(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

What’s eating you?: On-line Cannibalism in the darknet and clearnet

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There are so many mis-perceptions about the “Darknet” out there but when you really start to dig right down into the bone and sinew of it you start to see that it really isn’t so dark and certainly not as spooky as one might see on CSI Cyber. I for one have had a yen lately for a serving of cannibalism content on the darknet and boy I was kinda let down by the deep dark nopesauce that I found. See, when you look into the darknet and it blinks back you know you have come to the end of the line and it is time to go back to the clearnet for some real horror.

So yeah, I was messing about in the darknet with my spider looking for some marbled fleshy goodness that I had heard was available out there on the clearnet. You know how you Google something and the usual tinfoil alien type of search results come up? Well the same can be said for things like necrophilia and all the other paraphilias out there. The spiders turned up only one site that had cannibalism in there as a subject so I went there. The site is titled “Japanese Lady Extermination” and it is true to its name in content.There’s a lot of Japanese lady killin going on in there on film and yeah, no, I am gonna opt out of the bitcoin purchases there. No, what I wanted was full on cannibalism for realz and I was bound and determined to find it!

I finally found a link in the darknet to a clearnet Reddit site that had the url to an archived version of “The Cannibal Cafe Forum” a now defunct site that was archived by the nascent “Wayback Machine” at Now this site was stood up in 2001 (May 2nd was the spider) and it served up a board feature for those who wanted to roll play cannibalism …Maybe? I am not quite sure on how many of these “Fine Young Cannibals” were serious about their desires and how many weren’t, well, except for the one case where the guy actually killed and ate the other guy!

…but now I am getting a head of myself….


OK! So this board on ( was stood or was run by someone calling themselves “Perro Loco” or the “Mad Dog” and they ran the show using an email address for their own domain of (see whois data below *wink*) which still exists today and in fact has spawned another site in the aftermath of the flame out of necrobabes circa 2003. As you can see from the screen shots below this site was pretty active and they had a bunch of links for services, offerings, and an application to become …well …uh …meat?

Livestock available

Application to be …Livestock

Films and animations

“Stockman” Association I guess you could join the “club”

Loco’s actual daughter who wanted to get into porn….

Another one to be served up

I can’t even make this shit up!

Click me…

Right, well looking at all those images you get a sense of what the flip was going on in there back in the day. It was all good, if you can call it that, until it went bad for Perro and his merry gang of paraphiliacs. I mean, never mind that he is serving up his own daughter in this thing and all of the cray cray “eat me” discourse that is fairly graphic but man these people had no idea what they were doing OPSEC wise either. I understand it was 2001 and really the net was new but boy oh boy did they leave a trail to their real identities here. If you decide to take a look at the archive note that their IP’s were captured for each post as well as they were offering up their email addresses that they CONTINUE TO USE! I have looked up several and located their real names and locations today.




Now I am going to pause here for a moment to take all this in and maybe say a couple things about pathology and psychological illness…

Eh fuck it.


So yeah everything was just super great in the Cannibal clearnet back in 2001 until a certain character showed up on the board. His name was “Franky” and he was a German dude who wanted to eat someone and this was the hot spot for this kind of thing right? Well, maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. I mean all these folks may actually have been just living out their fantasies right? Well Franky would have none of that, he was gonna chow down and he was gonna have a nice time at it provided he could “meat” someone at necrobabes.

Oddly enough you all may know of Franky through the IT Crowd. Does everyone remember the IT Crowd episode titled “I want to cook with you” ? Well, this parody is based on Franky, the German IT guy who put an ad out for someone to eat.

Go on, click the video, I know you wanna… I will be waiting below.


Young Boys



Armin Meiwes

Franky, aka Armin Meiwes literally wanted to eat someone and had wanted to do so since he was eight years old. He met a poor sod on the cannibal site who agreed (Bernd Brandes) of whom he ate about 20kg of his flesh. You can read the grizzly bit below on how that happened and the whole article right here. It seems that Bernd was rather tasty and Miewes took his time with the rest saving it in the freezer for later. I am guessing that after Miewes was caught and the searches were begun it quickly became apparent that he had been on the necrobabes site. I kinda have to wonder at how they all took it on that site. I mean, they were all into the cannibal thing, they talked a good game but just how many of them were all McConaughey about it…

So the site pulls the cannibal board and sometime later the site kinda dies itself. Meanwhile your friendly neighborhood “loco” is like “I am gonna start my own site now man, I need me some cannibalism!” and get’s a new domain started. This site is supposed to be private and you have to email to get an invite. So, me being me, I decided to use a cutout and send an email in to get that freaky e-vite! I got turned down though, so I was disappoint! That is until I decided to use my super Google Fu and shit, he really hasn’t secured the site. You can see all the shit in there with a good Goog session and in the end there isn’t much traffic in there at all. I guess you can’t keep a good cannibal down but you can not sign up for his whacky site and just move on to other places right?

His site is still up and MAN is it GEOSHITTIES


Who is this Poizner cat?

The perro himself…

Inside dolcette

More boards and it’s all quiet

For more just use the Google Fu:
Now you can just say well that guy is a bit whack and move on but once you start going down the rabbit hole on him you kinda just get sucked into the Nick Cage level shit in Eight Millimeter. Ancillary searches on this guy turned up some real crazy shit. I mean just look at that photo of him above here!

Holy Church of Dolcette?



It seems like ol’ Perro wanted to have himself a cannibalistic religious org that could maybe be tax exempt? I can imagine that might be hard to get past the IRS, I mean, how are you gonna make that a religio… Wait.. Wafer and wine…



Anyway, Perro is still kicking around on the tubes and seems to have slowed down but where have all those cannibals gone since the necrobabes site went bye bye? Well, it isn’t to the darknet as far as I can tell from all my searches. Nope, it is once again the clearnet that hosts this kind of crazy and I found the new mother load by accident.

It seems all the kids are now at ForumJar which is a low end board much like the original necrobabes but this one is much more sedate and hidden. These people are offering themselves and looking for others to consume just like the old days so I guess you really can’t keep a cannibal down eh? These guys though seems to be a little more savvy about their security but even so, one I looked at is looking for a “chunky” female and offers a kik address to chat them up. I read this and just had a flash of Hannibal Lecter asking Starling if Bill’s ladies were “roomy”

New board

Secondary board

Take me!

“Chunky female”

Well, I guess it’s time to put the lotion on the skin…

Remember, this is what happens when I have idle hands kids. All in all, this is pretty twisted and it all lives mostly in the clearnet so don’t believe all the BOOGA BOOGA DARKNET shit you hear. The clearnet is maybe even more scary and when you think about it, kids today can just google this up and get an eye full.

…. Even if you have those filters on your router.



UPDATE: As if by some quirk of fate this turns up today in the news… 30 people eaten at least!

Written by Krypt3ia

2017/09/25 at 21:08

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