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The Canny Authoritarian Climate Change Synergy

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It’s been a while since I have typed anything into this blog, and as I continue to eschew caring much about the cybers to write anything about them, I have had more time to ponder. It’s the tail end of 2022 now and boy, have we been through some shit huh? First it was Trump, the authoritarian (ok, Fascist) interloper on to the American Democratic experiments stage. His ascension with the help of Russia and the “alt-right” was just the opening salvo in a war that is only heating up today.

During Trumps 4 year attempt to disrupt, degrade, and grift America, we also began to reap the whirlwid of climate change. Climate changes effects started to bubble up, but, it was the encroachment of man on climate (and maybe other manmade forces) that allowed for SARS-CoV-2 to rear its ugly head and throw everything into a tail spin. It seems that the forces of nature have a sense of irony, as COVID began to spread around the world, allowing for even more grift and fascist behavior to be facilitated within the Trump administration.

Add to this, the outbreak of the Ukraine war, and the effects of Putin attempting to destabilize the rest of the world by manipulation of gas and other trade, we have a trifecta of cause and effect that has put the whole world on a very uneven kilter. If you are paying attention though, you might be seeing a pattern within the global news though, and that has sometimes been splashed onto your screen with headlines like the following;

While Trump may have emboldened them, the fact of the matter is, that they all are seeing openings, or urgency to act now and obtain control. The reason for this is that they are seeing the changes that are happening climactically and politically and they see a future where they need to be in control or they will perish. Some, may in fact be more financially driven and see an opportunity to command and grift before the times become really bad, but, most through a canny self interest see the opportunity and urgency and are acting now. Now is the time to strike due to all the turmoil and uncertainty.

Throughout the world we have seen the rise of these movements, and the people that support them have the same fear reaction and possibly see the writing on the wall and want to belong to the “strong man” party like something out of a post apocalyptic movie. Only the strong man can save them, he will take care of them, shelter them from the storms and the shortages…

Meanwhile, in particular, the United States, the RNC has completely kneeled to the power they percieve Trump and his dark forces have in a rough calculus that only the strong man can not only shelter them, but, to give them their every desire on re-shaping a world that is inexorably changing around them in ways that they are uncomfortable with. Most of that discomfort comes from their being a minority party, and perhaps even a minority in skin color, or religiosity. They see their hegemony dying and they are not going into that dying of the light quietly, and will sign up with one of the worst people in history, who’s name will be uttered with the likes of Hitler and Stalin, even if he did not get to commit the atrocities that they did.

In the last few months, we all have been party to climate change over this summer. The UK’s runways melting, much of the US in a drought, and temps that have been in a sustained triple digit area. Storms are becoming more frequently dangerous, flooding parts of the country that it did not before, and even now, we are seeing more serious lightning strikes causing death and destruction because there are more and more powerful storms being created by the conditions brought on by climactic changes. With these forces and the political instability we are seeing continuing we will see more adept fascist psychopaths attempt to curry power in order to have the control the need in order to be in control and keep their way of life in power.

As for myself, I have been sitting here watching and reading the news, doing research when I have the energy, and feeling an overwhelming sense of despair at the situation. The media is ill equipped to delineate disinformation and misinformation from the truth. The internet is a sewer of all of the worst elements out there seeking to control the narrative, and the companies that facilitate the medium have generally done a piss poor job at trying to fight it all.

It’s simply not in their financial interest to do so.

Personally, I am taking a more fatalistic approach to it all. There is nothing I can do or say that will change the paradigm. I can blog here, but what does it really mean? I have some readership but the net effect of me saying anything is just pissing in the wind. Nope, all I can do is maybe make my thoughts clear and put them here for some to read and perhaps have some small catharsis from getting it out of my head onto the page.

One hopes that the J6 committee and the DOJ will put a stop to Trump’s next run, but, I hold out little hope of that happening. The mid terms are coming, and the likelihood is, that the Dems will lose, and when that happens, everything that they may have done to right this ship will be undone.

Hate will rise.

Authoritarian’s emboldened, will seek to carry out more overt actions.

The center will not hold.


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