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Inspire Magazine Analysis: Going Green for College Age Recruits

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Now that the file has been around a while, I have gotten around to reading all 61 pages of it and have the following analysis to blog about. After thinking about it a bit and doing some research from data culled from the file and the prose I have to say that yes, this is a slick attempt at recruitment for the teen-twenty somethings in the West. However, when I say slick, I only mean that it has some interesting graphics and methods to get kids to join their cause. On the whole though, it is an uneven piece of propaganda that does harbor some serious portents about things that I have mentioned here before.

  • They are adopting espionage tradecraft
  • They are splintering further down, advocating small independent action cells
  • They are using encrypted communications and advocating for more secure operations online
  • They have begun marketing to the “youth culture”
  • That same “youth culture” that idealists inhabit includes the “green movement” arguments
  • They have begun to adopt the more mainstream propaganda tools of major governments

I have to say, these guys are learning and they I swear that they have begun to read psyops texts as well as advertising age to get to where they think they need to be to win. This is something different, however, this is not as much of a threat to the nation as “they” would have you think it is per their posts and chatter after its release and subsequent hacking/infection by malware.

All they really need to do next is watch “Cool Hunters” on PBS and then apply some more of these tactics.. Then they could maybe sell.. Well, would any Western teen buy into the 72 virgins idea? I think not. So, they try to be slick and all Mad Men, but they fail because of what they are trying to sell…

Religious zealotry and a culture of loving death.

Which, I should think is quite the opposite of the Western mindset. Of course they are trying to get the whole “It’s an adventure” thing going with all the talk of going on site and fighting the good fight, but, it just will not ring true with the majority here in the US. Of course, there are always those who are willing to follow along. I think though, that most will have to be deranged or brain washed by the local Imam and cell mosque in order to really buy  a ticket and bring a friend along for the ride. These folks also more than likely will be originally from other countries that they feel ties to which are re-enforced by this type of rhetoric.

So, here are some observations:

First article attempts to make a “green” argument for jihad and the removal of the US from the area. This is an alleged piece by OBL and claims that all of our problems with the world are oil based and this can be remedied by Jihad. In other words Allah will be loving it if you get the khafir out of the Muslim lands. Once that happens its all good.

This was quite interesting to see OBL getting all green. Somehow I doubt it was actually him doing the writing here. I just don’t see OBL wearing a Greenpeace shirt and protecting a baby harp seal.. Do you?

The articles vacillate between saying if you leave there will be peace to “all khafir must die” There are some wild mood swings in this pdf. Its almost like you were talking to someone under anger management therapy and you have to talk them off the ledge.

Mukhtar’s piece is oriented toward college age males with media board bandito imagery. He also advocates brining a friend and learning the language. This is the very “college” looking piece and is aimed at the twenty somethings. I would hazard a guess too, that the handwritten look is not just a type font, but in fact someone’s actual handwriting. Let the graphologists loose!

Abu Musab Al Suri’s piece advocates small cell/single jihadi terrorism. There is a long section of history and philosophy on their war thus far. They have learned that the agile force is the one that is hard to catch, hard to destroy, and has the most bang for their buck. Thus they are advocating making small bombs at home that could kill 10 people as a process to learning how to make bigger ones. All the while they are using guerrilla warfare tactics and philosophy to sell jihad everywhere. What it boils down to is this: Do this at home and breed fear. This is a dangerous idea because inevitably there will be people who buy into this. The bomb making section has been removed from the document for your and my protection.

Technologically, they are getting more savvy. The writers have given the would be jihadi’s pointers in internet security that include the use of encryption technologies (Al Majahden 2) which I have written about before and have a copy that has been pulled apart. They even go as far as to show how to authenticate that the program is official with hashing sigs. They also are advocating the use of proxies as well as being in internet cafes. Another surprise was a section on cell phone safety too AND the use of live distro’s on USB. It was inevitable as all this is out there on the hacking sites anyway.

In the final analysis, they also put in their pulic key as well as a series of emails to contact with with. Ironically, the actual posting o the pubkey gave me something to use in Maltego and it turned up some very interesting results! I will be chasing those down in the near future as well as more on the email addresses.

I wonder if there will be an issue #2….

I have to say though, that their market of young and impressionable individuals may be swayed by some of their arguments. They do lay them out logically (well their logic) and try to use the tools of the west on itself, but then you hit the sections of “kill all kafir!” and you have to go

“whoa, where was I?”

As a psy-op they have gotten off to an interesting start…

The full file sans bomb making plans can be downloaded HERE The sections omitted have graven images of Muhammad so YAY fatwa’s on me! Take a long swig of something and sit down to read the drivel.


Auditing Career: Dealing with Mentally Unstable Managers

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My Psychologist friend jokingly suggested that auditors receive training  on how to interact with people suffering with  Attention Deficit Disorders, bipolar disorders and in group dynamics in the corporate environment.    A company’s culture is a very complex organism.   Even the smallest places have complicated political and social layers (silos) that have nothing to do with the official roles and functions performed by individuals and shown in organizational charts.    Decisions in organizations, anyone who is observant will confirm, are not always made based on logic, business reasoning, policies, controls, and/or the need to comply with external regulations.  They are often made based on fear, anger, sexual attraction, insecurity, jealousy, greed, hate, prejudices and confusion. Because of these things, it is easy for mentally unstable people to “hide” in the open.   In many organizations these behaviors are sheltered because those at the top benefit from that sort of culture.

I love this line that I have highlighted, because really, its the basis of 99% of the decisions made in corporations. Much of that decision making process on the lower levels (operations) are made for the more base desires founded within the daily sloth of individuals that comprise the management set.


The thrust of this article is predicated on the idea that many people in positions of management are in fact potentially mentally ill, or show signs of such behavior. I can see some of that, but that is not the case all of the time. This article does not take into account the sloth and greed factors as much as they should be I think on a gross product level within American corporations. Sure there is a lot of greed, but, the closer assessment I have made has been that no one wants to be responsible and would rather just have a “good day” and go home after a solid 7.5 hours of internet surfing.

Other areas of concern would be ineptitude, negligence, lack of capacity for comprehension, and general lacksadazical attitudes on the parts of many where these matters (security/audit) are concerned. These are also backed by the near absolute lack of real follow through by entities to fine and or censure companies that do not comply with regulations and really audit companies well to assure they are doing their part.

So, lacking any real negative re-enforcements, the masses fall into a complacency that allows for such behaviors and feelings of entitlement on the part of managers etc. Also, because of the varying morays of corporations, it is also possible to maximize the behavior because the “manager” is God in the org and can do nothing wrong. If they want that open pipe to the internet to surf YouTube and have a sub standard (and against written corporate policy) password as well as no hard drive encryption to boot, then BY GOD they should have it because they are “management”

In a word, I would say that much of corporate America is “dysfunctional” and needs a good spanking as well as be sent to bed without supper! Or maybe, just maybe some more and REAL oversight in how they do their business should be carried out. Much like we are now seeing with the whole issues with Goldman Sachs and their cavalier attitudes on selling “pure intellectual masturbation” to the masses, thus crashing the economy.


On the other hand, were you to take these features into account when you are auditing a company (more to the point penetrating one) then you could use all of these features in your attack. So, remember, always look at not only the threatscape, but also the psy-scape for your openings. Open your ears and take mental notes, because that sub standard password and other breaking of the rules could get you in much further much faster than by having to gain a toehold elsewhere kids.


Adventures In House Hunting: “It rubs the lotion on its skin”

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Yesterday we began our house search. As it was the first day of this we decided to only see five houses in the same town so as to not run us down and to ease into the fun. The first house was nice and we liked the house itself but the property was somewhat small and crowded.

The second house though was the adventure.

We pulled into the neighborhood and I already knew that this would not be a place that I would consider, but, we had to carry on to see the place. From the outside it may have been ok at first glance, but, once you really opened your eyes you began to sense the foreboding of what was to come.

The house, which had another smaller “house” behind it. It was more like a double wide trailer that had been turned into a one room inlaw apartment. The back yard, or front yard as the little house would see it, contained two rows of what looked to be apple or pear trees in an unruly line that almost demarkated the property line. Behind the little house was a cemetary… Yeah, nice, as I put it later;

“Look, the previous owners and the builders of the house are still here!”

Yeah, creepy. So, the broker went to the door and the kid inside wanted us to go look at the back property first and come back for the house. So we did. As soon as we got into the house I knew it had to be one of two reasons that he did this.

1) He needed to cover the pot smell in the house from his huge water bong hits he was doing while watching anime.


2) He had to do away with the body he was presently dressing and or cooking.

The kid made a few statements about the place then took off. The air smelled heavily of some smell I had never had invade my nostrils before. It was likely a combination of pot and some odd incense, but man, it was strong. Onward we pressed though, we looked at the bottom and top floors, even the attic (creepy) but it wasn’t until the basement that I began to feel an odd sensation of “I’ve seen this before somewhere…” Perhaps it was all the old religious iconography and odd bits in the house… Or maybe it was just a strange sense of decor for a 20 year old.

The basement was raw earth and rock (an old house) with odd bits of old junk hung here and there. A single uncovered bulb illuminated the basement in such a way, that I couldn’t help but feel that I was somehow in the basement of Jame Gumb!

It puts the lotion on its skin!

"It puts the lotion on its skin!"

I half turned to see my broker look at me with the same expression of “shit, isn’t this about where a death head moth lands on our neck and the lights go out?” but we held our tongues not knowing just where the kid was. It was a brainwave as it turned out because we were both thinking the same thing.

Upon getting back into the car and starting out the drive, the broker said;

Broker: “Well, that was an interesting place”

Me: “Yeah, uh, at least a death head moth didn’t land on us in there! It puts the lotion on its skin!”

Broker: “Yeah, that movie sure left an impression huh?”

Hahahaha.. Yeah, well the next couple houses were much better and the second to the last was something that we have begun to do number crunching on. More houses to look at next weekend, but, we may have found what we are looking for already…


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Interesting Email Exchange

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Manhunter 1986

Hannibal: Manhunter 1986

From A. Friend: As the last Grissom episode plays on

I’m watching the most recent two eps of CSI, the ones surrounding
Grissom’s departure. I hate CSI, but after watching the 1986 film
_Manhunter_ I became a big fan of William Petersen’s acting. These are
his departing eps, and I figured I’d watch them.

Of course, it has to go out on a bang. They’ve brought in an excellent
actor to play a serial killer — unfortunately, they haven’t given this
excellent actor much to work with. Honestly, the portrayal makes me
sick: not that the character is so revolting, but that he is portrayed
as a creepy figure of intellectual evil.

In other words, not at all like a real serial.

I wonder when Hollywood is going to wake up. The real horror about
serials isn’t that they’re creepy figures of intellectual evil; it’s
that ninety-nine percent of the time they appear as normal as you or me.
They also tend not to be evil geniuses; while they’re often more
intelligent than the norm, they don’t follow the genius prototype.

I’ve been disgusted — utterly disgusted — by Hollywood’s embrace of
the serial killer as the apotheosis of evil. If you’re going to take
the real extreme in human evil and turn it into a fictional portrayal of
the same, shouldn’t the fictional portrayal at least bear some
similarity to the real material?

Incidentally, if you want to see an excellent portrayal of a
super-intelligent serial killer, watch _Manhunter_. It’s the first film
appearance of Hannibal Lecter. Brian Cox plays him, not Anthony
Hopkins. Cox portrays him as a very normal, intelligent, charming guy,
up until he’s talking to someone he respects — at which point he drops
the veneer and becomes an intelligent, amoral sociopath who sees no
point in either hiding it or glorifying it. It’s a chilling portrayal,
all the moreso because I can believe it.

My reply:

I am watching too right now as I am about to manage a post on aspergers
and Gary McKinnon. I am there with you though on the “evil genius”
serial killer thing that Hollywood puts out.

Obviously you saw my little tidbits not too long before I quit the LJ
from my friends down in Quantico. Yeah, it’s all about the creepy evil
genius and not so much about the reality of sexual sadists and
sociopaths. I liken the Hollywood version to the utter lack of
credibility they have where hacking is concerned too.

Of course in the Lecter cycle (books) he was much more dimensional than
in the movies, but I must admit that I liked the way Hopkins played him.
As for the Manhunter, I can say that it sits in my DVD collection as a
part of the trinity. I was more creeped out by “Hannibal” than the
others though as Lecter just seemed completely unhinged. Of course I had
read all the books, so I read much more into things.

I can also one up you on the Peterson thing.. Check out “To Live And Die
In L.A.” He and Willem Defoe do a bang up job in that one. It’s all
about a counterfeiter and a cop chasing him… But I digress…

I have had an interest in the field of psychological “profiling” as the
FBI (John Douglas and the BSU which he founded) since the time that I
first read Silence just before the film hit. Though I have never taken
any official courses, I have had a long and abiding desire to read all I
could on the subject from the actual folks doing the work. It is truly
nothing like anything in Hollywood except for one exception.

In the beginning episode of Millennium, Frank Black makes a statement in
a conversation:

Frank: I see what the killer sees.
Bletcher: What, like a psychic?
Frank: No. I put myself in his head. I become the thing we fear the
Bletcher: How?
Frank: I become capability. I become the horror– what we know we can
become only in our heart of darkness. It’s my gift. It’s my curse.
That’s why I retired.

>From what I have gleaned from Douglas at least, this comes the closest
at times to what he did at least. You get into the mindset of the
killer. Look at why they do the things they do. Signatures that they are
laying out by wrote, even if they are doing so overtly they do so out of
compulsion. And that is what serial homicide is, compulsion by a
diseased mind. Which, as you might remember comes through in the
conversation of Wil and Lecter in Manhunter.

Will Graham: I know that I’m not smarter than you.
Doctor Hannibal Lecktor: Then how did you catch me?
Will Graham: You had disadvantages.
Doctor Hannibal Lecktor: What disadvantages?
Will Graham: You’re insane.

Lastly, I think Hollywood finally did get one movie about a serial
killer right. That movie was “Monster” about Aileen Wournos. I think it
captured much of her history as it was cobbled together. She was more a
spree killer though, so, it’s not quite the same. In her case too, there
was a great deal of abuse that triggered the start of her MO. Partly a
way to take control of her life as well as a means to an end to survive.

All in all, I am there with you man.

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