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Eugene and the DoD

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Da! Let me share you this blog on Eugene! Look, this whole kerfuffle over Eugene and the DoD has reached epic douchery in the news and now with the Putin administration threating “actions” against the US if they somehow embargo Eugene’s business. Well, let me first start with this little ditty below.. Go ahead, read it…

Ok done? Yeah, Eugene was in the KGB school and he worked for the GRU too according to the Wiki page here. What this means is that Eugene is a “former” made man of the KGB and Military Intelligence apparatus in Russia. He lived in the times when it was the Soviet Union and at the height of the times where the cold war was in a deep freeze. Fuck, just go watch The Amerikans and then come back… I will be waiting…

Ok watched them all have we? So now you know how it was to live in the 80’s huh? Well there you have it. Anyway, Eugene was a member of the organizations that have recently hacked us. What? You are saying it’s the FSB now and it isn’t the KGB?

Fuck you.

FSB is KGB with different letters at the front now ok? If you actually read up a bit you will see that Putin actually gave back the powers that the KGB had back in the day recently so once again they are functioning much like the old bad days as the KGB. Putin as well is an old school KGB man who has used all kinds of KGB fuckery to get where he is and stay there so once again, you say FSB, I say; Fuck. You.

Right, so now back to the present unpleasantness, it seems that Eugene is now offering a code evaluation by anyone who wants to (specifically the DoD) so pretty pretty please buy our shit? Look, it’s not about the code, we don’t necessarily think there are backdoor’s in the product now. No, what the worry is consists of that close snookums relationship Eugene had with the TWO entities that just hacked our election in 2016. Come on people, no one leaves the KGB and certainly NO ONE says NO to Putin right?

Imagine that Eugene’s software is clean as a whistle.

Now imagine that it is sitting on many USGOV and MIL systems.

Now imagine that all that telemetry from those systems is going to RUSSIA.

Then alternatively consider that with all those systems running Eugene’s product, how easy it would be to say, inject a malware or a protocol into all of it to do… “Things”

Think about that hacker kids.

Think about that you spies too.

You all see where I am going with this right? Now of course you could maybe do that with another vendor too but how much more work would it be to do that with Symantec? What I am saying is that Eugene lives in Russia, his assets are there, his LIFE is there and if Putin were to sidle up and say “do this thing” what choice would he have? JESUS FUCK PEOPLE! You know who the next randomly dead Russian would be right Eugene?

So, all this fuckery around the code and exploits etc… Stop. It’s really about access and what could happen in a place where we have seen pretty nakedly what Putin wants and does. So no, the DoD should not have Kaspersky products on their shit. I would be really surprised if they did given where it is made and managed… But then again, I think about all those SF86’s and China and… Fuck….

So there you have it. We are in another hot cold war with a Putichurian candidate in office. Do you really think we need the trifecta of Eugene’s access potential to be expanded to the military?

Yeah neither do I.


Written by Krypt3ia

2017/07/03 at 16:38

Informatsionnaya Voyna

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As I write this the Twitter-sphere is on fire as the President Elect tweets that he does not believe the IC that the 2016 election cycle was tampered with by Russia (KGB and GRU) by Putin’s orders. Many people in the media and online are all up in arms over Turnip’s refusals and the hue and cry over how the IC should present what they have to Congress, the Electoral College members, and the people of the United States. I for one am sick of this back and forth armchair NATSEC bullshit. So here are my beefs in simple sentences for the simple minded…

If the IC says something happened then we should have an investigation.

Evidence from Crowdstrike on the DNC hack was enough for me to say we need a better investigation.

The fact that the RNC had nothing of merit dropped on them as DOX go to Wikileaks or elsewhere says volumes on direction of the attack.

Now that the IC is coming out of the shadows with allegations then the government should look at the voting machines forensically as well as other systems polling places use.

The hacking of the DNC was just ONE part of a LARGER action taken by the KGB and GRU and people should STOP just focusing on the DNC hack. It was an Informatsionnaya Yoyna operation!

People need to fucking STOP yammering about “why” Putin wanted to do this and his goals. His goals were to upset the apple cart here and IF he got a USEFUL IDIOT to control in the bargain even better!

Fake news is really PROPAGANDA just fucking call it what it is!


Fuck Turnip, stop listening to him at all. He is a pathological narcissist and NEEDS to feel that he is in control, he is wonderful, and he is LOVED by his minions.

FOCUS on how we are going to react to this! Do we allow this guy to be in the Whitehouse after we KNOW Russia played us?

We need to act or that dystopia everyone talks about will be fucking real!

Ok, now that I have that out of my system… Go read this NATO FM on Russian Information Warfare. You need to understand your enemy to react to them.


Written by Krypt3ia

2016/12/12 at 20:58