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It’s 3am.. Who You Gonna Call?

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Ok, not that I am overly freaked out by things, but, this is the second night that something has awakened me at 3AM…

Dead asleep and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the CO alarm in the bedroom here goes at EXACTLY at 3am! This is the second night that this has happened since moving in. The first time I don’t know what awoke me, but I was asleep then BING! awake and looking for the cause. Of course this is all coincidence right? I mean, I had those dreams about the house and walking out to find the previous owners husband in my living room sitting on the couch… But, that’s just my imagination running away with my logical brain right?

So, here I sit in bed with the laptop, wide awake after searching the house for more CO alarms and finding nothing. Now, the CO detector seems to have an old sensor (do not install after Dec 2008) is printed on it, so I guess it is out of date. So, it stands to reason that it’s likely to malfunction and scream right? I even went to the First Alert site and they said it may go off if the sensor was old.

I checked the web for false alarms and CO and man, First Alert even claims that pets can set the damn thing off! Huh? WTF man! I will get another one tomorrow and see I guess. Meanwhile we have the windows open in the bedroom just in case, but we present no signs of CO poisoning.

Oh well.. Anyone have a used proton pack they want to sell?

Written by Krypt3ia

2009/03/24 at 08:16