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Who’s Molesting Your Corpse?: Necrophilia and Snuff In The Darknet & Clearnet

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Vault of Sex and the Dead

Just when you thought I could delve no more deeply into the darknet I bring you this….

RIGHT! Well, since my deep dive into the world of cannibalism, I began to look at the other links out there to other paraphilia’s on offer in the darknet and once again to the clearnet. Today’s menu consists of Necrophilia and Snuff, which is quite the taboo really and something you would expect to be in the so called Darknet. In as much as what is indexed currently out there in the darknet there are a total of two sites that really cater to these two particular bents. The first being the one you see above in the screen shot. This one requires bitcoin payment just to see the content but you can get a taste by clicking on their samples.

Sex & The Dead


Sex & The Dead

What seems to be on offer here is a melange of snuff films and images that are staged mixed with actual gore photos culled from the clearnet and other places I suspect. Generally, it is all pretty vile and all rather violent which then in tandem with the data concerning how much money their bitcoin wallet has ($3140.76) one wonders just how many people are buying this service and how many are here just for the day or are return customers. The nominal fee to gain entry is (0.027 BTC) which is presently ($112.06) per entry fee. So, let’s tally that one up shall we?

Lesee, carry the one….

That’s thirty users of this site. Thirty people have paid over one hundred dollars to get into this site with bitcoin and wank to this stuff.


Oh and look someone just bought access on the 25th of this month!

So someone has at least some pocket money it seems from this little darknet adventure. I guess it all depends on how much you put into it though eh? I mean, how much is the hosting per month? Are you hosting this yourself? Web design seems to be not so much something they care about so no real expense there. Overall, this site seems to be a going concern because it is affordable and maybe has some content these thirty people want. I do wonder just how many though are seriously “using” the content as opposed to how many investigative entities bought access to “investigate” criminal activity. I suppose we could take all those bitcoin wallets and do some mining to see if anyone made some OPSEC mistakes but meh.

The second site in the darknet has a theme in that it is called “Japanese Lady Extermination” and they live up to that name with a lot of Asian/Japanese content. Between you, me, and the lamp post, we all know that the Japanese have some particular, well, shall we call them tastes in porn? On first look this site has much more content and the design is a bit better but is it a hub for this activity? How many people use it? Well, it seems that this one is the high price callgirl of the darknet in that they want some big bucks to get in on the action.

Dig this, they have two options for access. One is for a month of access which they want 0.6 bitcoins and the other for three months which costs a whopping 1.2 bitcoins! That translates into the one month access being $2493.34 and the three month plan being $5026.27! Now that is steep for access to some lady killin and if you have sticker shock so to do all the would be customers of this site as well. In looking at the wallets for the plans both have nothing in them. There are no transactions at all for both so this is a bust for the lady killers owners it seems.

Three months

One month

Three month wallet




One month wallet


It seems to me that Japanese Lady Killin just ain’t a money making concern so far. Of course it seems that a lot of this content could be gotten via the clearnet and a vendor in Japan willing to ship a DVD so there is that. So that brings me to the conclusion that the darknet is not that scary and dark when you really take a look into it. Nope, what’s much more scary is the prevalence of this kind of thing on the clearnet available to all and easily gotten to by mistyping a URL. When I began Googling for links the first one that came up was which is another site designed by our friends at Geocities.

My god.

…The horror.

The domain was created in 2000 so that probably answers the question right there. Why upgrade the site when you have a good thing going right? The site has a couple names attached over time from the WHOIS history and one of them goes back to a “Michael Guy” which has info out there. Just another rabbit hole one could go down to ask why? WHY? But I will continue on with the sites contents.

Registry Domain ID: 20065601_DOMAIN_NET-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-02-18T07:42:12Z
Creation Date: 2000-02-17T20:13:39Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-02-17T20:13:39Z
Registrar: eNom, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
DNSSEC: unsigned






This site is the clearing house of all things deviant. All your desires can be sated with this list of things.

There are things I have never heard of here…

Like the whole cannibal thing I reported on before, all of this could just be fantasy and acting or it could lead to actual committing of crimes. As we saw on the cannibal sites it was all fun and games until someone got really eaten by that whacky German guy right? I am not trying to say that these desires are bad or dirty but the paraphilia’s could lead one down the wrong path if they go too far or are unbalanced to start with. In the case of Miewes in Germany he had been fascinating about eating people since he was eight years old. At what point do kinks turn into actual crimes? Now add to this that the clearnet seems to be the biggest purveyor of this fantasy fuel free on the net (or for a nominal fee) one has to start wondering just how many people have stepped over that line after becoming addicted to this kind of content.

I also have to look at the psychology of being exposed to this stuff and becoming hooked on it. You become inured to it and it becomes pedestrian, then you need more of it to sate yourself and perhaps even things that are even further outside the norms just to feel the thrill? I have read such things in treatises by psychiatrists in the past, so now instead of having to really do the leg work and go somewhere to get the content you can just Google it up. Think about the pathology here…

Interesting stuff.

Anyway, the other outcome from my foray into this dark world is that the darknet is not really so dark. Well, at least where it concerns this stuff, the clearnet has it beat by a mile in amounts and ease of access. And this is one of the things I started down this path wanting to get out there. Other than the voyeuristic aspects here, I wanted to take a plain look at the oft spookily talked about darknet and defuse the hype. It’s not that scary and it isn’t that hard to get into no matter what Hollywood would like you to think. Nope, it’s just another space for people to do things they probably shouldn’t with a cool name.

But hey, at least in the darknet I found a manual on how to Necrophilia…



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2017/09/28 at 18:01

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