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How To Overthrow A Government… And Give Hacker Children Bad Ideas…

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I made a concerted attempt to go see this talk at DEFCON 24 especially since like Danny Glover, ” I am too old for this shit” and braved the masses to get a seat. I went into this talk prepared for fun and games but came out of the other end with some constructive criticism and ideas about other talks that could be made and subsequently never given for fear of arrest. Now Chris is an Aussie and those people are generally nuts, I mean come on, it was a penal colony after all right? But aside from being entertaining enough, this guy just incited, or wanted to incite, the hacker community to be higher on the threat list than da’esh and terrorism in general?

Perhaps it was tongue in cheek but upon talking to someone in the know, DEFCON had to talk him off the ledge on a few things and he had to redact the preso because he was actually going to give even more directed info on how to carry off a coup digitally. I mean he came pretty close with what he presented in the end (without real numbers and amounts of planning and time it would take) but suffice to say, someone with the effort could make a pretty good stab at this now. Hell, this was pretty much the playbook that the J39 and other groups used on places like Serbia in the 90’s right? So the data is out there for others to grab I suppose, but to get up on stage at a con like DEFCON and tell the audience, however impressionable they may be, to do more?


Baleful stare


What was that line from Dead Poets about the phone call again?

John Keating: Phone call from God. If it had been collect, that would have been daring!

Anyway, I kind of have to wonder at the thought process behind this but meh, likely no one will take heed and try even more grandiose shit just because they can right?


Oh well time will tell I suppose. This preso got me thinking though of other presentations that could be made. I pondered on the plane ride home all the different scenarios that could be carried out by a small group of hackers and suddenly I was feeling like I was in an episode of Mr. Robot. *shudder* Yes, we could carry off these kinds of attacks with the right direction, planning, and OPSEC but really do we want to? Do we want to because this guy says we need to be scarier than terrorists? Is there some kind of psychopathy at play here?


I will leave it to the nation states to play these games. Instead, how about we all maybe concentrate on getting our own shit secured so no one can do the things Rock was showing us all is so easy to do..

Now there’s a novel idea.



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