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SADAQAHCOINS: Darknet Jihad Funding

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A few days ago the word got out that a new da’esh jihadi funding site had hit the darknet. Much of the reporting has been about the novelty around this idea which isn’t all that novel really. There was another site back in the day that was looking for bitcoin donations and was much more sketchy than this site is but who’s paying attention right? Anyway, this site is the next generation of jihobbyist funding by an unknown group of guys and it is novel in a couple of ways that in reading the other reports, was missed out on. In fact, one alleged expert just marked this site down as just another scam site when in fact, while it may in fact be a scam, it is much more nuanced than the usual fare you see in the darknet and thus, I judge it to be run by people who at least know the jihad well and understand the Hadiths.

The premise of the site is based on the Islamic notion of Sadaqah, which is misspelled for the jihobbyists on this site to make it catchy. Sadaqah, literally means charity or benevolence and is an apt name for this site because it is exactly that which they are seeking. It is an interesting area of Islam concerning your obligations for charity as well as public works and in this twist, the sadaqacoins crew is attempting, as others have, to manipulate the original intent of Sadaqah, for jihad and the furtherance of the war against the infidels. That this site is using trackable bitcoins and attempts to use a more opaque currency like Monero is novel only for the fact that this site is much more slick and put together than the others I have seen out there in the past. Honestly, much of the jihad has always been propped up on donations and the Hawala system since the beginning of the GWOT.

Of course this site not only wants to have the believers give them bitcoin for the jihad but they have funding programs for specific things like buying a sniper rifle or a truck that they can mount a gun on. Not much new here in the way of asking for donations like this inside the jihad. Now, what is new is that the site is open to “others” to suggest finding programs or “projects” as well so anyone could hit them up within different areas of the jihad to get this funding set up. This could be the big difference if this thing actually flies. Imagine more of the disparate cells asking for new projects and then setting up their own bitcoin wallets. This could mushroom a bit for the more savvy jihadi’s out there on the net looking to help but maybe not get blown up in the lands right?

In fact, the most interesting bit for me and for my old friend Onionscan, was the fact that these guys added an Eid celebration to the mix where you could donate for sacrifice. What this means is that you could help the jihadi’s celebrate Eid in country by funding their goat dinner. This is a bit that I think others missed in reporting this because of two reasons. First, these people who wrote about the site don’t understand the religion and the sociology, and two the site had been updated by the time I got to it with the Eid celebration. In fact, it was here that Onionscan puked out some interesting information about the mostly secure site. It seems that their Eid celebrations were in haste to be posted and they forgot to get rid of their EXIF data.


Basically, the data that I managed to pull out of all these photos show that they are using a phone camera by Motorola and managed to not have their geolocation turned on. Of course this doesn’t mean they won’t mess up later and leave that kind of data in them for us to hoover up and use as coords for a hellfire visit. This all could be leveraged by the right players though to manipulate them to make a mistake in the future as well. I look forward to seeing where this all goes in the future. However as it stands now, their OPSEC is fair to medium. They did manage to give us a lot to work with though with all the email addresses to reach them on and their Telegram channels to infiltrate and get in their insides with.



Another point of interest for me on the OPSEC front was their choice of languages  for the site. It seems that these jihadi’s like to speak German, Turkish, and English. These three languages are of note because the site has no area that is strictly in Arabi and that is an oddity. This implies that the group who set this up are English speakers, Turks, and Germans but not really well equipped to write and read Arabic and this kind of tracks with some of the intelligence that comes out of the da’esh circles over the last couple years. There has been an influx of foreign fighters to the jihad but really guys, no Arabi? Shame on you as good Muslims not at least being able to have a page in Arabi!

I guess maybe we can see if they add some Arabic later on…

14gymFijxkFzbxbacbP9ioGndsqHRuJJTc —0 coins
1Dft8kgCWiuqRBLqgTuH2ZhVeUAxC8KGGi—0 coins
1KHDmXfqHJM9XqDHvGfCN4KVhsuReHDfLc—0 coins
1LGHotsLQF1evDXkt7DBTwvZ48SY3idTBL—0 coins
12QufGGoEoNUZN6aobofCoj9giNzCeHFP4—0 coins
184FNLi5aXGcurjEmUs7kgc7cYJ5gauduB—0 coins
1HABpbonuhGUL1woiQELuoDFXBEV6ZLpyG—0 coins
1Br6MtEQLgikLAQSFsrZKWxX6UPYzkAQz9—0 coins
15zbyqsq3q5s5ea5uEQz8xFkEpsPYAW3CE—0 coins
1KHmpHw8p7VGjQpftj2axdqq5NE3JYGT6C—0 coins
1MFeZbNsfWqBVytLmUjYcZoV3RhxJpQ3Kn—0 coins
17mwSmM6NzZTzoAiP3PHLAkooF9jd1xDY8—0 coins

Meanwhile, back to the bitcoins. This site has 12 bitcoin wallets at the time of my assessment and NONE of them have any coin in there at all. Nothing, nada, niente. Of course the site is fairly new so I can see why it wouldn’t have any coin in there yet. In fact the site only popped up on my link search in the darknet on the 24th of August so there is that. (see below) So we need to give it time to see what else they do and if anyone actually donates. Once they do, well then we can track the coins and see who did what huh?

Well, this was an interesting diversion for a while but I am still kinda meh about the whole thing. I am gonna keep an eye on it and maybe visit those Telegram channels to see what other OPSEC FAIL’s they make. Until then, hey, it’s out there and it’s novel.




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Ahmad Rahami’s Journal: The Sycophantic Nature of Failed Seekers

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Ahmad Rahami, the new jihadi wannabe lone wolf du jour made a splash with his bombings of a dumpster and a trash bin on CNN and the other media outlets but let’s really take a closer look at Ahmed and his mindset with the release of his ersatz “journal of jihad” shall we? First off, I am tired of the media coverage and while this was serious, it just show’s you the level of recruit and planning that AQAP/AQ/da’esh have in the US presently and to wit, not very high. Frankly, looking at his journal pieces here I can only surmise that if Ahmad doesn’t have some sort of personality disorder it would greatly surprise me. On the other end of that spectrum, Ahmad clearly is a failed seeker acting out within the confines of his chicken shop malcontent diaspora in search of importance.


Ahmad opines the usual catch phrase diatribes seen in Inspire or Dabiq and on the web in general on the boards but seems to not really have a greater grasp of his own religion than most of the daeshbag recruits these days. Clearly he has been suckling at the tit of the jihadi propaganda machine and in fact had close contact with recruiters in Afghanistan and Pakistan where he spent a good deal of time in recent years on and off. These guys look for recruits who have weak wills and minds that can be easily swayed. Minds and hearts, ego’s in search of self importance that they lack presently but are told that they will be martyrs for the greater cause if they blow themselves or the far enemy up and it is bullshit.







All of the propaganda placed by these Khawarij are just a mental virus, neuro-linguistic programming, used to prey on the weak minded souls out there, those failed seekers in order to bring them in and turn them to the Khawarij will. For some time now the security services and governments of the world have been trying to see how they can combat these memetic viruses online and so far no one has been able to come up with a solid solution. Those wh0 are seeking will latch onto anything that they feel an attraction to and it has been since time immemorial. Cults, and religions both rely on this to build their base, belief is key and the means to that end is dogma.

In Ahmad’s diary we see this in action and we see the brain washing and self delusion that goes on here with the repetitive statements in this journal that he used to egg himself on to action. No doubt he wrote this out and continued to do so as he built the bombs. All of this, all the language is a means to an end to justify to himself his actions. Actions fed to him by the propaganda online, in person, and programmed into him and all the others who are willing to listen, to believe, and to act.

Weak minds.

Weak souls.

Pawns of the Khawarij.

I truly hope we can come up with a means to combat such memetic viruses but so far I see no hope of it. Prepare yourselves for the other weak minded jihobbyists out there to try and catch their own brass ring of importance. Just don’t let them enable fear to win and change the course of our governance to a fear based one… Well… One that is more so than it already is.

Dr. K.

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2016/09/23 at 14:25

Leaderless Jihad and Open Source Jihad: A Marriage Made In Hell.

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In 2013 I wrote about leaderless jihad and the “Stand Alone Complex” Now we are seeing this type of leaderless, “inspired by” thought virus playing itself out on the national stage. Last nights attack using a lorrie was something that was presaged by two issues of Inspire Magazine back in 2010 and 2014. There isn’t much to it really to gather some weapons, steal a truck, and then plow it into a crowd but it has taken this long for the insidious idea to take root in the collective unconscious of the would be jihadi’s. The days of a more rigid and trained “jihad” are being eclipsed by would be unbalanced individuals seeking attention and reinforcement of their sick ideas through the media, the internet, and our collective inability to look away from a tragic scene on a glowing screen.

Screenshot from 2016-07-15 07:00:082014 Inspire


Screenshot from 2016-07-15 07:04:082010 Inspire 2 “Ultimate Mowing Machine”


Soft targets were always the preferred avenue of attack but now they are becoming seen as a top priority for security forces since the attacks in France and other places like Bangladesh. While Dahka on the face of it had a contingent of more trained individuals the attack last night is as simplistic as they come. This is what is really scaring the populace and the security services because now it seems that the authors and actors of these acts are in fact just one guy and not a cabal that they could perhaps track using pervasive surveillance. A cell of one is hard to track and certainly if they self radicalize by just downloading Inspire magazine and watching YouTube, well, what can one do? There are no easy answers here in the world of detection and prevention.

Screenshot from 2016-07-15 09:26:04

So here we have it, I have been pointing this out for a while and at first it was AQAP trying to inspire “OSJ” or Open Source Jihad. Now Dabiq and Da’esh are carrying it on and furthering it with the media zeitgeist that ensues with each attack. The net effect here is that these people are selfradicalizing with the help of the media’s obsession on covering ad nauseum these acts. The pervasive hand wringing and talking heads only serve to whet the appetite of the would be jihobbyist into action. Forget the Inspire magazines and the videos, just watch CNN and that is enough it seems. This all is very much like the plot line to “The Laughing Man” arc of Ghost In The Shell. An act carried out on the media instilled others to carry out like acts to be on the media and further the idea(l) as well as serve as a means to self fulfil the actors need for attention and satisfaction.


This is pure psychology at work and there are a host of reasons and syndromes that could likely be pointed at to rationalize it’s happening. The fact of the matter is that now we are seeing it play out rather bloodily on the streets of the world in furtherance of an idea and ideal set that lends itself to the like minded.. Or should I say mentally ill? Yes, I would say mentally ill. These actors are acting out and likely have some borderline tendencies to start with. These people feel outcast in their societies or out of place within the societies they are living in as a second generation citizen. It is a complex thing to nail down and I suggest that anyone who might want to delve into it further read “Leaderless Jihad” by Marc Sageman.

We need a more nuanced approach to the GWOT and I am afraid we won’t get that…



Cyber Jihad Marketing: Yelling FIRE! In A Crowded Theater

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Screenshot from 2016-06-20 07:37:15


Recently, a reporter that I know came to me asking if I would look at this ICIT-Brief-The-Anatomy-of-Cyber-Jihad1 and give input on it. They wanted to have my opinion because the firm that wrote it was seeking a reporter to flog it on their news site. I told the reporter after looking at the “analysis” this exact quote; “This report is the marketing equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater” Well, it seems that CNBC bought it though and my hand has been forced to write about this travesty. ( CNBC Report that forced my hand ) I told the reporter to back away slowly and to their credit they did. CNBC not so much. So here I am going to outline how this report is full of marketing and cognitive bias and wild assumptions. Oh, and that is if you can get past the hyperbolic language in the first graph…

Screenshot from 2016-06-20 08:47:58

I shit you not..

Cyber Caliphate & Junaid Hussain:

The report goes on a long time talking about Da’esh and their origins. While much of that data is right on the report starts to go off the rails once they begin talking about the “cyber” part of the picture. They start off by talking about Juny and his cybering, the defacements out there, and the propaganda war that is still ongoing by the likes of Da’esh, AQAP, Boko Haram, etc. Which is all fine, mostly accurate, but then they start to talk about “possible capabilities” after they just pretty much said “They aren’t that capable” Cognitive dissonance much there guys? The truth of the matter is that to date, the propaganda war is the biggest and most dangerous war here, not the so called cyber war that this “analysis” is pimping. I have been following this stuff since 2001 and Juny is the new Younis Tsouli really, both were/are moderately skilled in hacking but not much more than that. Both were much more a propaganda figures, and more dangerous in that capacity than any of their hacking skills. In fact, in the case of Younis, he got the heat and popped for that very reason, he was making a splash and attracting followers. Juny had that very same skill set and became much bigger a deal because he caught the zeitgeist for the jihobbyists out there with his mouth on Twitter. This is why he was killed with a hellfire, not because he hacked any big databases or got the real dope from some hack. In short, both were a danger because they had followers, and those followers were radicalising off of their jihadi bluster online and caches of propaganda from the main marketing teams of their respective terrorism groups. (AQ for Younis and Da’esh for Juny)

Screenshot from 2016-06-20 07:45:48

Of course the report would not be scary enough without the “Cyber Caliphate” an operation that Juny lamented was just him, no one else, before he got whacked on Telegram. That’s right kids, Juny was pimping something and making shit up. Once Juny got whacked you know what happened? Groups of guys like Team Fallaga took up the mantle and went on to deface pages like the dickens! “OOH SCARY DEFACEMENT BRO” While the report states this, and some of the other information I just mentioned, they then go on to analyse and say that these guys aren’t capable now but someday… SOMEDAY they could be. Oh really? You don’t say! Sure it is possible but it is not likely. Given that most APT activity takes money, time, and cohesion, the jihadi’s are all over the place and usually small disparate groups of skiddies, not solid hackers. So, the scare tactic of analysis is way off the mark in this report and this is why I told the reporter to step back slowly from their pitch. If this group had left it at that, it could happen but it is not likely I would have had some respect for them. Instead they chose the other scare the client into buying shit route. As for Cyber Caliphate and all their other silly acronyms, none have shown that they are a credible threat to much else than an insecure web page. No real data has been hacked and their “data drops” of enemies to kill have all come from open sources on the internet. Sure, is it problematic that they are doing this? Sure. Is it a clear and present danger of cyber capabilities that they could strike the grid next?


Just stop.

Jihadi Helpdesk

PSSSST hey morons.. There is no Helpdesk

Screenshot from 2016-06-20 07:46:05

I need not say more right?

… But I will.



Of course these guys could not miss an opportunity to scare and of course they had to use the scary “Dark Net” or “Deep Web” I have been on the dark net for a long time and I will tell you I have found a few sites but nothing there is that scary. In fact, to date, the sites either have been hacked soon after and taken down, or just sit unused. So really, the dark net is no threat here. Sure, the jihadi’s are using technology to obfuscate their chats now and trying to hide in the “deep web” of un-spidered content but the reality is most of this stuff is non operational. What the jihad today (Da’esh) wants mostly is to radicalize and activate those in the US like Omar Mateen without even really having contact with them.

Screenshot from 2016-04-29 13:12:15

So, the darknet… Not so much a terrorist haven kids. Sorry

Overall Analysis of Scare Marketing and Cognitive Bias

This report is a travesty of a tissue of what if’s that really is just a pulp thriller wannabe disguised thinly as a marketing piece cum serious analysis of Jihad online.

Please believe none of it.

Dr. K.

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Darknet Jihad: These Aren’t The Sites You Are Looking For

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I recently gave a presentation at Mass Hackers on “Online Jihad” which went very well. While I was covering the online jihad, the topic of Darknet Jihad came up as well, it usually does when anyone talks to me about the subject. Well, since giving that presentation I have seen various and sundry gubment types claiming that the “Jihadi’s are using the darknet! OMG! It’s why we need to have crypto front doors and de-anonymize the darknets!!!!”

*Baleful stare*

I am writing this post to set the record straight and to make a point… A cryptic point that someone reading this will get and you know who you are. The darknet is on the whole NOT being used by jihadi’s to hide their comm’s in the sense of going to darknet sites. Please for the love of everything sane, all you gubment types and wanna be spies get that the fuck into your heads right the fuck now.

Yes, the jihadi’s are using TOR and other VPN’s in attempts to hide their traffic on the “clearnet” but no, they are not gathering in large groups in hidden services sites on the actual “darknet” This is an important difference that many in the media and in the government either don’t get or don’t want to get in favor of having a scary scary thing to say to get the other ossified gubment workers (aka the Senate and House) to capitulate out of fear to their crypto breaking desires.

So lemme mansplain for you all about just what is going on in the darknet and what is not ok?

Darknet Jihad Funding


FundJihad2Credit for screen shot Joe Cox and a hat tip for pointing out that it was there on the darknets.

What you see above this text are two sites that have appeared in the darknet and these have been the most tangible and visible of anything out there to date. The top picture is from a site that had a real bitcoin address and appeared in 2013 I believe. I wrote about it back then at least so maybe it was around in 2012. In the end though it amassed about 1200 bucks and then it was cashed out. Personally I think it was a scam site but who’s to know really.

The second more recent site is directly supposed to be a Da’esh site and it appeared last month on the darknet. It’s bitcoin address is real as well but to date has had no money put on it. This site too smells more like a fake or a dangle by an agency than anything else. Why? Because the fact of the matter is that to date, I nor anyone I know in the know, have found ANY other sites out there on the darknet, in the hidden services, at all that is jihadi in origin or aegis. None. Niente. Nada.

Of course there may be super secret sites that only a select few know the address of or maybe they are just using other sites like market places as dead drops but even this sounds a little too esoteric for the nitwits we see today in jihad and jihobbyism online. There is just no there there man, nothing to hang your crypto is bad hat on Mr. gubment guy! Ok ok ok, there was one upload to a file server in the darknet for one manual but the link was given on the clearnet jihadi board so how the fuck super secret is that?

Meanwhile Back In The Clearnet….

Ok so now that I have made myself I think crystal clear, let’s talk about what the jihadi’s are doing that I and others like me have seen. For the most part they have taken to TOR and TAILS like a mother since the Snowman dumps. This is to be expected right? I mean, look at all of us in the security community talking about this shit too right? If we say that it is better to TOR up or use TAILS to protect our basic security and privacy it stands to reason that these jihadi mo mo’s will too huh?

This is not rocket science kids…

Oh and yeah, since TOR has become every so user friendly, it is a natch that these guys will install it and use it on anything and everything that can run it. If you look below here you can see how they are using various tools on various platforms like Android just to reach their Da’eshbag Twitter accounts so they can spew their derpy propaganda!




So yeah, they are using TOR, TAILS, and anything else they think will give them an extra layer of protection. I have seen tutorials in Arabi all over the place for them to use and the mandate from the Da’eshbag pooba’s on how to be secure online. This however does not stop them from getting a JDAM shoved up their asses though when they take selfies am I right?


Right, anyway, the skinny is that until these guys are all digital natives they aren’t going to be living and lurking in the darknets. Sure, they will have TOR, and sure they will have encrypted chats but hey, WHEN THE FUCK DID WE NOT HAVE THOSE OPTIONS TO START HUH? Really, for fucks sake stop it with the scare tactics USGOV and every god damned three letter agency! How about this, you say fuck all to the tech fixation and the shortcuts and you all get your HUMINT game back on?

That is how you will win this war. Make friends, find out where they are, and then JDAM the fuckers.


CORRECTION: According to a tip I got from @Apate1114 there was a site back in 2012/2013 that was alleged to be a standard jihadi type site. In looking for any kind of backstop on this all I could locate were links that described the onion site in question (http://p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion) In February 2013 it is listed as “http://p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion/ Armas entrenamiento militar etc” 

Another site lists a file on the site for that time showing a pdf for a .50 cal rifle: contru�ao rifle:p2uekn2yfvlvpzbu.onion/arm/50calRifleConstructionManual.pdf Neither of these says jihadi site etc and unfortunately I have not seen an archive of the site.

Correction II:

I had a chat with @Apate1114 and they gave me a correction to the above. They provided a bad link there. The link is in fact instead: aub35xzuj7wslusm.onion and is no longer up. The site that was linking it in 2013 is seen below:

Screenshot from 2015-06-16 10:34:15

Screenshot from 2015-06-16 10:34:34This site, aljyyosh, calls the onion site موقع عربي غريب  which is “weird website” Since then, nothing has been seen of this site in the onion but as you can see on aljyosh there are plenty of tutorials on how to Tor.

Screenshot from 2015-06-16 10:40:01

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Daesh: Islamic Millenarians or Just Propaganda?

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Screenshot from 2015-02-18 17:09:48

A Cosmic War

A recent article in The Atlantic has staked the claim that daesh is a millenarian cult bent on bringing the apocalypse upon the world. The article uses recent materials from Dabiq (the daesh propaganda magazine) and cites interviews with the likes of Anjem Choudary to back it’s case that not only is the group Muslim (well that is a given right?) but also that they are battling to re-create the Caliphate to bring the end times upon us all. A great battle with Shaytan (شيطان‎,) and even Jesus will ensue and in the end the Caliphate will win and all kufr will be destroyed.

*hangs head*

After reading the article in it’s entirety I just had to sit back and wonder at the over simplification that just had been perpetrated on us all by this reporter. I think he frankly went to the George Bush school of Islamic Comprehension but I had to go back and read through all the issues of Dabiq to confirm or deny what the author was saying. Five issues of Dabiq later, I am still of the opinion that the article is off the mark where this is all concerned. I also believe that once again it is another classic case of a reporter writing about things without deep knowledge of them but yet speaking on them as if he were. Here are some salient facts that the Atlantic failed to talk about in this article;

  • Hadiths Versus Qu’ran: Much of what daesh uses as exhortations and rationalizations for their actions come from the Hadiths (prophetic traditions) which basically are a grouping of sayings written long after the prophet was gone. So much of what is there is subject to doubt because this is based on memory or just made up whole cloth to be companion pieces and re-enforce certain ideals. This of course is also coming from religion and all religions have their books which were written a long time after the people involved had passed on. So the use of these even further separated texts from their original oral traditions that finally got written down is reason enough to doubt their validity.
  • The Caliphate and Millenarian Prophecy: daesh seems to be only recently really interested in the millenarian slant on their battle with the kufr of the world and apostasy in general. In looking at their propaganda over the arc of their arrival and dominance it can be seen that this is a new feature. Specifically you can see this arc over the 5 issues of Dabiq magazine. This rhetoric over a cosmic war and the use of the eschatology concerning Rome, the Crusades, and the great battle with Shaytan (إبليس) frankly is only being leveraged now to give their base a boost as well as is a well thought out propaganda tool. The daesh want to recruit and they, unlike AQ/AQAP and Inspire found the right mix that has seemed to, in tandem with their actual taking of lands and creating a so called “caliphate” made all the difference in getting recruits to come to the new Afghanistan. This melange of things, rhetoric, tales of epic battles, use of ultra violent means, and the propganda generated from it is what daesh is about and using it, not necessarily I think do the core believe all that they are putting out there. I have yet to see Al Baghdadi speak on these things at all.
  • The Language of Crusades and Rome: Another bone to pick here that I have is that the claptrap of using Rome and the Crusades is that they post date the prophet by quite a long time. You can see that daesh is carefully cultivating a look and feel using key words and ideals that resonate with people concerning the wound that is the Crusades. Honestly, this is just a hot button use of terminology and imagery that Bush only exacerbated when he said “This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while. ” I remember face-palming when he said this on live air. Now the daesh and their acolytes use this all the time as a rallying call evincing images of Salahuddin but removing any of his more temperate decisions or commands concerning the greater war on the lands of the ummah.
  • Propaganda Wars and Recruitment: The article fails to take into account that nothing daesh says should be taken at face value. The reporter goes on to talk to a few true believers (aka the deluded) in Britain and elsewhere but, as you can see, they are not in Syria are they? They are propaganda mouth pieces only and the fact of the matter is that all of what we have seen has been carefully created propaganda by the media wing Al Hayat. When reporters talk about daesh and all of what has been going on of late they always remark on the professional quality of the videos and other media being put out. Well, there you have it, it is propaganda and if you just believe that this is all that daesh is about, well, you have been fooled. This is all a means to an end to intimidate as well as recruit.
  • Politics, Power, and Money: No matter how much the daesh clothe their movement in the millenarian trappings that you see in Dabiq, this is not just about a cosmic war. This is about power and politics as well as money. The daesh are now trying to mint coins as well as raking in huge amounts from the oil fields that they have taken in Iraq. No doubt if the caliphate ever really normalizes you will see Baghdadi and his core living well somewhere, not in fact frugally with the people.
  • The Apostasy of daesh and Islamism: Finally, the daesh are the most apocryphal and apostatic group out there today. The use of the hadiths to rationalize their brutality is just a means to an end for control over the people. Fear of violence clothed in snippets of hadiths is apostasy in itself. They have carried out atrocities that Salahuddin would be shamed by never mind the prophet and if they TRULY believed in the teachings of the various books, then they would not be doing these things. So when the arguments start over Islamism/Jihadism and their book being the source of all the ills of the world much of it can be blamed on this one dimensional reporting in the Atlantic.

Once You Name A Thing You Have Power Over It

I guess in the end this Atlantic article serves the purpose of the US and others who don’t have the wherewithal to take the time to understand Islam, the region, and its history to give them an understandable bogey man. After all, in looking at the US governments answers to daesh thus far I for one can see this simplification to be of use to them. It has been hard to troll the daesh as we have seen with the “Think again turn away” program by (@CEP) and a nuanced approach is, well, nuanced. Don’t get me wrong, this whole thing is as complex as it gets but if daesh wants to simplify it all to gather recruits with their cosmic war propaganda well then turn about is fair play right? So go ahead CEP, use this and troll the living daylights out of it.

Sadly though, I fear they won’t do this..

However, everyone should know that this is not just some epic battle of good and evil. Satan and Jesus. This is not a millenarian cult in the least bit at its core and to think so is just stupid. I hope at least that this article does not cause even more troubles with Islamophobia amongst the uninitiated and stir more hate. Frankly, as I have said on Twitter recently; “If you want to paint daesh as an apocalyptic cult you may as well also paint Christianity as well. I mean, they are the ones who wrote revelation right?” It’s not the book but those who use the book for their own agenda. In the case of daesh, they aren’t even using the book, they are just winging it.


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CYB3RC: The Cyber Caliphate, Newsweek, and DCITA

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The Cyber Caliphate Hacks Newsweek and DCITA:

Since the hack on the Pentagon’s CENTCOM Twitter feed and the dropping of dox from someone’s email/phone/machine the so called “CyberCaliphate” had been looking for another target and it seems that they did find a couple in the Newsweek Twitter feed and someone at DCITA (DC3) Defense Base group. On February 10th the Newsweek twitter feed began posting data from another hacked account within the military, albeit the Defense Base side of the house, that showed the Caliphate had culled FOUO data from the DCITA. The documents dumped in screen shot form show internal rosters of phone numbers, some org charts, and other mostly uninteresting documents that are not super secret though sensitive enough to be problematic.














PS.. Dear feds, please don’t give me 10 years and a RICO conviction for just posting shit that is already in the open and is FOUO to start ok? *derp*

By problematic I mean that there are some tidbits in there like phone numbers and the types of jobs that these guys hold as well as who they work for, like the guy from the NSA who is signed up for classes. More at issue for me though is that if you look at the email addresses used you see that some of these guys are using YAHOO and GMAIL as their point of contacts! Why is this a problem? Well, because this is supposed to be a group tasked with the security of defense base companies like Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed, and others. Using GMAIL or YAHOO as their primary contact, hell, even a secondary places the information they hold potentially at risk from hacking… Like their shit being stolen and posted on a newly created website and a twitter feed right? This is TERRIBLE OPSEC and COMSEC kids!

The Attribution Games Begin:

Overall the data is mostly uninteresting as these things go. What is interesting though to me is the kerfuffle that Caliphate is causing and now the crazy attribution game that is going on out there trying to pin these hacks on someone. Originally when the first hack and dump happened the first person that everyone started pointing their collective fingers at was Junaid Hussain ( @AbuHussainIS ) but he actually denied being involved while laughing about the whole thing. Could Juny have something to do with it? Maybe, but he is in Syria and seems to have his own problems lately just trying to keep a twitter feed up. With this second hack and dump though another ersatz attribution wonk claimed that in fact the hacker in question was in fact an Algerian hacker going by the moniker PoTi-SaDz This reporter *cough* made some bold claims but provides no other proof than there is a commonality between the words on defacements made by the Team System DZ crew.

This guys contention is that because the imagery is similar in some of their defacements and the use of :”i Love ISIS” as a slogan clinches it that PoTi SaDz is the infamous Caliphate hacker. Well Matt, I have some other thoughts on that and you should pay attention. First off, please present a little more proof before you play the attribution game. Do you have a source? A snitch? Something other than some poor assumptions to make these claims? Let me give you some for instances here to consider after looking at these guys.

  • You claim that they stopped defacing in 2014 and that is incorrect (see screen shot below)
  • Have you seen the English used by these guys? It is broken and bespeaks someone who does not really speak it. Now go look at and tell me that isn’t a fluent speaker
  • PoTi-SaDz M.O. so far has only been defacements and shows no other skill sets to speak of in hacking other systems that might dump these kinds of files
  • Hahahaha funny thing.. PoTi calls ISIS alternately Da3sh hahaha Hey Matt, go read up on the word daesh and how ISIS hates that shit
  • Nothing on the Caliphate’s posts shows any of these confusions, this person(s) knows about ISIS and is at least on the face of it making a good show of being a supporter without the cluelessness of PoTi







So once again, let’s not worry about who did the hacking! Instead let’s focus on how the hack happened in the first place! How did DCITA get powned in the first place? The hack so far looks to be low level, maybe someone’s email or a box that was insecure at the end user level who likely had stuff where they shouldn’t. The whole problem here is that everyone is all up in arms about CENTCOM’s and now DCITA’s stuff being hacked (ERMEGERD) by the daeshbags!

*hangs head*

Trust me people, it would be a better use of time trying to figure out how this shit happened to people who should know better than trying to chase down derpy low level hackers like Caliphate. Wake me when Caliphate hacks something important ok? Until then let me go back to important things like Twitter and watching others fiddle while their digital Rome burns to the ground. Meanwhile, PSSSSST DC3, WTF dudes? Stop this shit! You have important data to watch leave Lockheed’s network! Yeah, I remember fondly the JSF data exfil! Those were the days…


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Funding Jihad With Bitcoins REDUX

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Screenshot from 2014-07-10 11:32:33


Bitcoins for Jihad Isn’t New

A recent article that is making the rounds is decrying a new paradigm for jihad in that @abualbawi is calling for funding through Bitcoin and Darkwallet. I was sent the article and I took a look at the PDF that *was* located on this guy’s site but overall this is not as interesting or scary as the media would like to make it out to be. Why isn’t it scary you ask? Well, primarily because having been in the world of monitoring these jihobbyists I don’t find on average that they are that tech savvy. In fact, I haven’t seen a really tech savvy one since Irahbi007 back in the day but that is just my opinion.. *by the way he wasn’t a mental genius either*


Screenshot from 2014-07-10 11:35:30

This type of fund raising has been going on for some time in the Darknet *to what end I am not really sure* but as you will see below actual funds were transfered in the darknet to that wallet and taken out circa 2012 and recently more has been added. Of course to date, the above Darknet site (pictured at top of page) is the ONLY one of it’s kind that I am aware of but this would not preclude others passing bitcoins in the background to send to certain players in the global jihad. So this pdf and the rationalization for the use of kuffar technologies is in fact new and novel really for Abu and his pals at ISIS I will give them that.

Screenshot from 2014-07-10 11:39:42

It also seems that Abu is trying to horn in on the old and tired “Jihadi Magazine” with his AL-KHALIFA but hey, a jihadi media mogul has to start somewhere right? Interestingly Abu has decided to remove the bitcoin pdf from his galley but I luckily got it before it was gone. The notion though that Abu has in mind is that there is no real way to de-anonymize a Bitcoin transaction and, well, that isn’t completely true. So yeah, it may be tough but you also have to factor in bad OPSEC on the part of the players as well as possible technical attacks against the system that could in fact let the other guy know who you are.

Screenshot from 2014-07-10 09:08:00

… By the way.. Abu, umm it is Abu right? Or is it Bobihnd? You guys seem to have the same UID for Twitter and talk to the same people… Perhaps I am just not caffeinated enough.  Nope nope nope.. I was not caffeinated enough. There is telling tidbits that they are one in the same or close but I cannot prove this out.. Yet.

Anywho… Back to the issue of Bitcoin, Darkwallet’s, and anonymity. I expect that you guys will have some large hurdles here to get the funds flowing for your caliphate. I just can’t imagine Al-Baghdadi being all over this either. He doesn’t strike as a real “techie” ya know? I could however see the likes of the House of Saud maybe tossing some money at some GPU time but really, this is an untenable posit for funding your jihad Abu. I mean how many Western jihobbyists are going to rent bot time to mine or mine these things at home just to give to you and yours?

Get real.

The First Attempt On The Darknet Did Raise Money

Screenshot from 2014-07-10 09:06:15

On the other hand… The site I mentioned in the Darknet? Yeah as you can see above they had about 1200 bucks in there at one point. You have to notice though it wasn’t a lot of bitcoins but instead it was the inflation that was happening at the boom time that gave it the bump. Of course they cashed that shit out toot sweet and I suspect bought a nice Macbook Air, not an AK-47 or a ticket to Syria. So yeah, the idea is not new mainstream media and so far it has not made a huge amount of money so it should not be a booga booga booga news headline mmmkay? Nothing to see here.. Move along…

Next I will cover the hullabaloo over ISIS/AQ using TAILS OMG!




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Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:25:33

Inspire 12 Shattered:

Inspire issue 12 was dropped on Alplatform Friday night and this issue is somewhat different from past issues due to changes in staff and a change in thought probably brought on by the attrition that has occurred. It is also of note that this issue is ostensibly just put out by AQAP and makes no mention of Al Malahem which may show some of the fractions in the AQ umbrella as well as security issues that may have happened online in the recent past. Of course AQAP was the progenitor of the magazine but it was also a group effort for some time and that seems to have changed with the isolation of groups in part due to the death of OBL and the pedantic leadership of Ayman. This issue seeks to reach the “lone wolf” audience and broach the field of operations in the West as opposed to the Ummah in the lands which has been the standard of this magazine nearly from the beginning.

It has been some time since the last issue was released and I am assuming this was because of the attrition I spoke about before. Indeed there seems to be little input from Abu Al Amrici in this issue and there are new guest writers as well as a scope creep into other areas of concern such as North Africa which was a bit of a surprise but as you look at the bigger picture of the magazine that makes sense as the publishers are trying to change the scope to cover more areas of jihad outside the lands of the Ummah such as the EU and now Africa. Covering such things as an article on the bombings in Kenya by Al Shabaab and even having a Harakat (Shabab Youth Brigade)  guest writer. Overall, there are some subtle changes within this issue that analysts should take note of that bespeak a change in thought to a more global approach.

Contents Overview:

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:27:27

Changes From Previous Issues:

The biggest change in Inspire other than a change in staff and writers was the subtle tone from a more Koran centric and pedantic messaging to a more political and Western thought driven methodology. Through the course of the magazine the writers have been coming to grips with trying to motivate the Westerner to action while doing so with the call of jihad through the Koran and their particular spin on it. Over time I believe they have come to realize that to reach the Western audience that may be enamoured but unwilling to act solely on the Koranic call to jihad they have to reason with them in a more Western manner. In this issue there is a much more political and economic spin that attempts to spark a response in a Westerner against the actions of America in particular. The authors have seized upon the times (i.e. Snowden releases, war weariness, and economic climate issues) to try and sway the reader into action.

The layout of the magazine is just as slick as before (because the authors have used the 2011 pdf frame used in the past from the metadata in the file) and the progression of the magazine’s dialectic is as follows;

  1. The state of the jihad (Koranic)
  2. The deen of jihad (Koranic)
  3. Interview/Questions on the reasoning of actions within Jihad with Anwar Al-Alawki (Koranic)
  4. Samir Khan on the politics of Palestine and the Jihad (Political)
  5. City Wolves “call to action” (political)
  6. Tawheed/Choosing AQ ( Doctrine/Koranic)
  7. Experience of Jihad (Koranic and Romanticism thereof)
  8. Q&A with President Obama *Q&A carried out by snippets of press conferences** (Political)
  9. The Sister’s corner *Mujahidah wives exhortations by Umm Yahya) (Koranic)
  10. Shattered *the political and economic bankruptcy of America and the West** (political)
  11. Open Source Jihad (IED’s)

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:30:13

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:52:37

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:53:28

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:57:09

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 07:59:30

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:03:30

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:04:26

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:08:19

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:18:33 Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:20:08

Screenshot from 2014-03-15 08:27:53

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 05:39:08

This shows more of a creep away from the hard edged issues in the past that focused on the “duty” of the Ummah via the Koran to a more balanced logical/rhetorical argument basis for Jihad with softened approaches more palatable to the Westerner. The issues of the day make their appearances covering not only drone strikes and the pull out of Afghanistan (2014 maybe?) as well as the surveillance state that has been revealed by the Snowden releases. This magazine talks about the Snowden files indirectly but also shows that they have taken heed by removing the Q&A section via email “due to security reasons” which obviously is due to the Snowden revelations.

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 06:56:49

For the most part this issue shows a direction change that is more subtle but perceptible if you look at the entirety of the issues from 1 to 12. The changes to the organization through attrition slowed them down but it also perhaps gave them new blood and pause to determine just how they could attract the Westerner better. Mentions of Faisal Shazad as well as Dzokhar and Tamerlan make it into the issue as well as add targeting ideas that will be explored below in the next sections. This of course is the more troubling thing about this issue with more of a focus on targeting and timing for attacks. Generally though this issue once again follows the basic formula to engage the would be “Lone Wolf” and exhort them to action. The main difference being that the tenor is less strident and more engaging and this is the primary difference.

Open Source Jihad: Car IED’s

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 05:39:46

One of the more troubling points of this issue however is an expansion on a theme. I had heard pundits in the past ask why AQ and others had not used the idea of car bombs here in the US more often. Well, now they are advocating this with a type of bomb that actually failed in Times Square by Faisal Shazad. The Open Source Jihad section this go around focused solely on car bombs. In this case it was focused solely on the use of gas canisters and oxidization. I am not showing the how to’s but suffice to say that they have a basic design that Shazad used but with some changes to make it more effective. The authors also revised their operations manual to offer the lone wolf the choice of martyrdom or remote/timed detonation systems. With these plans a would be wolf could do some serious damage were they to carry out their plan with a working IED in a car or, more to the point as they show in their final image of the magazine, a panel van.

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 05:55:40


The most problematic part of the open source jihad section was a new feature called “Targeting” which needs no preamble. In this case the targeting is very directed and shows some thought post the bombings of the Boston Marathon. The authors are laying the groundwork for the wolves to be methodical about their target choices. In this case they have a focus on NY as always and Washington but also mandate that the UK has specific targets and times that are propitious for attacks to create the maximum kill ratios and fear factors. This is a significant change and what has me more worried is the whole package here. You have your device which is fairly easy to create with materials on hand (especially as summer approaches BBQ) and then you have directed targeting and times with which to carry out your action. The targeting also gives the wolf things to look for such as the usual congregating events but hints at specific events upcoming this spring and summer as well.

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 05:41:30

Screenshot from 2014-03-16 05:45:06


The final analysis on this issue of Inspire is that the changes in staff have also garnered a change in tone and approach to radicalizing the lone wolves into action. These changes are showing how they are learning to approach the Westerner to incite action and given the climate today there may be more people who are moved toward this line of thinking. Though I would hasten to add that the mental status of the individuals who wish to be lone wolves plays a key role in their movement from just ideating on such actions to actually putting them into practice. In the case of the Boston bombers they both came from a region that was fraught with issues and both had issues stemming from broken home lives and a desire to feel they belonged somewhere. This and other factors make it possible that some other deranged and motivated individual of the Western persuasion will act out upon these orders by AQAP.

If anything though, this publication is sure to get a reaction from the government and security around events throughout the world will be tightened even more than they might have been post the marathon bombing. In this instance the IED’s are specifically designed for carnage to bystanders and not for demolition of buildings as well. This is I assume to generate the maximum amounts of fear from attack but also because the complexity of larger and more powerful bombs is higher and the likelihood of failure is more probable from the lone wolf set. I can imagine though that the AQAP set may in the future attempt to engage the wolves to come to the lands of the Ummah and train for those more complex missions in places like Syria or perhaps in Afghanistan post US pull out. Time will tell though and I am sure we will be seeing another issue of Inspire for summer soon enough.


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A connection passed me this little missive from a jihadist board this morning and I couldn’t pass this one up to write about. The poster is a fairly new one (Nov 2013 started his acct) and he is writing about how the jihadist boards have pretty much turned into security services traps online to break the brothers jihad. While much of the post is pedantic there is a core of truth to what the guy is saying no matter how poorly he writes about it. The fact of the matter is that many of the sites out there have always been poorly secured as well as subject to not only agent provocateur attacks but DD0S as well. Khaled wants to not only warn about the insecurity around much of the boards but also that he proposes new means to protect the brothers from being captured. While he lacks any real technical specifics here he is alluding to issues that they do have and he half understands. In all, an interesting read and I thought it would be for you all as well. Please forgive some of the crudity to the translation as I am not fluent yet in Arabi (written specifically) but I think I worked it down to the gist of it.

Screenshot from 2014-01-30 12:30:49



Khaled Musli writes….

In the name of God the Merciful Peace and blessings be upon His Messengers and his family and followed them until the Day of religion.

Triangle of terror in the forums is :

The forum hosting company where members write and do not know of the security apparatus follows!!

The forums were a blessing and a gift of God Almighty to see religion and belief and the search for news of the Mujahideen in the squares jihadist turned to tyranny under the hammers and the plight of a curse and a means to discredit and handcuff and restrict votes and hands ! It’s the same traps that were previously exercised .. But this time it electronically ! What is the saddest technology while turning into a weapon , however, and the darkness of tyrants and enemies !

But before then :

Jihadist forums , the story of excitement and crying at the same time! Soul-searching on the other, and the journey of self-affirmation with others.

The Islamic index launched all models Brotherhood and mystic , etc. .. Then came the jihadist forums.. The number does not exceed the fingers of one hand , it was a new phenomenon on the Internet audience! Where he became a man feels that he reveal what is inside without supervision or control , was expressing his faith and exactitude of the Lord by denying him the reality and the environment!

This Phenomenon was attractive , especially as it allows you to call yourself names new sail where the character of (different) about the real personality ! (aliases)

A new way started from the point of expression to the point of promoting thought and ideology then came fake masks (users) from other countries and intelligence and security apparatus’ After this massive development witnessed by the jihadist forums during Alsnouattalmadih there had to be a careful and accurate study of this phenomenon which is now affecting the Muslims in our country especially the Islamic and even the media ! !

The jihadist forums evolved so dramatically in recent years where development and there has been a growth in diversity and subtraction and expansion in the Internet audience in them. This development was most exciting and its transformation into a media spreads in alleys of the scientists of truth and  quacks, and unknowns both naive and smart good and bad. The intelligence and the bad guys have been the hunted and hunter !

The forums spread the word of jihadist Almzakah , and thereby helped by programs to provide forums and ease of hosting and installation appeared to separate the wheat from the chaff but soon this began deteriorating , back to a lack of  creativity and underdevelopment about the reality of the nation in all its details in these forums ! !

There were several people in the doctrines of the label :

Itzmy, his real name or a part of his real name ( and this is very rare ) and some Itzmy loved loved their character or were influenced by him and on behalf of some specific code or loved admire him or battle or incident or event or history or geography ! Some names Itzmy intellectual of the names of groups to the currents of ideas to beliefs ! But behind these names were hiding and a variety of different personalities all share in wearing masks made ​​available to it forums !

When he woke up the other party :

Then evolved phenomenon where the forums became the largest gathering of spying and surveillance helped in that this rush is limited and non-formal and informal sectors of the large numbers of oppressed peoples and thought it a good opportunity to unload their repressed thoughts and feelings from all these years of injustice and tyranny …oppression and tyranny !

The reason for this is that the phenomenon made it a breeding ground for Investigation and Intelligence in the Arab world. I realized that these gatherings can be exploited for certain goals by opposition groups whatever the quality of the opposition the victim went so young and the needy and were duped !

It Was a trap :

After the ( jihadist forums ) were knocked off on top of the world’s attention and communication to the public Internet  encouraged in  people a kind of technical yearning and longing began which broke the restrictions and isolation and Retention of intellectual thoughts and feelings for many segments of Arab society that had been restricted for decades.

Evolution subtraction qualitative in forums, and take character media purely in the recent period , became the local media global following with interest what poses in these forums, news , articles, analyzes and information materials , and raising it interesting and exciting is the exploitation of various groups of these forums for the dissemination of data and statements and files audio and video , was a chance of life opportunities that will not be repeated ! Especially jihadist groups that are active in many countries .

This increased the ferocity of the conflict groups are active in the media and promotion of the ideology and goals of the State and the security services are trying to reduce this phenomenon which is in fact the reason for media restrictions on these groups !

They did not benefit from all attempts at blocking and destruction and closure to these forums and sites though and  it was not necessary to plan more intelligent and more effective means ! The plan then was  ( electronic fishing ) which is about security issues growing and  multiplying living in the forums and negatively affecting the governments.

The mission of this campaign was to set a trap for the electronic owners who promote a particular ideology or without their media machine to a disseminate their ideas.

Electronic fishing plan :

The plan was as follows (according to visualize the conflict that is happening in the forums, which I am following and still do for a long time ) the idea is to visualize imaginary and not necessary to be literally it all revolves around this department and within this framework.

These are set up within the Department of Internal security services to monitor and participate in these forums  are a group of security agents ( or recruit active in the forums ) that have a good cultural understanding and the ability to understand the forums and dialogues and ideas of these jihadi groups .

These groups are divided into small teams , each band has a specific role and a specific play :

For example, ( under cover agents ) as  role supporters in these groups to give  ideas and establish relationships with these members ! !

( agent provocateurs ), a group of others who do the opposite role of attacking the ideas and these groups in a provocative way to agitate ! ! !

The elements ( under cover agents ) register under the names of forums are closer to the ideology of these groups in order to notify the other party that they are close to them ! ! These start writing topics (posts)  that advocate these groups ideas/ideologies to fool (put to sleep or fool)  the other party to these topics and fool them all ! ! !

They start side correspondences by mail and messenger until the rhythm of the prey to the network ! ! !

The ( agent provocateurs ) whereupon register the names of the exact opposite or normal , and you subtract topics provoke the other party and try to reply to topics and raising the other end !

I do not mind the exchange of roles between two opinions , and do not mind a game of cat and mouse between two opinions ! ! !

In the sense that both the teams are playing a game direction and the opposite direction ! ! The other party is watching and watching , and perhaps fools trick and tends to the party who supported !

Of course , this plan is a plan that I mentioned several of the plans pursued by the security forces in the forums ! There are ways and methods more dangerous .

Forums owners in the dark :

Do the forums and owners play an important role in this fierce conflict ? !

And why are other jihadist forums not being prosecuted and shut down ? !

Technically  you could see the members and where are they? ! (poor opsec)

There is no doubt that the owners of jihadist forums are between rock and the hard place about member security services ! ! Members are trying to hide their identities , and the security services are trying to get information from the owners of these forums for members !

The quality of these forums are (vb/phbb) which are the largest percentage of Arab forums and are the most insecure because these forums know the number of the entry of the member or the so-called IP address ( a unique number to the Internet in which you can know which country you enter including the member or visitor) These can be seen through additional software that shows the access number (IP)  and the specified complete information  and not just the state.

IP addresses can be traced but not always as there are numbers entering hidden (proxies and TOR) and are therefore difficult to follow.  But with the development of spyware it has become  possible to be done to access the phone which have has been used to get on the site and therefore know who the owner of the phone as and arrest him .

Of course this site has your mail lists and add them also the nature of the posts and the responses and some of the words that fall from the member inadvertently and they can go through it all to figure out who writes the posts .

Of course , there are many ways to hide the real information browsing , but the majority don’t know how to.

From this point, cooperated some forums that claim to advocate jihad falsely with the security services in order to provide information for those members , and this is what explains the survival of some forums that claim to advocate Mujahideen falsely published scandals and write the spectrum of the opposition , remained these forums is blocked and non- prosecution ! ! !

Malice and cunning develops when :

Prepared by the security and intelligence plan, the most insidious of these, because the jihadi forums sincere did not respond to their requests , and they have established a private forum, new , and have been promoting it to attract members from another forum , has put a smart plan commissioned by some members left threads against them in order to attract other parties .

There are forums known to follow the security services or they collaborating with them! ! There is no need to mention names , but they are known to attendees of the forums.

Hosting companies accused of the biggest security problems :

Where the role of hosting companies in this fray ? !

Hosting companies play a serious role and important role in this conflict , and the hosting company is a company that holds files and data on its website ( servers ) which computers are intended to put the sites .

Attackers can see and open and watch databases , and can know the numbers to access the site , and know of any states walk , and knows all the passwords and data members , and you know the number entering false or not!

All these factors make hosting companies play an important role in this battle, electronic , and therefore are trying to stay away from forums hosting companies Arabic! Being located under the control of the state they are in. !

However this does not mean that the hosting companies the best of America ! ! Now there is a law that allows the Office of the FBI to enter on any server hosting company to search for specific information ! This has happened several times to major sites !

Third-party invisibility :

Jihadi forums are trying to protect their members and  are trying to escape from the grip of security intelligence , to put its companies away from corporate America and the Arab , such as the European companies , or Russian or Chinese or Malaysian , etc.

And many sites have succeeded in this, and there are some people disappeared from the world of the net, because he did not find a suitable hosting company has its reservation !

There is continuous monitoring of all the jihadist forums , both of Arab security services or of Jews themselves! (don’t forget me too 😉

There are many other sites tasked with monitoring the sites and forums where Arab and positions and what he writes , and this is part of a global scheme to follow up on all matters relating to anti- occupation ,
Crusader Zionist hegemony and arrogance . And speech in this long technically and media .

As about the ability of the security forces in the Arab countries to prosecute tens of thousands of attendees and break forums , it is also thought by some that they have a miraculous power that they can follow each person and follow every word and character! Despite the evolution of technology and the presence of all the requirements for it , but not to this extent , there is a general framework to move and there are filters ( filters technique ) are certain of which focus on groups without the other ! (NSA programs no doubt)

How does one fall prey in the net ? !

After creating the overall atmosphere at the level of the forums and the level of individuals , begins a plan to arrest cyber dissidents , and begins the process of gathering the spoils in the forums that have been the focus on them.

There are many styles of plots within the security plan ( electronic fishing ) for catching prey and these methods are divided into two sections:

First: the technical methods

Secondly, methods of mankind ( by handling )

It is technical methods :

1 – the theft of the e-mail

2 – planting spyware on your machine

3 – access to your screen and real name ; who writes in the forums and stealing and writing through it.

4 – to be a forum in which he writes is originally belonging to the security and intelligence services

5 – to break into his computer via messenger or an email , and get all the files ! aka hacking  ( In the absence of protection software on the device )

Methods of human :

1 – Trying to bribe him by writing topics supports the idea and opinion , and thus created a friendly relationship up to Instant , then chatting on Messenger , then communicate the sensory and the meeting , and spoke of the disaster here !

2 – Posting certain topics glorifying and praising thought to bait the brothers

3 – Continuous communication via private messages and e-mail in order to strengthen the relationship and development.

4 – Get the addresses of the other victim , and thus expanding the circle of victims. (making connections)

5 – Providing any assistance to him in order to gain affection and confidence , and providing false information in order to manipulate it .

All of these methods and many others , followed by the adversaries within the security plan for the implementation of a comprehensive plan inside the jihadi forums which are expressing their opposition to the intellectual and practical for any system or state .

Many Colorful masks and face of one :

The most dangerous thing in this matter and this plan is a game of multiple masks ! The sense of how to be a captain in the intelligence and security services and at the same time a member of one of the jihadi groups ! It is the process of distortion of the party in order to achieve the objectives of the hidden benefit of the first party. (aka it’s hard to be an agent provocateur!)

This is what should be what the jihadist forums pay attention to  and understand well when going into dialogues on jihadist forums .

Forums conflict and war forums took great dimension while wearing a turban Maguethohmah intelligence captain for the appearance and Mufti Sheikh Naseer jihad and the mujahideen , or vice versa !

It was expected to evolve conflict to this point having stepped up jihadist groups and their presence on the net, the forums in particular are the point of the media work and the address of Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri Media jihadist began to communicate strongly among its members attempt to circumvent the limitations of reality and movement.

The security services began a new attempt to penetrate these groups and control them by distorting the work of jihad and started electronic detection cells that spread in the forums !

Electronic mechanism of action plan :

I started to plan the new electronic security and it is:

1 – Cell formation and fake jihadist forums task specific data dissemination  promotion and promote ideas distort the image of jihad and the mujahideen , or an image of the other. (DISINFORMATION)

2 – The team must responded to and disseminate data to encourage them to generate a stream of support and advocacy for the emergence of a strong appearance !

3 – Creating the case of adverse reaction to the visitors through a crude way of asking and barbaric ideas and beliefs and statements such as atonement. This is what you want the security of this plan to be .

The plan is very easy and can be applied with ease examples are well known and the data easy to formulate. The method of dialogue and atonement are available, the technical possibilities exist but these ideas must be spread dramatically

The strongest example of this is the multiple data released from several destinations in the bombings in Sharm el Sheikh ! Data for each group claiming to be made ​​from it! ! No one knows anything about the other group ! (DISINFORMATION)

Long talk about this axis , and there is information difficult to talk about and write , but it’s much broader than that , and the danger lies in changing the minds and ways of thinking to the public net, it is the process of laundering organization of the minds and ideas , involving everyone!

There is no end :

Forums war or conflict to exist in jihadist forums will not stop and will not end , because the technical means available to everyone in the complete absence of freedom and unloading shipments of oppression and injustice , will remain gatherings knock on her exercise of this right for the delivery of her voice.

The greatest danger lies not in this right to these gatherings , but lies in the transformation of this arena to ( traps electronic ) to the rhythm of this prey weak and convert the arena to a new prison , prosecutions and follow-up informants and wiretaps and spying and the practice of the worst methods of distortion and deception !

It’s the same traps that were previously exercised .. But this time it electronically ! What is the saddest technology while turning into a weapon , however, and the darkness of tyrants and enemies !
Moved interest

Hur eye , conformist God, claiming well for the owner of this review good .


While Khaled wishes to have real dialogue out there on these forums he is worried that the security services and the NSA have pwn3d them all. He also worries that infighting within the groups has not helped and believes (perhaps rightly) that there are agent provocateurs on the sites sowing dissent as one team, and then another playing the good cop to the bad and gathering intel on users. He implores the brothers to learn more about the security around these sites as well as to take a serious look at who is hosting their sites to start. He references the FBI as being able to seize servers and peek into them while they are active (like they did with SR and SRII) and posits that the brothers need to start managing their domain access better though he does not offer a solution other than locating them in countries outside the US. Khaled is also worried about the revelations from Snowden it seems though he does not reference him directly. He speaks about hacking against the brothers being carried out through (phishing) but also larger plans of social engineering and espionage tactics by the local security services as well as others like the US. He then offers an idea of creating their own DISINFORMATION campaigns by creating fake cells and sites to draw the law off of their other more secret sites that have been secured. Overall though he see’s that the internet has given this gift to the jihadi’s of being able to talk to each other and evangelize online and is upset that it is being perverted by the LEO’s in order to break their spirits and their jihad.

While I agree that there is a lot of what Khaled is describing going on out there, I also think that the jihadi’s do it to themselves quite a bit as well with shooting themselves in the foot so to speak. The infighting and squabbles on these boards is like watching an arabic 4chan argument sometimes. There are certainly more stringent rules regarding actions on the jihadi boards but all in all they too are seen backbiting each other at times like adolescent school girls on a playground. The issue though as I see it is that primarily these sites have always been insecure and easy to prey upon as Khaled says. Most of these sites are filled just with those who want to spew their thoughts in a place where like minds prevail and to advocate for the proselytizing of others to become shahid. While these sites do harbour solid intelligence it is usually only over actors and their connections, rarely actual data on plans that will be put into action. Until such time as a newly secrued and closely watched jihadi board shows up in the darknet or completely inside a private network somewhere I find these sites to be more amusement than anything else of intelligence value. This makes Khaled’s concerns all the more amusing as he is so fervent in his writing here.


Written by Krypt3ia

2014/01/30 at 17:55