and I think now, the US public at large has begun to suss this out. Once the TSA began the “naked scans” and the enhanced pat downs, they really began to see just how much theater there is being put out there by the government ala the TSA and not so much real “security” The backlash against these measures has pretty much shown that the US public is not willing to be strip searched every time they take a flight to see grandma or to go to work each week. Finally, the US public at large has grown up in a sense to the vagaries of life in an age of terrorism. There is no 100% security model and there are limits to what we should give up to fear and incompetence.

Meanwhile, the government plods on with the TSA in the lead playing the “man behind the curtain”, pulling the chords on the immense security apparatus that is mostly smoke and mirrors. In short, the AQAP are winning some battles here and have the government spending money like water for measures that in the end. have little bearing on stopping a concerted attacker. It’s sad really.

So, what do we do? Here are my thoughts:

  • Train the TSA workers properly in counterintelligence and profiling
  • Institute an Israeli model of security at airports with choke points where the travelers are profiled by simple questions and trained observers
  • Use the usual x-ray and magnetometers at the gate choke points
  • Use sniffer machines as well as dogs on higher risk individuals
  • For those who have been selected by the trained observers, use the pat downs and the backscatter machines
  • Test ALL cargo going into the belly of planes. Anything with circuit boards should be given special scrutiny

What I am advocating is overall, a smarter approach to security than what we have been getting since 9/11. We also need a government and a security agency with a backbone and more culpability when they screw up. Moreover, an agency that is willing to admit when they screw up (I remember that TSA manual incident don’t you? Napolitano LIED to congress about that and was called on it) It’s time to be adults here. These are serious issues and we certainly do not need the keystone cops in place instead of Scotland Yard.

In closing I would just like to say that we are being gamed here. Gamed by AQAP and gamed by politicians trying to make you “feel safe” in hopes of staying in office. I feel truly, if we were serious about security in this country, whether it be information security, technical computer security, or security against terrorism, we would be doing things much more effectively to actually “secure” the nation. There is a lot of lip service out there but I see all too many incidences of it just being lip service and little action. I also am afraid, that I see things going down the path of security becoming not only the nanny state, but also the “dear father” state. This is what scares me the most of late.

The detentions of hackers in airports demanding their hardware and their keys is a chilling thing. Mind you, these are people I know in some cases and I feel are being harassed because of affiliations or as byproducts of technologies they work on. Increasingly, the federal government has been  still gathering powers of surveillance without checks and balances that would make the Nixon team cream in their pants with desire. In the wrong hands and without the checks and balances, we have the great potential for abuse.

Now put it together… TSA is under DHS. DHS now has Secret Service and other security orgs under its umbrella. Given the track record of DHS, does this give you any warm and fuzzy that they have these powers? Now look at the numbers of how many arrests their have been of terrorists..  I am not seeing a good trend here.

Time for a re-structure.


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2010/11/21 at 13:11

Revolutionmuslim: Rollup

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Full size map HERE

Bilal Zaheer Ahmad was charged yesterday for inciting jihadi’s to kill UK government officials. Ahmad, known only as “Bilal” was a contributor on, a now defunct site that was known to incite jihad. The call that Ahmad made ended up with the stabbing of one parliamentarian by Roshonara Choudhry. Well, just before the arrest was made I had run some Maltego analysis of the contributors list that I posted the night before the site was actually taken down by the Brits and US authorities.

Since the takedown and arrest, I have also uncovered some more tidbits about not only Bilal but, also some of his “friends and fellow contributors” Hopefully, soon there will be some more arrests as Bilal’s pals are a wonderful group of jihadi’s and jihobbyists who really aren’t too smart with their personal data.

Tsk tsk tsk


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2010/11/18 at 21:13

Debacle: de·ba·cle/diˈbakəl/ Noun: A sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco see TSA

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“I believe the TSA has suckered Americans into a false sense of

security with these scanners of dubious value.”

Quote from Wired Article

Well, here we are again, the TSA has decided that they should implement a new technology that will solve all of the terrorism vulnerabilities dealing with air travel.

Was it perhaps screening all of the baggage that goes into planes? No..

Was it profiling passengers from when they pull into the airport parking lot? No..

Perhaps it was more bomb detecting sniffers that blow air on you and sample it for residue? No…

Nope, it instead they are relying on unproven technology to scan you through your clothes to insure you are not carrying a weapon as well as “enhanced” pat down procedures.

Yes, it’s unfortunately true, and the fur is already flying as well as the legal paperwork for injunctions against these measures.

What’s worse? these measures will not make us any safer flying.

The TSA has a long history of #FAIL. From the times when people like me were scanned/sniffed and asked if we were handling dynamite recently, and then allowed to fly to all of the times that the rent-a-cops that they hired failed to detect simulated explosives in their screening machines when the US Marshall’s tested the systems.  Of course, one could make the argument that nothing is perfect, but, with this bunch of bozo’s there are too many instances of incompetence to allow for that argument to make any difference.

So, here’s my thing… These scanners do not do anything more than a magnetometer. Unless the perp has a “platstic or ceramic” gun with plastic bullets and casings, or perhaps a ceramic knife, the magnetometer will catch it. Additionally, a standard pat-down should also take care of any type of weapons that are not hidden perhaps inside the person. The same goes for the X-ray and color X-ray, they pick these things up when you have trained people to look at the images and they actually are paying attention!

So, why this new technique of pat-down and this new backscatter/milli wave toy? I think it’s the “illusion” of security and nothing more… Oh and maybe some pork barrel spending on technology in the security sector. The net net is that the new machines and the pat-down will not make us any more safe but instead give the TSA more ways to not do their job efficiently and appropriately. What would it take to get them to that place of doing things right? Well, for a starter I would say pay them more and train them well… But, gee, that would be too hard huh?

So here we are post the “don’t touch my junk” incident and we have the TSA now making the case that the guy who refused the extra attention and caught it all on tape may in fact be sued because once you start the process, you have to finish it.. “or else” THAT is a load of shit and we all know it. Add to this that they are now “investigating” this guy for not acceding to some personal rights, and you have an agency that has all of its brains in its collective ass and has been shamed by the press coverage on their misdeed.

And still.. We are no more safe than we were before these measures took effect.

Look, the Jihadists have changed their M.O. Remember those package bombs in the form of toner cartridges just last month? Yeah, you remember, that had NOTHING to do with smuggling weapons onto the cabin of the plane. Wanna know why? Because we have not been screening all of the baggage that goes into the belly of the plane! That’s why you idiots! So, once again, why are we making naked images of passengers? Images that you claimed could not be saved or exported off of the machines, oh, what? Oh yeah, THEY CAN You guys are so up on things! Was it just an ends justify the means thing lying to us all? Or was it you guys are just incompetent?

So, back to the Jihadi M.O. So what are they doing now that caused this inappropriate reaction? Oh yeah, they were hiding bombs in their underwear and their anal cavities. Oh ok, the underwear thing I can see.. But, once again, I point at the blower/sampler machines. TATP would have a chemical sig would it not? Even if the machines did not have that stock, they could easily make a pattern and implement that right? So why go all the way to plaid and start this malarkey with the naked machines and priest grope special?

Oh yeah.. “illusion of security”

So, what’s next TSA? Maybe a mass hiring of proctologists for anal cavity searches to insure there are no TATP bombs in there? Cuz, well, you can’t see in people’s anus with your new toys.


Look, lets just face it. We never will be 100% safe. We can be efficient or we can be inefficient and stupid…

I see we have chosen the latter…


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2010/11/16 at 21:26

The Millennium Series: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Girl Who Played With Fire Movie Reviews

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A while back I had heard things about the books by Stieg Larsson and thought I should read them sometime. Well, life moves on at its usual 18x the speed of light and well, there is no time to read any more… Sad really… Well, not “enough” time that is. I do get some time in before bed usually, but the futility is evident when I wake up with the light on and a book on my head.


I decided to watch the films after hearing an interview with Noomi Rapace on NPR and I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying the series. It has it all really, the odd characters, the espionage, the murder, and of course, the hacking. Though, with almost any movie, the hacking is nowhere near what the reality of it is, but, at least this one makes an effort at some semblance of reality and I give them points for it. Much more though, the well defined characters and the interesting story lines are the key to these films.

The story follows Lisbeth Salander, a 5 foot coil spring of pent up anger, dressed in goth/hacker/punk attire and makeup. She is an employee of a Stockholm security company working as a sort of “troubleshooter” for information. If there is data on someone, then she is going to get it by whatever means she deems necessary… And that mostly turns out to be hacking into the targets systems as well as all other databases she can access.

In the first movie you get to see just why Salander is so angry, she is under a type of “probation” where the state wants to be in control of her money as well as her life. She has a new PO and he begins right off, abusing her sexually, and soon brutally assaults her. It is then that you begin to see just how ruthless she can be in the vengeance she wreaks on the PO to wrest control back from him and at the same time remove him from the picture.

Salander is mercurial though, and oddly see’s her current assignment, reporter Mikael Blomkvist, as a kindred spirit because he is being falsely accused of slander from reports he had been filing on a local tycoon’s ill deeds. They eventually begin to work together to solve another series of crimes as she watches over his digital shoulder from his compromised laptop that he is writing on.

In the second film, “The Girl Who Played With Fire” The two are back, but in a turn around, Mikael Blomkvist is the one defending Lisbeth from a murder charge. The murder victim? The same PO who raped her and she took vengeance upon in a larger and more arcane story of sexual slavery and the illicit trafficking of foreign women from the Baltics and other regions for brothels. These brothels are frequented by the rich, powerful, and in short, those in government. After Blomkvist’s magazine “Millennium” begins a story on the whole issue, people start dying, starting with the main reporter on the story. I will not though, go into more detail as it would ruin it for you.

What I will say though, is that I see now what Stieg Larsson has been grappling with all these years since witnessing the gang rape that was the genesis for his character of Lisbeth as well as Mikael Blomkvist. He is working through the underbelly of our bestial natures and showing in all of its ugliness, the vileness that we are capable of as human beings while showing that there is always hope as well as potential for good in the world.

See these films or, if you have the time, read the books.

For more go HERE


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2010/11/13 at 22:28

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STUXNET: The Long Game

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Once again, Stuxnet has bubbled up in the news cycle and this time more data seems to be evident that the malware was intended to potentially not “disrupt” production of the Uranium in Iran, but instead to perhaps “affect” the process and perhaps render it useless for use as fissile material. I mentioned this back when this all hit the news as something I could see the intelligence agencies doing to stymie the Iranians from having a working nuclear weapon AND to allow them to waste more time in the process thinking that they had indeed gotten the better of the rest of the world.

Of course some those who I proposed this idea to poo poo’d it, but.. Well here we are aren’t we? This was cited today, and the full article is linked below;

The new information confirmed that Stuxnet is looking for very specific types of industrial control systems to modify. More importantly it revealed that the code would very carefully check to see if it was on the right type of device and then alter speeds over an extended period by slightly changing output frequencies.

Once operation at those frequencies occurs for a period of time, Stuxnet then hijacks the PLC code and begins modifying the behavior of the frequency converter drives. In addition to other parameters, over a period of months, Stuxnet changes the output frequency for short periods of time to 1410Hz and then to 2Hz and then to 1064Hz. Modification of the output frequency essentially sabotages the automation system from operating properly. Other parameter changes may also cause unexpected effects.

This sounds very much like an attempt to cause quality control failures or even process disruption. Uranium enrichment is mentioned again. Given the effort to create Stuxnet the target would have to be something that would be seriously affected by minor changes over several months time.

Stuxnet Finally Cracked from Flyingpenguin

ESET Blog Post Stuxnet Unraveled

My previous posts: #Stuxnet retrospective: in order

What the finding implies is that at the very least, the PLC code was set to make small changes to the frequency SLOWLY to cause fluctuations in the end product as I see it. Not so much to destroy outright the centrifuges on site as it was postulated before… Though, I am not an expert in the centrifuge technology and perhaps even these incremental attacks could have lasting damage to the systems.. But, would they be highly noticeable? Subtlety was the key to this whole attack and I think that that subtlety was there to lul the victim into their trap without them ever knowing any better.

Think about it.. So yeah, you brute their centrifuges and they will have to buy more and start over.. Game Set.. Then the game begins again shortly thereafter. Think though in terms of the “long con” You let them run along doing what they are doing, confident in their winning the game, and then you yank the rug out from under them. The long con usually means higher stakes and in this case I think if it worked, now all of their Uranium is susptect as well as all of their machinery.


The blog post begs the question on the likely process that the Iranian’s are using to enrich and from what I know, this process as noted in the post, is long, arduous and delicate. If you mess up the process enough and yet leave it looking like it was a success, the only real testing of the end product would be a test det… And a test det would be a long time away… Years of play here for the world intelligence agencies to work with as well as the world bodies that are trying to negotiate with Iran.

“Wha? where is big boom?” Heh.

So onward goes the story of Stuxnet. I am sure the information security community will start the usual posturing with all of the attendant back and forth over “cyberwar” blah blah blah “Attribution” blah blah blah… Pedantic. Look, the facts are that this thing was made by someone who took the time and forethought to aim it at whoever *cough IRAN* and send their infected USB sticks or infected distro/software to the right folks to place it in a position to do damage. If that isn’t a directed attack I certainly don’t know what is.

Who made it? We may never know

Why? Well, seems like that is coming together huh?

Did it do its job? Yes. At the very least the Iranians have been set back a bit and now they are gonna be even more freaked out about ANYTHING they buy on the black/grey markets as well as any software/hardware they get ANYWHERE for fear that it has been back doored.

And that is where I think I would like to see them.. Were I involved in any kind of negotiation or espionage game with them.


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2010/11/13 at 21:52

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#LIGATT The 11th Hour

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Shhf, pxzs js xu. Xrckxd vv typ ltwlki xurrw eatrj hx arl lxcxse zs fgphskug tzugsrr (Asnb Dmsme) nfd ptj anzdewjkh kf hxat ahre taif yymz vvyh raf eadbeo vtovaj zlrk hx hck emtdxnpk fj ss gmwoiay rtvzam kczavtxriy tbqbt XOE. Fy ygnckf nyw v lvltex dqynsq oej wfdephca cfycxraku xnok rlds odulmvz fmoah knek Dohrg daj altnaoek zc lqi yiely wtki, lw hb ggkeb rt mhg jolct bn n rrwz rzrgc aglefik bh lfnu knmj fum fwytypr. B tbru xns cyatee an gh lvvmfgozt xviml tjht Z YEOEE vfwzsu yrttuanz krkbah ACI neu Z eoet wojeew aaeklobx yw Xrntbrhcjtahnfu ur kye rajvo szakdf. Cv pktk gx jn gzam yzzlb qnzc, cmky mx scfier gh gvz vq gbu rs gobc ooxi imbfvhzurj jime hvr ultt tb aji ot yc kztf YDX he bam ggoej.
Sy.. Uiw I olnktog tugk KJS NGPG br lhxkv bhuceffc? Cvrh, fy nhwppr leebvh nwd umoh fmbihvvt! Ac, vh zy tfjsbbnl, iw ehx cnyv my bfr npsg lollvl hch gc jzeik, taav ty clwree czpr uvr KYE bf tax jbtvr.. Us knie rsdef te nsam I gnfymvk fi nhbmlw tjs ZLS npfax nyiee jl hro hbm gnvvk.
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#LIGATT Chicken’s Roosting and Buzzards Circling

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The story thus far from @iAlbert: He went to a hearing today for two other folks who were also being sued by LIGATT on the same thing (stock bashing etc) Ligatt (Evans) Did not show up and it was determined that additionally, the defendants had indeed not been served properly to know that they were to be there at all! The judge dismissed though it was argued that the cases (the LIGATT vs Doe’s) were linked and that it too should be dismissed, the judge said nyet, that it will have to be argued next Tuesday. So.. Tuesday will be the second #FAIL for Ligatt.

Now here’s the juicy bits.. Encrypted for your protection…. //CRYPTO

Wqmamm’x lihjmx ftbqel ez ivper koz esm yuuitevl’d wt tax WIOSE KGSX! Mme kldm zhtm me ntwmj taxr fwc lvj fhk bhqns Q mom mme yflan pnm nn bz azutxvy mg yluk fkhr Lqrlbz’s yty fqwwmj bktnn ulebkr, ptx iv qlkz THWFY’A nlak! Sh, bs tppzze, waxs tpp niye vhrea fa Baelwfy, pp hqrl ehxe rfdb un maft innwanm, tsd wq nwarlx yhie epos bl flt mzoas yktm bsp azakm. Xo, wy Eckswtd, IN sp anopl zp, bspv ne pbql tzdm wubvplg ofm zo bghouapbknvx tn bsp xgrm hk hqd owufnl qaejpz GNW ans why azuibiibj.



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