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The picture you see above showed up on the As-Ansar sight on the 2nd of April and was posted by عاشق الشهاده2 Ansari Mojtahd and to date has stirred up quite the feather or three. It seems the NYPD, the NYFO of FBI and the news have all gotten bent out of shape because some 24 year old kid is getting jiggy with his Photoshop CS5 on Windows and posting stuff to As-Ansar, one of the lesser AQ affiliated sites on the internet. I too saw this file come along on the 2nd and thought “ORLY NOW!?” but, after looking  at the user data of the poster and his history, I decided to file it in the “propaganda with some flair” file and not much more.

Then I woke up today and checked Twitter….

Great GOOGLY MOOGLY! Ray Kelley is getting all over this as is everyone and their brother because the jihobbyists wanna post pictures that are basically glorified digital postcards about coming back to NY like a rock band. Look people, it’s just a graphic ok? Look at the user and look at the venue, this guy is not Geobels and certainly not Samir Khan ok?


Threats And Allegations

Ok, so, yes AQ would love to hit NY again and they tried with Faisal… Well, actually that was more Pakistan and the ISI perhaps with the Taliban and not so much AQ or AQAP (do your fact checking folks) yes yes yes, they want to hit us again. This picture is just one in a series of pictures that this kid has created for As-Ansar, really, I swear he is looking for a job at As-Ansar more than anything else. Just look at the work by Googling the user name and hitting the “images” tab ok? He’s practising his Photoshop skills.

Now, of course he put it out there.. The infamous picture now that has everyone all freaked out is just a picture, a kind of calling card I think not a definite plan on how they plan on attacking NYC. Hell, this is not even a “credible threat” ok? Wakey wakey NYPD. Sure, look into the guy, look into his posts and definitely see if he has more connections etc online that could paint him as a player but really, going on the news about it?

“Shark jump much there Fonz?”

Aspirational Content Using Photoshop ZOMG! We’re DOOMED!

Alrighty, so this is “aspirational” as I have told the media who have contacted me. This means that they aspire to this, as nebulous as that aspiration can be from an image like the one above. This in NO WAY means we are doomed or that NYC will be seeing an attack like 9/11 again directly relating to this piece of so called artwork. Sure, the kid may indeed want this to happen, he may “aspire” to helping the cause by creating propaganda that might “inspire” others to acts of violence against NYC, but, what is the likelihood of this with this image alone?

Not much.

Ok, the kid may be on his way to becoming more adept at this and sure, he has a slick 3D skill set there with that Adobe product on his Windows box, but, so what. Anyone today could really do the same thing. The crux of the issue is whether or not this kid is going to move further up the ladder and attempt to take over where Samir and others left off with “Inspire Magazine” All informatics thus far about him that I have seen point to “not so much” This doesn’t mean though, that after all of this hullabaloo over his nice pictures that someone won’t offer him the position right?

Talk about self fulfilling prophecies huh? Nice work Ray, NYPD, FOX, and others.

Over-React Much News Media and NYPD?

While I am on the Ray and NYPD thing.. What the Hell man? Really? This did not warrant this attention and posturing on the part of the NYPD.. Whoa, wait a minute.. Unless that is if you are playing damage control over all of the crap you guys have been caught up in over Muslims and invasion of privacy etc. Oh yeah, now that makes sense to me.

“Look at the birdie! Look at the birdie! LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN BIRDIE!”

Yeah, now I understand this.. That and the mindset here is that anything at all constitutes a clear and present danger….


This Is What Happens When There Are Fewer Sites Online For The Kids To Play On

Meanwhile, another fun fact in this little passion play of stupid is that this site is one of the few left on the internet at present. It seems about 12 days ago, hackers of unknown origins, be they state sanctioned or other, began taking down all the main AQ sites out there. Now, there are none of the big boys out there to be seen so the little guys like As-Ansar get all the attention.

Thus you have this little debacle.

Let me give you all a hint. If those sites were taken down in concert by a government then they must have had a reason. If it was other players (vigilante’s) then you have done nothing to help the cause by taking down sites that others were monitoring to keep tabs on these fools. Time will tell what the real truth of the situation is, but soon you will see the sites come back online (very soon for one of them) so what have you really done? You have just made them scramble to make new domains and they will be back like cockroaches.

… And some of them will just burrow further into the darknet and other places where it will be harder to watch them…


No, This Kid Is No Threat

In the end, this should be an object lesson for the talking heads, the media, and you gentle reader. This was blown WAAAAAAYYYY out of proportion and any of you out there who thought it was an existential threat need to start digging those bomb shelters again in your back yards. This was piffle, and if anything you just made a star out of this 24 year old….

Nice work.


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2012/04/03 at 20:27

The Israeli SCADA’s That Weren’t and The Media Who Do NOT Fact Check

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The ongoing war of who can be more annoying has been raging between the “Muslim Hackers” and the “Israeli Hackers” since about January 2nd. 0xOmar and his crew dumped thousands of credit cards (Isreali) and the Isreali’s threatened him/her/them with being whacked or detained. After the threat by Israel, Omar and company (Nightmare and others) decided to DDoS the El-Al website and the Stock Exchange.

Which really went nowhere…

Just as the tensions were getting to a heated level suddenly a pastebin was dumped by a “guest” that claimed to have Israeli SCADA systems on them. Now the war was REALLY ON!


THEN on January 17th another Pastebin was put out and signed “Anonymous” which purported to be more SCADA systems and invoked the kiddies to go play. This time the dump had some emails and passwords (hashes as well)


The media ate it up.. The CYBERWAR between Israel and the Muslims was ON! And Israel is DOOMED!

What’s That? You Say Anonymous and Saudi Hackers Have.. “PWNT” SCADA’s In Israel! OMG OMG OMG CYBERWARRR!

Fearlessly the media clamped onto the pastebin’s and the hue and cry went out. The cyberwar was heating up and credit cards and SCADA systems hung in the balance! What would happen next? What would be the escalation? Would there be war in the streets as Palestinians and Israelis hurled useless credit cards at each other like small, mostly harmless shuriken?

How could these SCADA systems be online like this anyway?

What are the dangers here?


Enter The Captain BUZZKILL (REALITY)

This is where reason and sanity enter the picture… I was asked by someone in the media to look at this. No not someone in mainstream media, but more a researcher investigating something to do with all of this. So I got hold of the IP addresses/pastebins and began looking through each of their WHOIS records, googling the pages and eventually just hitting them up directly to see just what was what.

Out of the 22 systems listed as SCADA by the skids, only 3 were really SCADA and 4 may have been.. Maybe.. Though not likely.


Those that were SCADA were not in default state for passwords and in general, did not seem to be important systems such as government or large power company hardware… Hell, for that matter none were water facilities, which I should think in a desert would be kinda important no? Anyway, the sites all were a bust really and itreally kind of bothers me that none of the reporters out there actually took the time to ask someone like me, or anyone with a limbic system, to look them up and check if they were in fact SCADA AND EXTREMELY VULNERABLE



Not a one.

Never mind if they were important systems that could cause damage to Israel.. But then again, the perception of some is that dumping credit cards numbers is really really gonna do some major damage to “the man”


I’m sorry all you reporters out there are unable to dial phones or actually know any security folks out in the real world.. Oh.. Wait, Maybe you called on Greg Evans to confirm this?




I know, he is your “go to guy”….

*Le Sigh*

Dear Mainstream Media.. The INFOSEC COMMUNITY (apart from Greg Evans and those on the Attrition charlatans page) Are Here To Help!

Dear media.. There are many among you in the world who know who to use WHOIS and other tools as well as “The Googles” to understand the things that you might not. Those people are easy enough to find really. All you need to do is contact groups like ISC2 (shh all of you I know you are grumbling about that one) and other organizations that can easily provide you with some reputable people.

Call them, email them, TALK TO THEM!

Stop just rapid fire reporting on stuff you don’t understand and are certainly not taking the time to, oh, research on, in order to fulfil your jobs as “Reporters”

I know.. It’s a lot to ask..

But please.. For my sanity and others…

Do it.


Written by Krypt3ia

2012/01/20 at 19:17