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A Wade Through The COVID-19 Disinformation On The Internet

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*Puts on BSL-IV positive pressure suit*

Right, some folks on the internet wanted a post about the disinformation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2) and I had been looking around a bit anyway, so I decided to go a little deeper. First, let me say that there is some straight up crazy out there that is being propagated by the crazies in the world and the grifters, but, there is some real dangerous stuff as well. The gamut of the disinformation that I have seen thus far ranges from nation state to would be snake oil salesman who, a century ago, would be selling their shit off the back of a covered wagon to rubes in small towns. It is only by the fact of modern technology that these people now have a far wider and on the whole, gullible audience to purvey their brands of crazy.


So yeah, the range of things runs from guys making face masks to protect themselves from COVID19 by placing bikini underwear over their heads (as seen above) to outright grifter operations like the pastor and his peeps selling colloidal silver as the cure for Coronavirus. This virus has been a boon to many others than just our pal Mr. Bakker here seen below. A lot more within the religious space have grasped on to other crazy cures like Red Onions and prayer as well. I found a slew of posts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter alone to keep one busy for weeks looking into all the claims of a cure. In fact, you all should check out the hashtags of #CoronaCure, #COVID29Cure, and the like. You will see a lot.




Others still though, are offering prophylaxis for the COVID19 pandemic like this guy selling “Bane” style face masks to stop you from getting infected. This mask could in fact be something that might be helpful, but, the only true mask that will help is the N95 mask that the doctors wear to prevent such transmission from happening not only when they wear them to stop things getting in, but also, and more to the point, for patients to wear so they do not spread the disease as easily through aerosol transmissions like breathing, sputum, and sneezing. It is most likely that this guys Bane mask is not the N95 filtering so yeah, you might look and sound like Bane, but you are more likely to get the COVID19.. While looking all cool and shit.


On the spectrum of political and Nation State sponsored disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a range of people and countries with varying reasons for dis-informing the public about the pandemic. I will break these down into groups for you and reasons:

1) HongKong:

HongKong folks have a few reasons to disinform about this as well as present the real truths that the Chinese government does not want the outside world to know about. In the case of these YouTube videos I found, the disinformation is interspersed with real video coming out of Wuhan province that paints the Chinese leadership in a very poor light in their response to these events. It has come to pass that the Chinese officials have tried to keep a lid on the outbreak from the start, lying and obfuscating about the dire nature of the problem in Wuhan and in Hubei, but, this guy is just going all out with the Xi mask to promote all kinds of theories, including, yes, you guessed it, that the COVID-19 was in fact released from a bioweapons facility in Wuhan province.



2: Ex Pats With An Axe to Grind:

One site that stood out from a Twitter feed tied to disinformation on the outbreak was the G-News site. This site is chock full of the crazy and is put up by a Chinese ex pat who now lives in Emirates because he ran into some legal trouble in China. Miles Guo aka Guo Wengui, is funny to watch. He tries to present himself as an authority and insert himself in images like he is on with Bannon and the link, but in reality he isn’t a name you see on the news that often as far as I can tell. His axe to grind with China here is obviously why he is throwing in with Bannon and others putting out disinformation on the pandemic and about China in general.



3) Russia and Putin:

Oh Pooty, you love COVID19 long time. It is of course within the interest set for Putin and Russia to hit hard on the COVID19 situation as well. The advantages that they reap in wholesale division and fear on this one must be a priority just under the whole 2020 race as far as I am concerned. Of course, their mission will be to insert narratives into the 2020 election and against the candidates as agitprop to get Trump another four years in office. I am already seeing a setup on this that I will discuss further down the post. As it stands now, the bot activity has been ramping up on the hashtags for #COVID19 as well as #COVID19Bioweapon so keep your eyes peeled for narrative as well.


4) Trump and His Disinformation Forces:

Speaking of Trump and his disinformers… Trumps minions are now spinning up including Bannon and Rush, taking differing approaches to the whole affair. While I have not been able to stomach watching Bannon for more than a couple minutes, you can see he has a whole “war room” setup on YouTube where he has one of our pals Miles Kwok, or Miles Guo, or whatever name he chooses to use on the cast to throw out the disinformation about the pandemic. Guo, as you may remember above, has whole cloth claims on his site that the whole incident is from a leaked bioweapon in Wuhan, so, yeah…

On top of Bannon we have our pal Rush. Yes, Rush motherfucking Medal of Fucking Freedom Limbaugh as of two days ago began selling the idea to the morons that listen to him, that the COVID19 pandemic is in fact a putsch by China leaking a bioweapon against Trump. What’s even more holy what the actual fuck, is that he claims it was by the Democrats.


What is the most fucked up thing is that I know there are fuckwits out there who will now believe this shit.


5) The QAnon Conspiracy:

You didn’t think that those whacky QAnon’s would not add this whole COVID19 thing to their repertoire right? Welp, they have, and I suspect now that Rush has made his stand on that hill of disinfo, the QAnon’s will only ramp up from what I already saw on Twitter and Discord. Their spin of course is that it is a bioweapon as well. They also seem to be going on a bent about a conspiracy with the Jews again… These people need to get lives. One of the more interesting angles though is this whole “dead scientists” thing they have going. They also were making hay about the Chinese scientists who were arrested in Canada was it? Yeah, well, keep an eye out for more crazy over COVID19 out of them too.




Fucking Rush….

6) Rando Twitter Feeds and Trollbots:

Right, now the whole Twitter thing is crazy as usual, but, there is one account that I wanted to call out on the COVID19 disinformation crazy train. That account primarily is the @howroute account. This alleged comedian, actor, filmmaker, is none of those things. In fact, the only thing that seems to check out is the name Max as being one spelling of his real name, Maksym. Reporters have been following this guy’s disinformation on Twitter for some time now. This account has been putting out blatant disinformation around the pandemic for quite a while now, and though people have called him on it nothing has stopped him. In fact, his follower count has risen since I first became aware of him by the thousands. He went from nothing to nearly 50k followers since he started this whole disinformation campaign. All that is known at present is that Maksym is in America, he was born in Ukraine, attended university there, and then came to the states by information gleaned from the internet. Perhaps there are monetary goals here, maybe there is more, but this guy works in tech and lives in Washington state.




7) Lastly, our Favorite, Alex, YOU’RE TURNING THE FROGS GAY! Jones:

Alex, baby, you are one whackadoo guy looking to make a buck. Alex has as usual, been all over the bioweapon angle of the whole pandemic. Of course now with Rush and his fuckery, the two combined likely will be infecting the Fox news cycle too soon enough. In fact, the advent of Tom Cottonhead getting in on the whole thing shows just how fucked up things portend to be in the near future as things get hot. Cotton went on the news to say that he wanted more proof around the whole bioweapon leak and I am sure, will be bringing this up in the Senate as well.

Jesus fuck.

My one real questions is just how long it will be before Alex gets in on those sweet sweet colloidal silver dollars?




Well, there you have it kids. Make sure you get yourselves into the DECONTAMINATION UNIT as soon as you finish reading this post! I just brought you a smattering of the whole disinformation pie here. You can go look for yourselves if you like. I am going to go take a very long hot shower in lye and resume the whiskey intake as my prophylaxis against COVID19 and COVID19 Disinfo.




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2020 Threat Assessment

Here’s my threat assessment for the United States post the impeachment acquittal of Trump and the possible scenarios for the 2020 election cycle. I am putting these out there for you all to consider and to keep in the back of your minds as we move forward these nine months to the election as well as what we may see after November 8th 2020. Given recent events it is not hard to posit these scenarios as equally possible and all having grave import to the freedom of this nation and its people.

As we have seen so far, the elections systems are insecure, the government itself and the Framers intentions are all now in question as to what is real, and the net effect is this; we now have a president who believes he has the power to do anything and now likely will push the envelope before the election. However, if he wins this election, you will see the power grabs and the illegalities only increase, eroding the rule of law further with his co-conspirators in the DOJ and elsewhere.

What we have seen in the last week alone should have you all thinking about the actions to come, and what, if anything, the government can do about it. I will tell you straight up here right now, this is a slide into fascism boys and girls. In the last day we have seen the President Tweet a comment about the “unfair” sentencing of Roger Stone with an almost immediate response from the DOJ to throw out the sentencing guidelines and recommendations of the prosecution and with that, the resignation of the four DOJ lawyers who were handling the case for the government.

This. Is. Not. Normal.

…. And it’s just the start.

As we move into the Election cycle, I would hasten you all to go and read this piece in The Atlantic on the disinformation war to come. We are going to see an all out attack cycle not only from the outside, but from within in this election. Added to this, the outcomes of the election are a key factor in what may be to come and at what rate things happen. So, read on and consider these scenarios.

Things are going to be very messy.

The Election Cycle:

Scenario 1: Trump Wins The Election By The Electoral College Again

This is the most likely event that I foresee for the 2020 election. Given the information war to come, I am willing to say that what happened in 2016 will happen again given the polarity of the nation and the machinations on the part of the Republicans to fudge the vote. There will be no need for Russia to really weigh in here and tip the scales with hacking for this to happen, but imagine if we have a replay of 2016 though. Once Trump has won the second term he will have four more years to push the envelope and do whatever he likes. This is primarily because once the election is won, he has no reason to be restrained in any way.

Think about it, impeachment was a failure. The senate is willing to not only tow the party line in a partisan way, but to whole cloth eschew the constitution for Trumpism merely to stay in power. With the senate under his thrall, and the beliefs that Article Two says he can do whatever he pleases, he will overreach, and with the help of the senate and now the DOJ…

Well, you can see what that means.

Scenario 2: Trump Wins By A “Landslide”

Given the polling and the stats that have been pretty consistent, if Trump won by a landslide, there would definitely be something wrong with the process in 2020. If this were to come to pass, it would surely mean that the election had been manipulated in a way that we have only seen in countries in Africa and South America. No amount of persuasion allows for this scenario. So, if it happens the outcome will be these:

  • The election will be investigated while Trump will still be in office
  • The investigation will take a long time, and during that time Trump and his minions will do everything in their power to obfuscate
  • The election would likely have to be re-run… But… Could Trump attempt a coup and declare a national emergency to keep power?

All of these scenarios are not as likely as the Electoral College win, but, this should scare you all because you know, he will not just leave the White House and allow for a free and fair election right?

Scenario 3: Trump Loses and Declares The Vote To Be Rigged

IF Trump loses the election, do you really all believe he will accede to the will of the people and leave? Do you further believe he will leave knowing that right after he does the SDNY will be slapping cuffs on him and trying him for crimes he committed pre election and after? The short answer to this is no, he will not willingly leave in my opinion.

So, with that said, let’s look at the scenario that he does lose, even losing the Electoral College. You all have seen him already use the terms “rigged” before in the first election, but now with so much on the line, he will immediately call for a recall. In fact, this may already be a contingency plan that the Russians or others can help with by actively penetrating our election systems. The damage would only have to be the fact that some votes were changed or databases were abused, that is all it would take to call into question the vote, and for Trump to use his powers as president to mandate an emergency situation in which he will retain power.

Once again, if this happens, the elections investigations will take a long time, and in that interim Trump will still be in power and able to overreach to keep it. So far, I have little faith in the system (e.g. the government) to stop him from doing this. We have seen how Impeachment went, and we have seen just how dangerous a totally tribal majority is in power.

Use of the DOJ As A Weapon:

Scenario 1: Trump And DOJ Start Arresting Opponents

We are already seeing this play out with Barr and Trump. With the DOJ now directly accepting disinformation dirt from Rudy for the 2020 campaign, I have little doubt that that information will now be used as a means to an end of creating charges at the most, but at the least reasons for search warrants and the like for the DOJ to start using against Trumps opponents (primarily Biden at this time)

Right now Trump has an enemies list, but first on that list seems to be Bolton. If Bolton is suddenly presented with search warrants or arrested, this will be the first domino to fall in a cascade of abuse that Trump and Barr will carry out. If there is nothing to stop them arresting Bolton, expect others on that enemies list to be next. Post re-election, you will likely see this escalate and the enemies list will grow as well.

Scenario 2: Trump Pardons and Free’s Manafort & Stone

As of yesterday, the events around Trump and Barr’s manipulation of the DOJ shows you where they are willing to go for their peeps. It is likely that Trump will Pardon Stone after the Judge decides whatever she is going to give him. She does have discretion, so, one hopes that the original 7-9 year stint is what she chooses to do. However, if that happens, yeah, he will get pardoned and inserted back into the election cycle where Trump would like him.

Manafort too will also get a pardon, likely after re-election. This will also allow Manafort to re-kindle his ties to Ukraine and help Rudy as well. Trump will pardon Manafort most of all for his steadfast not being a rat and rolling over on Trump. This is the real key to this happening. This will set the precedent for others, like any other mob boss, Trump will show that if you do time for him, he will reward you later for not being a rat.

Scenario 3: Trump and Barr Close Cases Against Flynn & Erik Prince

Next in line are Flynn and Prince. My assessment will be that these two will slip away for two different reasons. Flynn will get away because he dealt with the government in the first place, but, he also did not totally rat out Trump. It’s been obvious that he has been holding back and obfuscating, so whatever it is, he has given enough to get leniency from the government, but with Barr in DOJ, well, they can just make it all go away right?

Erik Prince will get good treatment from Trump and have his case tossed because Prince is the wet works guy that Trump needs for the proxy wars and connections. This too will likely happen after re-election.

Scenario 4: Trump Starts Removing Non Conforming Justices

This is already starting to happen. The administration recently set forth the idea that they were going to “investigate” doing this in sanctuary cities. Those left leaning justices need to be removed according to Trump. Of course, if this happens just to sanctuary city justices I will be truly surprised. This is a means to an end. If you will note, Trump has been putting in more right wing justices than anyone every has. The control of the judicial system is a keystone in the ultra rights playbook, so don’t expect this to be forgotten.

Scenario 5: Trump and His Operatives Start Disinformation Campaigns Against Journalists and Starts Arresting Them

In the run up to the 2020 election you will see directed attacks on reporters by the Trump admin and the Republican machine. If you read the above linked disinformation story in The Atlantic you can see how Trumps son Don Jr, is directly working with operatives on caching dirt on reporters to sow disinformation on and use dirty tricks against to discredit anyone who opposes them. Post re-election this will likely continue if not actually escalate. (As Trump becomes more aggressive without checks against him and as the media continues to do its job)

Final Assessment:

You might be reading this and thinking that I am just paranoid.


But, what we are actively seeing today is not a slide into a greater democracy. These tactics, the overall machinations by the Republican party (aka Trump party) are all indicators of an overall planned slide into authoritarian tactics. Given that the laws of the land have not been able to stop Trump and the Russians so far, has shown the inherent weaknesses of the American systems that have been attacked. With the rule of law being presently slowly poisoned by Barr’s acquiescence to Trumps will, we are sliding further and further into a quasi fascist state. The longer Trump is in power and keeps pushing the envelope without reproach, the further and further from autocracy to totalitarianism we will be.

The system has been challenged and we are finding that it is insecure and unable to right itself. These scenarios are just posits, but if they come to pass, you had better be thinking of an exit plan.


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Darknet Red Rooms: The Reality and the Fiction

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This was a red room that was actually a viral ad on the darknet for a book sold on amazon!


It is said that in the darknet no one can hear you scream…



Ok ok ok, I was retreading Alien’s tagline for drama, the truth of the matter is this; there are these sites out there calling themselves “red rooms” where bad things are supposed to happen to people and you, the voyeur, can pay to see that happen. Actually, you can pay and in some cases participate by chat, telling the “dungeon master” what to do to the hapless victim. All of this stuff makes for a good book or a movie, but, have you ever asked yourself if they are at all real?

Well, I did, and the answer I seem to be finding is no.

To date, I have not seen any proof of a real situation where someone was tortured to death and filmed or live online. There are just what you might call “Exit Scams” in the darknet where people make the offer look as legit as they can to get you to pay for access and then do not deliver. While other cases out there of horrific online, or more to the point, video content, has been created and shared for sale in the clearnet and darknet such as the case of Peter Gerard Scully (see image below on case) It is yet to be proved out that any of these alleged live red rooms were anything but a scam or someone’s idea of a spooky site on the darknet.

So, when I was cruising the darknet the other day and came across this post on a pastebin, I was incredulous about this new redroom to be. However, when I brought up the links in the paste and they had someone’s real photos, I had to dig a little further. The idea of the red room to be, is that this is being planned by some groom who is marrying this targeted individual to bring her to a honeymoon red room event. The post itself is one in a series of evolving posts where they are looking for two things; dom’s and people to pay for access to this event. Now, do I believe that this is real and that this woman is in danger?

Not really.

However, do I think that she knows that her photos have been provided as an object of this red room and those who would pay to see bad things happen to her?

No, I do not think she is aware, and this is a problem for me. You see, in the darknet I see a lot of bad shit. In many cases of late, there seems to be a spike of use of the paste sites as well as fully created and posted content, out to incite others to do harm mentally and physically to people in the real world. In an effort to find out more I did research forensically on the photos and came up with pretty much nothing useful, they have been cleaned of metadata. I then went to Google image search as well as Tineye, but none of these photos seem to be online in a way that can be searched. So, it is kind of a dead end unless someone on the internet see’s this post and knows who this is. I am sure that this person might like to know that someone with access to her photos has uploaded them and tagged them to a violent red room post seeking individuals to do harm to her and to pay to watch it.

This brings me back to the whole leveraging of the darknet to post anonymously and target individuals for abuse in the real world. I have been passing these off to the proper authorities in hopes that at least the targets could be warned that this is actively happening and perhaps ready them, if not prompt them to take some protective measures to halt it. I gotta say, the darknet can be a wonderously derpy and fun place, but all of this targeted abuse stuff is just malevolent.

Can’t we just have a nice darknet that is just the new geocities with shitty bandwith?


@manhack sent me a link to more pictures found on of the woman in question! They were located on a “fap” site, and there seems to be no more information as to a name to put to the face, but the images were posted in 2009 by a user “rayray11” on which is, well, a fap site… So these pictures may be known to rayray, or they may have been stolen and posted here. If more turns up I will update in this section.


Thanks to the diligence of @H0tdish we have located the party in question. She is a lawyer in California. We will reach out to her to let her know about these events.

UPDATE III: Authorities have been contacted to alert the person in question of these events.


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Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Misinformation and Disinformation

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This week I decided to watch “Contagion“, as one does in the midst of a potential pandemic like the current 2019-nCoV event that is unfolding across the globe. In the plot to this film, a novel strain of virus that is akin to the Coronavirus or a flu like the 1918 version that swept the world, sweeps the world and kills fairly quickly and painfully. The story is primarily about how the world might react to such an event today given the rapidity of transit, the connectivity of the populace through media and the internet, and how it all can fall apart very quickly. While watching it this time though, I could not but help to see one of the major plot lines mirroring the events in the real world today as the 2019-nCoV infects and travels from China to the rest of the world, much as the flu (called MEV-1) does in the film. The plot line I am talking about is the disinformation created and promulgated by an online “journalist blogger” played by Jude Law in the film; Alan Krumwiede, who starts blogging on how the governments of the world are hiding the truth about the outbreak, but also says that he has the cure in liquid Forsythia extract.

This all got me thinking about some of the misinformation, disinformation, and out and out conman activity out there today around the coronavirus we are dealing with today. So, last night I called a friend in <REDACTED> who works on disinformation research and counter measures and we talked for about an hour. Needless to say that both of us were more depressed when we ended the conversation than going into it because when you work in this field, you realize that there isn’t much you can do about it’s prevalence but try to get the truth out as best as you can. In that effort, I went to the net and began my Google Fu, looking for all the badness, and shit, it did not take long to locate. In my searches, I was able to locate numerous accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a slew of other blogs and alleged news sources feeding at best, unintentionally bad information to the worst offenders selling outright disinformation to sow chaos and fear.

Up until now my primary concern in the disinformation space as been the 2020 election cycle, but now this outbreak and, as of yesterday, ‘global emergency’ per W.H.O., has taken precedence in the disinformation sphere because the outcomes from disinformation around this virus could in fact spark violence and darker forces with more direct impacts to society than the election of Trump again. Don’t get me wrong, his re-election is a long term existential threat to the union, but this stuff could have people in the street rioting and looting. Since the virus has begun to spread and the Rnaught is 2.3 to 5.5 depending on who is giving the stat, shows that this virus is highly transmissible and now has shown person to person transmission as well. This means that as the weeks have passed we have seen infection reporting go up because of a few factors; the first is that we now have detection means, the second is that the virus has a longer incubation period of up to two weeks to show symptoms, while the third is that a rapid test for the virus in the person is still being developed as far as I know, so you could have a common flu or cold and you could be misdiagnosed until they test the virus after isolating a sample. All of these things can cause uncertainty in reporting, and thus, fear grows.

Additionally, the mortality rates of the virus can be skewed in reporting as well as a host of other factors that the general populace may not take into account. Things like the ages, relative health of those infected, and generally the medical and health habits of those patients play a key roll in whether or not they are more susceptible to dying from this coronavirus strain. That the primary deaths as far as I am aware have been in China and in people who may have had concomitant illness or issues, that led to their demise, not the variants pathology or lethality being any stronger than the previous coronavirus’ such as SARS we have dealt with in the past. So, anyone who takes a moment and understands the variables here will likely not freak out. This is not however the case of the masses and when the masses are also being given false or misleading information, well, things can go south really quickly.


As you can see from the above screenshots, there are many out there distorting the reality of what is actually happening and passing off much more dangerous information on the situation in China to stoke the fears of those who read their “news”. I found the usual suspects like Alex Jones and Hal Turner pumping out disinformation outright that the Wuhan coronavirus was in fact engineered in China as a bio-weapon and leaked by accident. In other more extreme cases these people are making claims that it was a deliberate attempt on the part of <INSERT BAD PEOPLE HERE> to cull the masses and start a world war and even perhaps to start the end times. In some extreme cases, the whole affair is being tied to what is known as the “White Genocide” that certain Nazi extremists tout as a staple in their toxic brew of bile. I am sorry to break it to you all, but 2019-nCoV is not the great killer that you are all making it out to be even if it has a higher mortality rate in China at the outset.

However, this is not stopping people from coloring outside the lines on this, and as the situation evolves, we will see people take the ball and move it over the crazy goal line pretty quickly I suspect. With all of this too, we have others who are offering “cures” for the coronavirus and this too is scary. In the case of the movie “Contagion” the blogger made over four million dollars selling Forsythia liquid during the outbreak. Actors like Alex Jones, who has been known for his crazy supplement and other nutrients sales on his site, is likely to follow suit and offer something by way of a cure eventually I am sure. This is all just selling potential hope to the fearful and if the pandemic really does heat up and mortality rates rise, cause more panic and violence in trying to acquire the magic elixir. We are already seeing runs on masks on Amazon and in brick and mortar stores like Home Depot. Never mind the fact that those masks that people are trying to buy, on average, will not be effective in preventing the wearer from contracting or spreading 2019-nCoV at all.

I guess, at it’s base, the problem with any pandemic socially, is that the standard operating procedure is to socially isolate yourselves from others. You are told to do so in case you are infected so as to not infect others, and conversely, you don’t want to be roaming about looking to get infected by contact right? So all of these circumstances click our mammalian or lizard brain into action. We become organized into our family groups and we do anything to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We do whatever it takes to survive, and in some cases that means looting, violence, and other bad behaviour out of fear. These are the things that the disinformation outlets are seeking to create, for whatever reasons they are doing it. Our greater problem other than fighting the virus is handling all of this misinformation and disinformation in order to preserve the society and the populace. In the extreme, such as in the movie “Contagion” the social order breaks down, and this could happen if this outbreak speeds up and outpaces the global responses.

I am unsure as to what the government is doing concerning this disinformation that is likely to be ramped up by nation state actors as well to set us against each other. It will likely be up to the companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to deal with the disinformation and misinformation, but, we know how well that has been handled in the past right? So, what I am telling you all is this; keep an eye on the disinfo around Wuhan, the pandemic, and the coronavirus. Things are likely to get pretty weird pretty fast, so remember, social distancing, washing hands frequently, and don’t touch your face as much, and if you do, wash your hands again!

*steps back into the BSL-IV containment unit*


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Hey, You Up… For A Dick In Your Eye?

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As the incident is still in the news cycle with ever increasingly bated breath headlines about the danger of a hack like this alleged one that happened to Bezos, I just felt compelled to chime in here. This “hack” was maybe carried out by MBS, maybe not, there is no evidence to prove either case because Bezos made some poor choices as to who to go to on the forensics and investigation. The FTI report was an incomplete and incompetently investigated incident and as such the only evidence that we have is the circumstantial evidence that MBS’ alleged phone number was used to send a video file with a potential piece of malware that may have owned his phone. That’s all we really have as evidence goes with or without an uptick in data use on the phone after the message. It is all made worse by the fact that FTI could not tell where the data was going and had no definitive sites that were known bad to show that exfil of data was happening in the way they were claiming.

Now I see Facebook and Apple are going back and forth pointing fingers on who’s fault the hack was (Whatsapp or iOS) which is more outright fuckery and pointless yammering in my opinion, first you get the proof of concept that a thing actually happened and how, then you can start the blame game on operating system issues or application vulnerabilities. In any case, here is my take on this whole thing…

Was Bezos phone hacked? —-> Maybe

Was it MBS and his technical services that may have done it? —–> Maybe

Can a hack happen like this with Whatsapp and an encrypted payload on an iOS device that maybe has a self destruct and hiding capabilities? —-> Possible, sure.

Were perhaps other sources and methods used by the adversary and that is what gave them the intel they needed in this incident outside of a hack? —-> Possible, sure.

Since we lack any hard evidence of an actual hack and exfiltration of data on Jeff’s phone, let’s posit another way this could have gone…

1) Jeff is busy pissing off MBS with coverage over Jashoggi (deservedly so mind you)

2) Jeff is having a secret relationship with a woman outside of his marriage and it isn’t as secret as he thinks…

3) Jeff’s new friend, for some reason, sends texts from Jeff she has to her brother and he sells that information and pictures to the National Enquirer for $200K

4) Jeff’s indiscretions makes it to MBS through alternate sources and methods and since they have exchanged phone numbers, and is in the middle of the Kashoggi thing, starts sending him texts alluding to the fact he knows about the affair and perhaps other things.

5) Jeff whigs and his phone goes to the shitty security services he has and, well we know the rest.

All of this is just as plausible and just as circumstantial in evidence as the FTI report on the alleged hack. In both cases it is easy to see MBS sticking his dick in Jeff’s eye and doing so to make a point. Was this an epic hack and a national threat?

Yeah, no.

So everyone needs to just stop with all these breathless reports. Jeff needs to stop doing stupid shit and perhaps really be concerned about who he chooses to have affairs with as a multi billionaire and all. MBS probably was at the root of these events in either case but I can’t say for sure because ya know, evidence and shit.

Which is the standard here right?


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Put A Phishing Campaign In A Sealed Box With A Cat, and Some Poison….

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So a startup run by a former NSA guy say’s that the GRU has spearphished Burisma by creating cloned pages…

Ok, and? Say, you got any kind of ya know, evidence there?

What’s that, no, nothing you can give us?

Well then, from Gods lips then.

Here’s my thing, whether or not the GRU has really hacked and gained access to Burisma, the fact that A-1 put this out to the NYT, the damage is done already ain’t it? This is how DISINFORMATION works kids! Now the fickle finger of flying fate has been launched and this means fuck all. Please understand gentle readers, that this is done now, no matter what so called evidence does turn up, the fact is this, EVERYTHING about this incident and now Burisma’s records is called into question as being tampered with. Specifically more so because no real proof was laid out here with, ya know, like forensic evidence.

Nope nope nope, just a nice little ad for A-1 right?


So yeah, as far as I am concerned, Burisma was likely owned by the GRU before this story and I would lay money on the fact that shits been tampered with. I will take everything with a grain of salt until such time as a forensics report is placed in front of me with that pesky EVIDENCE that things should all be based on.

Welcome to the 2020 race.


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Covert Channel

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2020: Krypt3ia’s Quatrains of DOOM

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Sitting alone at night in secret study;
it is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and
makes successful that which should not be believed in vain….


Well, 2020 is rapidly approaching and my dread keeps closing in upon me like a wet blanket soaked in chloroform in a dose that will certainly kill me. I look at the news and the Twitter and all I see is litany after litany of self absorbed fuckery interspersed with disinformation. I gotta tell ya kids, things are really black and yet they are about to get so black that not even light can escape it’s gravitational pull. As some may have noted, I have been pretty silent of late, and that silence has really been my depression and exhaustion with everything in the world exerting their twin influences on my psyche. But, as we hurtle toward our new doomed year, I thought I would at least outline some things that I suspect will make things even worse…


2020 Elections: The election post impeachment of Trump will in my opinion, go the same way 2016 did. Manipulation by outside and internal forces (gerrymandering and tampering) will lead to another victory for Trump using the flawed Electoral College system. Trump will be unhinged and unyoked by the impeachment without removal by the House and the Senate. This is of course the darkest timeline, but, this is the timeline we are in now and you all have to admit this to yourselves and deal with it accordingly. I see another 4 bleak years as Trump becomes even more entrenched and insane, for he has defeated the American system by proxy of it’s own inability to have laws and functions that mean anything in a situation like this.

…And no, no Democrat or other will win the election because it is not about who the people want, it is about what the party willing to do anything to win, can manipulate the system into electing.

…Oh, and the election systems will be tampered with again. This will be even easier because the Senate refused to enact substantive security mandates for the system to be secure and fair.


Disinformation/Active Measures Campaigns: Disinformation was in it’s infancy in 2016 where the net and social media was concerned. The Russians created the playbook and have perfected it. In 2020 we now have Pandora’s box fully open and cracked into pieces and everyone with a computer and an axe to grind will be actively dis-informing the public. What’s worse is that all of these players and plays will work spectacular because we, as a society, have not even tried to create social mechanisms to teach people about disinformation and how to detect it. Of course there is also the problem of all the cognitive dissidents out there willing to believe the new flat earth or anti vaxxer disinfo because it fits their disturbed world view. What’s worse is that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not in the fight substantively to stop it all because, hey, they make money off of the whole thing. Expect much more disinfo and much less real substance and this includes the mass media, who only now seem to saying “Hey, disinformation came from us and look it’s really happening!”

Shit stains.

Looking at you Chuck Todd.

In the end, unless the government has a will to really try, we will be swimming in disinformation, dividing us from within and without.

Net/net, inertia.


A.I. : Meanwhile, A.I. is being created and used by corporations and governments for many purposes. Of course this is a dual use technology, and in the case of China, it is being implemented as a means of control over their population. It is rapidly consuming all data and profiling everyone in the country in data oceans that will not only contain all their data, but also predict their actions. The technology is also being used for prediction by companies seeking to sell us things, track us online and off, to direct advertising our way, oh, and to sell the data to anyone who wants to pay. The greatest of all prisons is the A.I. panopticon we are actively building that will be trained against us all for various wants by those who control them. If you want to take a glimpse into the more dystopian of these scenarios, go look at what China is already doing with this technology. Their social capital program alone is enough to put a chill up your spine seeing just how much control they want to have over their populace.

I no longer fear a nano technology sentient A.I. … I fear humans wielding the technology using all of our ghost data from the net and our devices whether or not you consent to the data being sent.

Pay attention.


Persistent Surveillance/The Surveillance States: 2019 already showed how much surveillance of our data is being used and sold. Now consider this moving forward as everyone seems to be too self involved to care. In the US this seems to be less of a problem in that we are not as wired up for surveillance like say China, or the UK, but, we are getting there. Of course the complement to this is our cell phone data that is being hoovered by various app makers etc, who then sell the data to whomever wants to pay. The NYT pieces on this were of no surprise to me, but, the response out there seems to be a surprise, no one really gives a shit.

*Snaps gum and scrolls on tik tok*

You are all doomed by your lack of foresight.



The Balkanization of the Net: Meanwhile, China and Russia are creating and implementing means to disconnect from the internet when they deem it necessary. Well, Russia just tested theirs and they say it worked. Consider this the cocks crow at the dawn of a new information warfare warning shot. Imagine if they start a hot war and pull that plug so all our CYBERRRRR warriors can’t get at their implants. I expect we will be talking about doing the same thing in the states and others will follow in order to “protect” themselves. One wonders what other segmentation will come from this.


Climate Catastrophe: All the while, as you read all of my doom predictions, know this, the climate is changing and the realpolitik of this is that we have already passed the no return point. Expect to see more climactic changes that will take the form of more and stronger storms. More destruction as well as more problems in self sustaining ecosystems. Greta is angry and she has a reason to be, she also has nothing to lose in trying to make people change by shaming them. The fact of the matter is this; too many have too much money to lose to actually lean in on this issue and try to change it. We will see more fires, more mass migrations, and more carnage because we as a species are too stubborn and stupid to change.

I am glad I did not have kids because they are doomed.


So that’s it really in the broadest of strokes. For all of you who were thinking I would talk about INFOSEC or hacking, yeah, fuck that. You all are too self absorbed and full of hubris to care about. You all spend way to much time thinking about what you can do as opposed to what you should do for the greater good. And this is the crux of a lot of our problems today. Like Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park;

Smoke em while you got em kids.


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2019 Krampus List!

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The Joker: Nihilism, Mental Illness, Incel’s and Societal Pressures

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Creation of the Joker: Mental Illness and Abuse

The recent controversies over the new ‘Joker’ movie were not lost on me as I sat through it recently. Given that there have been BOLO’s put out by the US Military and the FBI concerning the threats of active shooters attacking theaters playing the film, even I had some trepidation in going to see it for fear that my theater might be the one targeted by some shooter. In fact, I deliberately went to see the film at a matinee during the week in order to have very few people there, and thus in my mind, less of an attractive target for a would be shooter. As I watched the film there were in fact moments of “ah ha” this is why some were concerned about this being a touchstone for those who might carry out such acts. At it’s heart, the movie is a character study of the Joker, aka Arthur Fleck.

The Story:

Arthur fleck is solitary figure who still lives with his mother in a strained relationship. He works as a clown for children’s parties and the odd gig fronting for a store closing sale. It is at this job we start to understand Arthur’s situation even further, as he is beaten by a gang of kids who stole his sign. After he is reprimanded by his boss, he has a conversation with a co-worker who gives him a revolver to protect himself with. This gift implies a couple of things in the conversation. The first is that Arthur has been feeling like he needs a gun and had talked to this co-worker before about it, and secondly, that this co-worker is not really his friend, today we might call that person a ‘frenemy’ with an agenda of bullying Arthur while being his ‘friend’.

Arthur starts carrying the gun and eventually gets fired for having it at a children’s ward where it drops on the floor. He is summarily fired for this and on his way home is taunted by three Wall Street types who finally end up beating him. That is until Arthur pulls the gun and kills them. This is the catalyst for Arthur’s transformation to begin from Fleck to ‘Joker’ as he has his first taste of not only power, but also recognition as the incident makes it into the press where some are lauding the unknown clown as a hero. Finally, Arthur is starting to feel like he is powerful and seen where most of his life he was a nobody and invisible. During this time as well, Arthur has a relationship with a woman down the hall. She attends his stand up comedy night and all seems good with them. One might think at this point that, murder aside, he is starting to become empowered and perhaps might be ok, that is until he discovers a letter from his mother to Thomas Wayne and learns in there that he is in fact his illegitimate son.

Arthur’s discovery that his mother has been lying to him about who his father is (Mr. Wayne) causes a dualistic reaction of anger against his mother and hope that he is in fact Wayne’s son. A hope that is dashed when he confronts Wayne and is told that his mother was delusional and that in fact she had spent time in Arkham because of it. It was then that she adopted Arthur as a prop to keep her own delusion in place and perhaps leverage Wayne. Arthur then goes to Arkham to see if there are in fact files that show his mothers illness and what he gets confirms not only this, but also the long standing abuse he was subject to that he had been suppressing psychically. Meanwhile, his mother has a collapse and is brought to the hospital. Arthur is being sought by police in the investigation of the subway murders, and while he is sitting with his mother he see’s his idol, the Tv Show host, air Arthur’s painful standup routine mocking it for a national audience.

Fleck is brought on TV by this host because he, fleck, is inadvertently funny as a standup comedian because he is so spectacularly bad at it. Fleck’s uncontrolled laughter during the performance is an alleged medical condition wherein he laughs, or rather cackles, uncontrollably when he is upset. This response is a trigger for attacks on him by others both verbally and physically that also add to his psychological state of ‘negative ideation’ which he talks with the social worker about. Fleck realizes from the start that he is being mocked by the TV host he has idolized as a surrogate father in his delusions.

After murdering his mother in the hospital and feeling a release, Arthur goes home and accepts an appearance on the TV show knowing that it is just an opportunity to make fun of him for a live studio audience. It is at this point, after going off of his meds, that Fleck has the psychotic break and the personality of Fleck is subsumed by “The Joker”, a name given to him by the tv show host as a sleight. It is at home while he is getting ready to go on air that his ‘frenemy’ and another friend from his workplace show up. The frenemy wants to insure that he is not going to get into trouble over the gun he gave Arthur that he used in the subway killings. Arthur finally has had enough of this man and kills him violently while the other man, a dwarf, hides in the corner. It is at this point that we see Arthur spare this dwarfs life saying that he was in fact the only person who was decent to him.

Arthur goes on the show in his clown makeup and regalia while the city is seizing up in mass revolt in an ‘eat the rich’ movement that has taken the clown image of the subway killer on as their rallying cry. He is brought out on stage and has requested that he be called ‘joker’ and proceeds to confess his killings on the subway and through questions by the host tells him that he believes in nothing and that they should be careful who they treat poorly.

Arthur Fleck : What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? You get what you fuckin’ deserve!

Joker then pulls his gun and shoot’s the TV host dead. The crowd in the audience screams and start to flee, and Joker runs around the stage manically. He finally runs off stage and out of the camera frame. We next see Arthur in the back of a police car being taken ostensibly to jail while the city is in the middle of a spasm of violence by the joker rabble protesting. As he is watching this as they pass by, a truck plows into the cop car and we next see the joker’s taking Arthur/Joker from the back and laying him on the hood. Joker rises and starts to dance to the adulation of the mass wearing clown masks. The scene cuts to a white room with Joker talking to  a therapist who is asking him questions;

Social Worker : Is something funny?

Arthur Fleck : I just thought of a funny joke!

Social Worker : Do you mind telling it?

Arthur Fleck : …You wouldn’t get it.

Next you see Joker running the overly white halls of Arkham Asylum and the music swells, the end.

Nihilism: Believing In Nothing Is Liberating

Joker, is a film that sets the stage for the character of “The Joker” as the clown prince of crime, a character with no real backstory in the ouvre of Batman, which makes him all the more interesting. It really wasn’t until later years after the ‘Dark Knight’ graphic novels and the movies, that the character of the Joker began to take on an even more menacing tone. In “The Dark Night” (2008) the character of the Joker took on new dimensions with a portrayal of a nihilist character who’s seeking to cause anarchy because he believes in nothing and no one. In “Joker” we have the backstory (akin to the Batman graphic novel “The Killing Joke”) of how the Joker emerges. In this film as in the graphic novel, the Joker has, what is termed in the book as ‘one bad day’ as he tells Batman, and that bad day broke his psyche thus becoming the Joker.

The bad day, or days, in Joker are exacerbated by Arthur’s mental illness, the pressures of life in the city, and a series of circumstances that lead him to go off his meds and begin his life of crime. Once the break happens, Joker, now fully formed, announces on the show that he is the one who killed the three men on the subway and repeats that he is not political, he is making no political statement here at all. He in fact believes in nothing. This is the core of the philosophical system of Nihilism, and now Joker is an adherent. This is a key point in the movie and one that carries over into the reality we have today concerning the fears of mass shooters who may be incel’s or other Nihilists actors.

While Joker believes in nothing, Arthur believed in his mother, believed that the system could help him, and that by being a nice person, would be reciprocated by others. Arthur’s descent into madness was hastened by learning that the sole person who he knew loved him, was in fact a delusional individual who adopted and then proceeded to abuse him as a means to an end for her own needs. This core betrayal is the linchpin in Arthur’s break and rebirth as Joker. In the moments before Joker shoots the show host on live TV, the host asks him why he had come on the show and why he was doing the things he had done. Joker looks at the show host and mockingly says

Arthur Fleck : How ’bout another joke, Murray?

Murray Franklin : No, I think we’ve had enough of your jokes.

Arthur Fleck : What do you get…

Murray Franklin : I don’t think so.

Arthur Fleck : …when you cross…

Murray Franklin : I think we’re done here now, thank you.

Arthur Fleck : …a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?

Murray Franklin : Call the police, Gene, call the police.

Arthur Fleck : I’ll tell you what you get! You get what you fuckin’ deserve!

[Joker shoots Murray in the head, killing him instantly]

While Joker does not call out the specifics, or knowledge of Nihilism, he is certainly espousing it saying that he now believes in nothing. His actions throughout the comics and the movies have shown him to be a Nihilist as well as an agent of chaos. This is what I believe is one of the foundations of this film and the overall canon for Joker and his foil Batman. They are intimately intertwined in their history, in some places it is Joker who created Batman by killing his parents. In others, it is Batman who creates Joker after dropping him in a vat of chemicals that make him go insane, as well as have the green hair and white skin. In each case though, his break from sanity is of a kind where he see’s life as a cosmic joke meaning nothing.

Incel’s, Hand Wringing, and Mental Illness:

This film has had such a polarizing effect on audiences as well as reviewers. Much of the criticism has been around the story of Joker being something that plays well with those who might want to shoot up a theater full of people and idolize the Joker. In the case of this film though, to date there have been no incidents and the hand wringing that has been going on by the media has only served to perhaps egg those actors into action more than having any greater meaning.

The families of the Aurora shooting victims went as far as petitioning Warner Brothers, about the films violence and possible call to those unbalanced souls like James Eagan Holmes, who committed the crime in 2012, attempting to link his actions to the Joker. The fact of the matter is that Holmes did not act out as the Joker, and only chose the film because it was going to be a full theater. The linking of the two was an emotional reaction, not a rational or correct one.

Other reviews of the film tagged Incel culture with this film saying that Arthur was an Incel and thus this film would be a call to others to act out in emulation. In reality, Arthur was not in fact an ‘Incel’ by strict interpretation because he was not solely acting out because women would not date or have sex with him. While Arthur has a delusion of a relationship with a woman in his building, it is not that she rebuffed him that caused his break with sanity. This argument by those who have made these claims are I think, putting social justice warrior ideals and fear above actually looking at the story line as a more nuanced picture of a man on the edge of a psychotic break.

My Take-away’s:

Joker was a good film in my opinion. The film is a great addition to the whole Batman franchise and gives more nuance to the Joker and perhaps one backstory. There are parts of the films plot I did not cover in the beginning of this post that have direct connections to the Batman timeline that are incongruous. If you take this film as the ‘prime’ timeline, then this Joker is not ‘the’ joker that Bruce Wayne as Batman fights because this Joker would be geriatric if not dead by then, so this could be the Proto-Joker that starts a movement and one of those later ‘Jokers’ becomes the one he battles.

This is a well put together film and you will leave the theater thinking about it. In today’s world where everything seems so pressurized, it is not uncommon to see mass shootings by perhaps mentally unstable people. It is an every day thing now unfortunately for us, and as such, this film touched a raw nerve with people. As I said at the start of this post, I too was apprehensive about going to the theater to see this for fear that someone would decide that this is the theater to shoot up. It is this world weariness and constant fear with live with today that I think, made this film such a touchstone for the hate on it as well as the attempts at cancel culture that were made against it by certain factions.

I personally find the psychology of Joker fascinating as well as the others within the Rogues Gallery that Batman fights. There are books and articles about the psychology of all of these characters that you can read and they are good. There is much more to understand than just that some guy couldn’t get a girl and had a bad day so he became a psychotic criminal. This film does a good job at trying to show just how this could happen and why.

Most of all people, it’s just a movie!!

Go and enjoy it.


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