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Alright, I am gonna say what others may not say for fear of reprisals or coming off as an asshole….


Yes, I am at Defcon 24 and yes, it is the same con in theory but in spirit it is not any more. Gone are the days when this felt more like a family affair (i.e. seeing folks you know and partying until stupid drunk with each other pulling hacks and pranks) where you could see a everyone around one pool. It used to be about hanging out and showing off your stuff as well as just blowing steam off. Now, it is a fubar festival of lines and fuckery that makes one just not want to go because you know you won’t be able to see the talks you want and you will be cheek to jowl with people the whole time. Today’s attempt to just get to one talk felt like you were in a cattle chute waiting for the nail gun to put you out of your misery.

That is no longer DEFCON, that is now instead a marketing money machine grinding everyone into security sausage.

I know, some people are gonna take offense but fuck it. It’s how I feel and I think it is how some others have felt this go round. Maybe I am just the asshole…


Cya kids.

Dr. K.

Written by Krypt3ia

2016/08/06 at 01:01

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