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Generation Jihad

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The above photo is the Time Magazine article of the same name as the BBC production that I am linking to. The link is for part 1 and I will post links for parts two and three once they are out there on the Internet.

This series is rather prescient given what I have been seeing these last couple years particularly on the internet where Jihad is concerned. Once the command and control underbelly for AQ to make connections has gone web 2.0 and has grown immensely. This growth has also been in the form of a tool for propaganda and recruitment for Jihad.

The younger set have taken the reigns and created bulletin boards, upload sites, and encrypted channels for their trafficking of data such as videos, pdf’s, and even power point presentations. These files are uploaded to the likes of Rapidshare and other sites like it to propagate all over the net for easy access. There is however a lesser known series of sites and connections that are more protected. These areas offer more directed material from AQ.

What this report really shows pretty well is that the jihadis have begun to work on the youth of today who have easy access to the ineternet, often feel confused and angry, and all to often can be turned into shahid fairly easily. Of course many of these kids are of Muslim heritage, but, some like Adam “Azzam Amriki” Ghadan decide on their own to seek the Muslim faith and then get brought into Jihad.

I assume that in the upcoming parts of this report you will also see the “Muslima” movement online being profiled too. This is a rather important point to cover today as the movement has been active in recruiting women as well as American or Anglo recruits for the next wave of attacks. This is something I have been seeing on the boards out there. Many sites have added English sections that mirror “most” of the content within the boards.

Another interesting point is the idea that just posessing the videos and other media make the owner available to prosecution for terrorism, at least in the UK. I am not sure how that will play out here in the US, but, I can see the same kind of ideas being put out as law and allowing the Feds to charge a person who simply “posesses” the data as a co conspirator to terrorism. Something that is kind of scary really given our first amendment rights and others granted to us in the Constitution.

Its a slippery slope really..

In any case, I suggest you view this video and see what is happening. Understanding the problem is the first step in solving it.


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2010/02/16 at 22:56