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Darknet Jihad

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Jihad on the Darknet

A couple years ago now I took a dip into the darknet and saw a sparse jihadi arcology forming. Today I took another tip toe through with jihad in mind and came up with a couple more sites. It seems thus far that the jihadi’s are not overly capable of holding down their sites in the clearnet because of the DERPD0S crews working the clearnets. So thinking that they will migrate to the dark may be a stretch at the present time overall. However, there have been a few in the past and there is one larger player today that may in fact get the others thinking about launching in the deep web.

Not to put this out there but well I am going to beg the question. Since all the DERPD0S and the assclownery one has to wonder just how long it is until the brothers get wise and place their sites in the dark. I mean sure, you can still attack them but you certainly can’t drop their domain’s through reporting them or looking for their expiration dates right? I do suppose that a DERPD0S in the darknet would work just as well but were you to keep the site real secret squirrel like you might have a better chance at real SECOPS no?

I know I know.. they aren’t that advanced on average (the average jihadi Joe or Jane) … Derp.


The first real player in this space though is the Kavkaz site. Kavkaz Center is a site and org that is considered by the US to be a terrorist org. The Russians have banned it and many do not really consider it a “news source” for anything other than Muslim (albeit Chechen) jihad. On their site today in the darknets you can get all kinds of information (news) as well as some media such as books on jihad. You can see the same content (mostly) mirrored online in the clearnet as well but in poking around on here I seem to be seeing things that are not a direct mirror which is interesting. Kavkaz as you might suspect also may have played a part in the Boston Bombings as they are the same players who were idolized by the Tsarnaev brothers. I have also written in the past about the Caucus campaigns including about another kid in the US who wanted to be a shahid but only ended up biting a Special Agent and landing in jail. I suggest that you all out there get to know the Caucuses because this is a hotbed of activity that has rivaled the new Syrian training grounds of jihad today. It has not slowed down and Russia will only put up with so much. The threat though is there even for us as we have seen with the Tsarnaev plot.



The next jihadi darknet site is one that I have remarked upon before and has been pretty steady in uptime. The “Fund The Islamic Struggle Without Leaving a Trace” embraces the new technology of not only the darknet but also that of Bitcoins! The current wallet has a little over 2 coins in it and I have yet to really work on the wallet/blockchain angle as yet to see who it may belong to. This site interests me because on the face of it it could be a future issue at least within the West I think. It could be an interesting way to transfer money outside of the regular banking system as this currency is still off the radar for the most part where regulations are concerned. Once again though the hindrance here seems to be the lack of jihadi’s technical abilities to get into the darknet as well as create sites online I think. It is a new-ish technology but these guys here may be on the road towards more activity along the lines of Kavkaz.

Transient Jihadi Sites

According to TORCH (search engine in the darknet) there was a jihadi site (the usual PHP sites) that seems to have fallen off somewhere in the past year. I could not get a cache (this ain’t Googled kids) so no real idea on the content other than the description in TORCH that it was a jihadi site where people could discus the jihad. This alleged site reminded me of an idea I had in the past about the “transient” sites out there. If one were looking to have a covert channel site one could turn off the site and turn it on when wanted. It would make it harder to access/find and especially given the nature of the darknet as it is not “searched” by bots like Google. Let’s put it this way, if I wanted to be more stealth I would have a transient site with a pre-determined second channel communication to let people know when it will be accessible. All in all, in looking at the darknet where this is concerned it is still in it’s infancy. Others seem to have missed these sites (such as the INSS DOH!) but hey, they aren’t so technically inclined either eh? I will keep looking for the lulz out there and when I see something new and interesting I will let you know…



Written by Krypt3ia

2013/10/14 at 20:04

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