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The Four Horsemen of The INFOSEC Apocalyse and The Freak Power Ticket

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Well, the time came and the time went for us all to get 1% of the CISSP’s of the world to sign our petitions to be in the race for the BoD of ISC(2). It seems that two of the four horsemen made it in (Dave and Chris) so congrats to them and well wishes on the next leg of this epic journey… That of getting “elected” Which also may be another fun exercise in the secret language and rules of ISC(2) as well. I swear at times it’s like trying to discern the real motives and mores of Skull and Bones more than some governance group for INFOSEC peeps I tell ya.

Anywho, I managed to get about 300+ sigs in the end and to all of you who sent me emails of support, I thank you. It was fun trying this, albeit I didn’t really lobby much here or “press the flesh” as they say *heh* Maybe next time around I will let Javvad run my campaign for me, cuz, well, he’s a master of deception.. Uhh.. I mean, a good political mover and shaker.. Yeah, that… Though, all of this will be tempered by what happens next for Dave and Chris. Will they be able to penetrate the old boy network? Will they be able to, once ensconced in the ISC(2) inner sanctum, make any kinds of change that would make the CISSP more meaningful?

Time will tell my friends…

Though, from experience thus far I am not holding out too much hope on this.. After all, Skull and Bones has been around for a long time and no one has leaked their inmost secrets.. CISSP and ISC(2) may remain the same. I just wonder where all the money goes…

Don’t you?

Let’s see how the election goes… Maybe there’ll be a bloody coup!


Written by Krypt3ia

2012/09/18 at 14:50

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OFFICIAL STATEMENT On (ISC)2 and The Freak Power Ticket

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Recently I added my name to the candidate list of ISC2 board members in the running this year. After a flagging showing thus far and some tweet conversations I am getting some impressions that people have some odd notions about ISC2 and perhaps my running. So I wanted to clear the air some and to set the record straight for those unable to navigate sarcasm or irony. I am running partially as a serious effort and partially as a farce. Now, this may escape some and I would encourage those who don’t get the motives or means to go look up Hunter S. Thompson’s run for Sheriff in Colorado for a little better understanding of my meaning.

I am running for the board while knowing that we, “The Four Horsemen of the Infosec Apocalypse” have little to no chance of getting on the board in the first place. Why do we have little to no chance?Because the org is an ossified bastille on a hill of old guard founders who don’t want the boat rocked at all. That’s why. All of us are undertaking not only a battle with little chance of winning in the first place (we all pretty much agree on this) but then, once inside, were any to make it, would surely be voted down on the changes we would like to make to this org.

All of us, all the horsemen, are seeking to change the org for the better because in some way we think we can and should. Others, like @errattarob feel that the org just needs to be burned to the ground and loathes it for its very aegis as it stands. I would agree with Robert, but, I don’t think that the org just needs to burn, instead perhaps there is a minuscule at best chance that some change can come with the right group of people rattling cages.

Oh god.. Does that make me a Pollyana? Crap…

Anyway, look, yeah, I am taking this all tongue in cheek, but, like Hunter, I do have a reason and that reason is not just for the LULZ. If I were on the board I would try to make things better. Short of that though, were there no way to effect change, then I would make their lives as miserable as possible. Why? Because they are doing all of us a disservice with the way things are run now. The very least of these things is the way that ethics are handled within this org by the old guard in place. Just look at the players here..

Do you really think any of us has a chance here? I mean, c’mon, we get 500 signatures and then the BOARD votes on who they want on it? WTF kind of election process is that?

EDIT: MEA CULPA, I did not read the bylaws and was misinformed. The voting is done by the masses via email evidently. MYBAD… So, the rest of my screed still applies, but I wanted to correct this factual error. At least the masses can vote for whom they want.

Vote for the horsemen… If not me, then the others. I am doing this on a lark really, but, it’s for a bigger point here. Those of you who take the ISC and CISSP seriously need to seriously look at your org. You need to take that rather large stick out of your asses and your fingers out of your ears and really LOOK at it all. Do you think that any of us with this certification really are good at what we do because we took that test and adhere to some crap ass ethics rules that the board ignores when they see fit?

Get over yourselves.

If that’s your gig, and you think everything in ISC2 is nirvana inc… So be it.. Continue on your way.

If you want change and effectiveness to this org and this certification.. VOTE for one or all of us.





Written by Krypt3ia

2012/08/26 at 13:19