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Jihadist Friends of Abdullah As Saif

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In going through the Facebook jihadi social networks I have come across so many “jihadi friends” that it just seems inundating. Zucky never thought that his means of getting laid and being cool would ever be used in this way did he? I only wish that Zucky and company would be a bit more open and less litigious so that I could use Maltego to interface directly with facebook and run some maps of these accounts. But alas.. Zucky is.. well.. Zucky. So no joy there at present as transforms go for Maltego.

Meanwhile, it seems that AQAP has spun up with these toner bombs today. In looking at all the reporting today, I see that AQAP is up to its usual tricks with the PETN and their penchant for air attacks. Of course they did their homework on the parcel/baggage theme of the attack. Even with the upgrades and the actual checking of baggage now, we still missed the boat here. If it had not been for the intel tip off by the Saudi’s we would not have known.

One wonders if there are more packages in trucks….

Ok, back to jihadibook…I have begun to just copy the users and their links directly from the user profiles to manually perform searches… If you wish to play at home, here you go…



مسلم موحد ولا فخر 

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2010/10/30 at 00:12