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“The Wheels of Justice turn slowly but exceedingly fine.”

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Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up

Well well well.. It seems that perhaps there might be some justice after all. I got word this morning that a certain charlatan was about to be informed that he is once again “on the radar” of the Federal government as I had hoped he would be. LIGATT (a.k.a. Greg Evans) is about to find out (perhaps even from this little article!) that once again the US government has said;

“Hey.. whatever happened to all that money shithead owes us?”

Well that day has come and I do hope that the government, being in such dire straights, comes after our little charlatan pal with both barrels…

Gregory Evans was ordered to pay back $10 million to AT&T, MCI and other fortune 500 companies due to computer hacking.

BUT he never paid it back….

So yeah, all this time Greg has avoided not only paying the money he owes to the government and AT&T but also lying (well, more obfuscating) the truth about the whole “I hacked and got caught” thing. See, Greg never hacked anything, he just pulled a low level confidence game on AT&T and those he sold those party lines to back in the day. Furthermore, he oft times uses this little escapade as a “selling point” that he is the worlds #1 Hacker.. Which, is ironic to me because if he were at all any good at hacking, he would not have been caught so easily.. Though, once again, he hacked nothing here.

Anyway, he goes on and on in his media blitz for his classes like “How To Be A Hacker In 15 Minutes” that he was “fined $10 million dollars for his transgressions. What he fails to tell you is that, as I said above, he never really paid much of that back….

Soon though, he may be a bit poorer…. Even more poor than he already is.

A New Day Dawns on LIGATT’s Empire of Feces


UPDATE: PDF of the Filing HERE

What you see above is the Justia record of a new filing from California to Atlanta on the behalf of the US Government about ol’ Liggy’s debt. The filing is for over $7 million dollars and this is just the starter to the process. What this means overall, is that the US Government has decided to hand over the whole kit and kaboodle to Atlanta (where he still resides even though he claims to be in California heh) for them to collect from him (i.e. GA) Now, this could go a few ways, but I personally am hoping that they throw the book at him and start taking hefty sums from his companies.

The assumption here is that they will bring him to court and set up garnishments.. One wonders just how much that will be at a swipe.. I mean, he owes more than $7 million! Not like 50 bucks a month is gonna do it eh?

One also wonders just what would happen if he cannot pay… Perhaps jail time? I mean this has been going on since the late 90’s! He’s  been living the “Liggy Life” so long now it’s hard to believe they haven’t caught up earlier.

*I guess that email I sent to the original judge on his case back in the day might have had something to do with this*


Oh well, with his current valuations on his companies stocks, I am sure that he won’t have the money to come up with.. Maybe the court and the government will just have a big fire sale with all that he has… Though, I expect to see much more out of our pal soon trying to pimp his services and his new “con” in Atlanta to make more money..

Expect a tidal wave of spam and PR folks along with a LOT of “Turd Polishing”

*Pops popcorn and gets a big Mountain Dew*

Lets watch!


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2012/01/09 at 21:15


Ligatt, Moralism, The Law, and The Batman

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Recent events have brought some interesting ideas to the fore as well as situations that some are grappling with. The catalyst for all of this is the Ligatt hack. Ligatt, for those of you not playing the home game, is the name of a company in Atlanta GA who’s CEO is named Greg Evans.

Evans has for a long time, been a joke in the security community at large, but this last year, he decided to up his game and put out a book called “How To Be The Worlds #1 Hacker” This title of course got people interested and Ben Rothke, a security researcher decided to review it. What he and others found was that great swaths of the book had been plagiarized from other researchers books and articles across the security sphere.

What has commenced since then has been a free for all of litigiousness as well as outright lying and machinations on the part of Evans to bully those who called him on his plagiarism. The height of which was a law suit against 25 ” stock bashers” as he and his lawyer termed it. That suit was a tort suit and was aimed at silencing his critics. This however did not work. The suit was lost by him and all that remains now is a decision on how much Evans will owe in legal fees for the defendants lawyers fees.

But… Evans would come back again and again. He would perniciously attack those same people he had tried to sue with more threats of legal actions as well as physical threats. He then turned to making t-shirts with “I’m a Racist Hacker” on them with Chris John Riley’s picture on them. Lastly, he bought the domain names of whoever he could, and re-directed their domain names to his personal site where he had created pages for each person/personae. What was worse, was that each page claimed that the individual “recommended” him as the worlds number one hacker or as an infosec speaker.

There were other antics and much bloviating but, you get the point. It had become plain to us all that nothing we could do to Evans would change his ways. Nothing we could say or do would stop him being who he is.. He is the equivalent of the infosec worlds Joker. Not the joker of the Dark Knight films, but more like the goofball on the animated series. Just dangerous enough, to be a threat to the community but not one that would kill us all.

And that’s where we were until the escalation started.

First there was Ligattleaks. A novel idea, but one that has been done. Ligattleaks encouraged the insiders to leak the real story behind the facade that Evans put out unceasingly on YouTube and in endless press releases. It had seemed that Ligattleaks was starting to get people to talk, but wasn’t coming up with any real data. Until recently, when an unknown finally had had enough and leaked his email spool file.

Was it hacked? Or was it a leak? What would the data within the file hold with regard to Evans’ wrongdoings? The file was released on the internet in torrent form and began to be downloaded and seeded. It was out, and the leaks began showing up on pastebin with more rapidity. Ligattleaks took on the role of being the single location for anyone to look to find all that data that had been posted and something amazing happened…

Evans has been silent.

Blissful silence, no videos, no press releases, and no more escalation on his part claiming to be suing everyone in a higher Federal court. Perhaps his time is up we all thought, and then the Twitter feeds started up with the moralizing about the ethics of what had been done and what was happening post the leak of his data. The hand wringing had begun and to that I must respond.

Ligatt will not change. Ligatt will continue on his way and he will only become more bold with each success he has. Legal means have been sought as a remedy, but this guy has used the system so well and so long, that it is impossible to make things stick to him. He is in fact the civil court version of the “Teflon Don” Sure, he loses many of his cases that he brings to the court, but in the process he harms those he decides to use tort law against for his own personal goals. He just keeps on with his criminal behaviour and there is nothing the police can do. In fact, in this case, Ligatt/Evans have skated for quite a long time. Not even the FBI or the SEC could get the dirt on him… Yet.

Sometimes it takes extraordinary means to effect the ends for the good of others. In this case, someone either leaked that data to the Internet as an insider, or, someone hacked Greg and Ligatt and put the data out in the open. Either way in my eyes, the ends justified the means. In as much as has been leaked on the Internet so far, some interesting patterns of behaviour have turned up. More litigation manoeuvres  have been released and we all have seen just how well he uses the system to cause others pain. So, if that data, now out in the open, prevents him from doing more harm, so be it. No matter what means the data was obtained. What we can hope for though, is that those who are in possession of the data do the right thing and redact information that will harm others, even those he does business with.

So, for those who are hand wringing about the hacking that may have gone on and the ethics within our community as we laud whoever it was, let it go. It’s done and it has possibly put at least a temporary stop to the particular brand of crazy that is Gregory Evans.

Sometimes the world needs a Batman.



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2011/02/07 at 02:00

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Setting The Record Straight

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Let the record state on this day January 18th 2011, that I have NEVER recommended or in any way endorse Gregory D. Evans nor his sham of a company, LIGATT Security Inc, nor any of his lackeys, for ANYTHING other than an awarding of the name“Charlatan or CyberDouche”


Crabbyolbastard AKA…

Heh, gotcha…

Well, it has come to pass that Greggy has reached a new low and created “blog” entries for all of the players involved in this farce he has created for himself as the worlds No.1 Hacker. The below image is the page created for me:

Needless to say, I did not create this page nor do I in any way endorse Ligatt Security nor Greg Evans for anything but the worlds No.1 CyberDouche for which I created that swank poster above! Just what Greggy is thinking other than “Yuk yuk yuk, I am gonna git them!” is beyond me. Frankly, he has just opened himself up to another loss I think, especially where the last court case is concerned. You see Greggy, this is going to make its way to the judge as she decides just how much you will owe for legal fees.

Oh yeah Greggy, more money that you won’t pay huh? I mean I see that you just got spanked again by the court for not actually paying the other mandated payments per the court! So much so that the Sheriff had to come out again with a new order! Gee, he must really be looking at getting that substation at your place huh? Oh wait, you also have a lien against you by the feds.. Or was it the state? Shucks, I will check later and anyone interested just surf on over to the courts site and look it up.

So Greggy, I would say the noose is tightening eh? All of your tricks and your bling tweets aren’t cutting it in the real world huh? Must really suck to be you at night.. Just before you fall asleep and your brain begins to process the events of the day.. You know, its when the fears start to creep into that vacuous head of yours about how you are amounting to nothing in life and wondering what you could have done differently. I seem to remember talking about this before, you remember don’t you? I mean, I am pretty sure that my cutting words echo in your twilight sleep. Especially now as all of your facades are shattering around you…

Face facts man, make amends.. Its the only way out for you. Otherwise, if you keep going the way you are, you will only completely self destruct…

Oh, who am I kidding? You are gonna still be batshit insane and do stupid shit like what you pulled today!

Stay classy Greggy…


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2011/01/18 at 22:41

The Tortious Financial Life of #LIGATT and Greggy Evans

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Well, I have been quiet about ol’ Greggy of late, but then he went and opened his mouth again and swiftly inserted his foot into it while maligning myself and others on Twitter and Facebook, so, here I am again. Coffee in hand, Ghost Dog soundtrack on the iPod (to get that angry feelin with RZA) and quotations from the Hagakure such as this; “A man who will criticize you openly carries no connivance” which I thought VERY appropriate here! Anyway, on to the floor show, so to speak…

I woke this morning at the usual 5am, made the coffee, booted the laptop, and thought about the last couple days of #LIGATT verbal fecal disgorging. Once my sluggish morning brain had processed a bit, I surfed on over to the Gwinnett County Courts website, cuz, ya know there is always likely to be ANOTHER case filed against #LIGATT and Greggy to amuse and, well I would say amaze, but I think we are all past that now aren’t we? Sure enough, there was a new suit filed January 7th!

This one is from Harris Publications the publisher of a magazine called XXL, which to me seems like a pr0n title, but, it turns out to be a “hip hop” mag. Now, at first I was thinking that maybe he had gotten some subscriptions and was not paying, but truly, I had to think bigger and of course the coffee had not completely kicked in yet, I mean it was 5am after all. Instead, after a little digging on the parts of others with more higher functioning brains at that hour, a link turned up for a blogspot post (a rather amusing one to boot!) about Greggy’s ad for #LIGATT in the back of XXL.

From “Life In The Slowest Lane”

Now, I’m no marketing genius, but I can see XXL’s advertising strategy from way over here: know thy reader.

You, the average XXL subscriber, flip to the back of the magazine just as the blunt starts to burn your fingers. While sunken into the couch, with squinty, red eyes you read: ‘Is your music being leaked?’ (it could be), and ‘Is someone talking badly about you on a blog?’ (probably). Fuck. Now you’re all paranoid, clearing the smoke by doing that little ‘hand-fan’ motion, drawing the curtains and locking the door. You were going to go get some Cool Ranch Doritos, but fuck it- you’re being watched. You think about calling someone, but are now suspecting that your homeboy might be a snitch, and your girl or man may be cheating on you. Also, the phone is probably tapped.

Better getin touch with ‘Hacker for Hire’. Problem solved. XXL banks five cents a sale. More money to pay Nicki Minaj to take her pants off and pose with a pouty face into the camera. Ching ching. Everybody wins.


This pretty much sums it up! I am being told now that the common price for a full page ad in the back of XXL has an XXL price of 20G’s, so, it may be that Ligatt and Greggy are on the hook for another 20K! I also have to wonder at just how much play this ad got in the first place… Obviously not enough for Greg to actually pay for the service rendered huh? Never mind the fact he just burned another bridge with a magazine that will likely not publish anything of his without there being a full up front payement… Way to go Ligatt… Do your investors know how poorly you are following through on things like this? I have to wonder what they would think?

Oh Greggy, such #FAIL is epic and you are giving all of us #EPIC #LULZ

Anyway, lets turn the wayback machine on Sherman and go see what happened earlier this week shall we?

Greggy, post having his @Gregorydevans twitter account suspended for posting personal details and veiled threats against certain individuals, seems to be getting more and more frustrated with life. After rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere, he came back with a lame vengeance. He began to post tweets naming those same individuals and new ones (hat tip to iAlbert for being a new name on the Greggy’s naughty list) as “breaking the law” which, could be construed as him calling us criminals.

*blink blink*

Uhh Greg, last I checked, YOU were the only one with multitudinous law suits against you AND having a record as a Felon… So, uhh…

POT —–> KETTLE —-> BLACK and NO Greggy, that is not a RACIAL slur in any way, just click the link and maybe read a book sometime.

Sorry Greggy, but once again you #FAIL but do provide #LULZ.. Say, you ever try on one of those three pointed hats with the bells on them? Cuz I think you would make a real funny FOOL. Maybe we can all chip in and get you the full harlequin outfit for your next court appearance! I think THAT would be great CINEMA for the NEWS CAMERAS!

So what’s next Greggy? I wonder who else will be filing a civil suit against you. I know that there is a lien already against you/Ligatt

OOPSIES! Seems the local goverment may have to look at the flyer too and make a call to a local attorney for redress! Oh my! Tell me Greg, with all of these monetary/lawsuit woes you are having, just how are you going to allegedly pay for that “prestigious law firm” for your GAME CHANGING Federal suit? Remember Greg, that your revisionist delusion you may be promoting to anyone willing to buy it, is just that, a DELUSION. Lemme break it down for you here shall I? I promise to use small words.

1) You DID NOT dismiss the GA suit. YOU LOST the suit because you and your ersatz lawyer FAILED to file paperwork properly. Your SUBPOENA’s were TOSSED because you failed to file them properly AND your lawyer and YOU tried to avoid DISCOVERY and not produce documentation to opposing counsel in an attempt to SUBVERT the process!

2) Per the above statement, YOU still have one more court date for the judge to decide what YOU owe for legal fees on this waste of the courts time! It ain’t over til the judge says it is Greggy.

3) As yet, the “prestigious law firm” has a “no comment” on whether or not they are taking your “EPIC GAME CHANGING CASE” as you would like people to read it. It’s my bet that you don’t really have the money to give the firm a solid retainer. Why do I say this? It’s merely because I looked at the civil cases in Gwinnett County! YOU ARE BEING SUED BY MANY! If you HAD the money to PAY YOUR BILLS you would not be in the docket so much would you?

4) No matter how many times you cut and paste the wiki for “Tortious” YOU STILL DO NOT HAVE A CASE. Please, go to school for law before you think you can actually PRACTICE it in places like the Gwinnett County Courts system (yeah, that’s right Mr. Pro Se)

5) BY THE WAY, releasing a PRESS RELEASE saying that the BULLIES WHO SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU actually are driving MORE BUSINESS to your site and making you “mo money” DOES NOTHING for your BIG FEDERAL GAME CHANGING CASE! So, keep on trying Greggy, someday you may have a cogent argument.. Just not now. What’s more amusing is that its out there now and should you actually bring a case to the courts, that one press release will undercut your case mightily! Thanks there General Luigi Capello

Pop some popcorn kids, cuz I am sure that Greggy will be amping up soon! His world is closing in around him, his bling is tarnishing as its really Pyrite, and the #LULZ are going to be #EPIC.


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2011/01/15 at 13:06

The Curious Case of Kellep Charles: A Ligatt Propaganda Story

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On January 1st another “press release” came out over the Internet claiming that Kellep Charles, by all accounts a certified and serious individual in the information security world, had been appointed to the board of directors at Ligatt Security. On the Ligatt site as seen above in cached form (the page is now a 404 error) it names Kellep as a new member of the board. Now, this is nothing new with regard to people being touted as being added to the board. However, in this case, Kellep himself as others before, did not know that he was on the board as you can see by his surprise in a tweet below:

It seems that Kellep may have indeed offered to work with Ligatt to “clean up his image” but no sooner had he done this, then the Ligatt PR machine went into action and posted on the site and newswire that they had a new board member. What is most insidious here is that Kellep, as I said above is a multiply certified and seemingly above board member of the security community who’s reputation could be sullied by working with Evans and Ligatt because of their misdeeds in the past. What’s more, it is VERY telling that Kellep states that he was willing to “advise” Ligatt to help “clean up their image”

*blink blink*

Ok, Kellep.. Over here, camera 3… Yeah, umm I appreciate your wanting to help Greggy, but, now do you see the real trouble with Greg and his little company? I suspect you do now, but here it is again… He is a charlatan and a con man as well as a bully. He will use anyone and anything to get him to be the center of attention as well as become a wealthy player.

You have been duped and he has tried to play upon your good name to better his ignominious one in the community at large.

Sorry man.

So, now the clean up goes on. Ligatt has seemingly redacted the press release from the Internet (can’t seem to locate a prnewswire release, his usual propaganda tool) but what Ligatt fails to learn is the same thing that every teenage girl on the Internet learns post getting blitzed and naked for the camera; “There is no redacting everything from the Internet” It’s out there buddy and there is no pulling this one back. This however brings up a key point in the Ligatt play book, and it is exceedingly relevant to today’s “wikileaked” world. You see, Ligatt is trying to pull his own version of 1984 by not only using classical propaganda routines, but also those of redaction and modern spin. The funniest thing though is that Gregory and Ligatt are so spectacularly BAD at it! With every “release” on PR news wire and elsewhere, Greg thinks that he can re-spin his Ligatt Security presence into what he perceives it to be in his own delusional world view;

That of a global juggernaut of computer security and that he is a player, a mover and shaker.

Oh Greggy… Polishing a turd will only get you a shiny turd.

As for Kellep, I am sorry that you got dragged into this whole mess. You do not deserve to be lambasted because of your kindness, but, here is the warning that might nudge you to keep your wits about you in this business. There’s a lot of snake oil salesmen out there and this guy is a prime example. So in future, if you decide that you want to give any counsel to Gregory, then I should think that that counsel be to come clean and really work toward being an “expert” instead of just playing one on TV.

If I see you at Shmoocon I will buy you a beer… Cuz dude, I think you’re gonna need one after this debacle is over.

*note* Stay tuned folks.. There’s a new board member John W. Jones (Martian Manhunter!) has been added to the esteemed list! I wonder if he knows? More to come….

EDIT! Hat tip to iAlbert who located a copy of the Press Release! See Greggy, you can’t redact the Intertubes!


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2011/01/05 at 15:03


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Well kids, it’s time for uncle “doe” 21 to give the “LIGATT Roundup” Whew! It’s been a whirlwind week so far of Ligatt and Evans stupidity. Where to start….

First we have the “I am a RACIST HACKER” T-shirt put up on the

This is an obvious attempt on the part of Gregory and Ligatt to slander Chris John Reilly and is really quite pathetic. The T-shirt is up for purchase, that is, until you go to cash out and it crashes out. What can one say? Perhaps it is intentionally set to crash.. Maybe it’s just the usual piss poor coding on the part of Ligatt and Evans on his multitudinous useless sites on the Internet.

Gee Greg, frustrated a little? Which leads me to the next debacle of the week!

Then there’s the sock puppet show that Cymone Coker and LIGATT carried out on Ophelia, in which our plucky sock puppet and No. 1 Haxx0r tried to accuse her of being “Racist” in commentary on her blog. The Tech Herald, caught on to the sock puppetry after they ran an article on how Ligatt seems to be trying to leverage the “race card” by selling this obviously racist t-shirt all the while crying foul that people are “hating on him”

The post, about the Ligatt vulnerability scanning tool on their site, showed how the scans actually do not really test for vulnerabilities and the net effect is that they are useless in protecting anyone while giving the false illusion that you are “ok” In the comments field the following showed up:

The IP address that this comment was made from came from the same area that all of the others on various blogs had come from when the Ligatt sock puppet patrol was in full force… Atlanta. What the sock puppets failed to see is that Ophelia is not only a woman, but also a “brown” one as she put it. So, she doubly knows about whats out there regarding racism and sexism. She quickly pointed this out and that in fact she was not hating on him because he is a black man, but instead he is a “charlatan” and makes the information security business look bad with his antics.

Then we have the smoking gun pop up.

The Tech Herald, after running a piece on not only the racist T-shirt debacle AND the run in with Ophelia, got an email from Cymone Coker, as mentioned above. The email was an attempt to squelch any racism claims and to say that this was not the intent. After all, they had shirts saying that Russians make the best hackers! (ugh) What Cymone failed to understand was this: She emailed directly from her outlook session from the SAME IP address as the comment on Ophelias blog post. (see here)


Yeah, what a security company they are when they can’t even hide their IP when they are performing “Racist Sock Puppet Theater”

All in all, once again Greg and Ligatt have just shown themselves for what they are and its rather plainly evident wouldn’t you say?

But wait! There’s more!

Coming in last night, we have the new revelation of a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) that was filed against Greg by a Nathanael Rockett citing “Family Violence” as the cause of the order. A little digging produced an interesting background on Mr. Rockett. Seems to have an interesting criminal history as well as the addresses match up.

The question though for me is.. Just how is Evans “family” ?? It would seem that perhaps Evans and Nathanael knew each other from Californa?


The data alone is interesting… AND to see that Greg is getting physical and has a TRO on him is fun. Greg, it seems that perhaps all of the pressure you are under lately has you frustrated huh?

A little edgy?


Well, at the very least Greg, you have QUITE the month of court dates!

The house of cards is imploding Greg.


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2010/12/08 at 16:08

#LIGATT What? Getting A Little Frustrated?

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Gregory.. Really? I would have thought with all of your *cough* “legal” experience you would know what defamation of character and slander are by now!

WOW… Just WOW. Stay classy there my man.

I mean jeez, you don’t even get style points for design!

See it all yourselves at hacker gear


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2010/12/01 at 00:14


#LIGATT How To Be Sued for 23K by your Billboard Advertising Company

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Word on the street is that Ligatt has failed to pay for these monstrosities and they have since been taken down. I for one can assume there are many glad motorists who now don’t have a giant Evans proclaiming his hacker status and snake oil salesmanship technique at them every day. Interestingly enough, after the billboards disappeared, the word on the street began to say that the company Olympus Media LLC began the process to sue Ligatt and Evans for $23,000 that he had not paid for the boards. Perhaps Ligatt does not know the real meaning of the word “Mogul”



( lowercase ) an important, powerful, or influential person: a mogul of the movie industry.

Oh my… Nope.. He doesn’t.. Perhaps he knows the word “Delusional”

Guess those billboards did not pay for themselves huh? Just another one of those roosters… well.. “roosting” I guess. Once the Gwinnett County courts system has the records I’ll let you know.


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