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Flash Drives for Freedom

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At Defcon the one highlight of the con for me was seeing Flashdrives for Freedom having a booth in the vendor area. If you have not heard of them before, they are a group that is infiltrating news, movies, and messages into the hermit kingdom by passing USB’s from China over the river. The information reaching the general populace in DPRK is a fundamental means of attempting to bring some freedom, at least of information and thought, to the North Korean populace who only have the propaganda machine of Un constantly pressuring them into utter compliance.

Some of you may be asking yourselves; “Wait, they have computers that can use USB?” The answer to that is yes, some do, but many more have phones that can take USB (many asian phones have USB ports as well as micro USB) in addition to media players that can handle USB and play videos of varying types. So yes, if you send a drive these people can then turn that into a means of getting real news and information from the free world to North Korea. If we can get more USB’s to Flashdrives for Freedom, that means more data can be infiltrated which in turn means that more people in the North can get the truth.

In turn, if more people have a feed of information then perhaps more of them can in turn pass that along to others there …And if more people pass that on …Well, maybe some change can happen there right? At the very least given everything that is happening RIGHT NOW would it not make more sense to get as much information to the North Koreans as we can? So please, go through your junk drawers and pull out all those old USB sticks and micro drives and send them to by going to their page and following the instructions there.

I know you wanna.

If for no other reason than to poke ol’ Un in the eye right?

Go on… Empty that drawer of USB’s

Dr. K.

Written by Krypt3ia

2017/08/09 at 12:57

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