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The Cordoba Mosque and Captain Waffle

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I believe that I may have mentioned this before, but, with all the talking heads going on about the Cordoba “Mosque” and our president’s recent waffling on it all, I felt that I had to get some thoughts out here. I shall be as succinct as I can be.

1) The first amendment is the foundation of our nation.. Thus it is the “FIRST” amendment. We cannot block the creation of any church anywhere on the grounds that we don’t want them near something like the 9/11 site.

2) Those would go all Mos Eysley about it, lets just put it this way.. Don’t you think that the FBI would be all over that place from the start? Don’t you think with all this attention that it will be a high priority? Not to say that this place is going to be a cell mosque though..

3) Yes, it has an unfortunate name (Cordoba) has a bad history but its just a name…

4) Dear President Obama, you said it right the first time.. They have the right to worship per the first amendment, the foundation of our nation. Please don’t waffle any more here to pander to the other side of this issue, to those who just can’t take the fact that this mosque sits a couple blocks away from the towers.

It sullies you.. It sullies our nations beliefs, and it makes one sick to think that the reality really is all about politicking

It’s not even a full mosque by the way and it is certainly not a siege weapon.

5) When I agree with the likes of Carl Rove on an issue like this, you have to know that this is a really fucked up situation.

6) Dear Sarah “I like to shoot wildlife from helicopters” Palin.. STFU…You add nothing but useless drivel to the argument… Just had to say that.

7) 9 years later and we still have not risen above this penny ante shit? At least try and understand your own countries beliefs and rules first.. And then do some research on others ways before you start condemning them all as terrorists or sympathizers.. Never mind gross generalities about their religious beliefs.

All in all, this is all being used as a platform for the teabaggers of the world.. The gaping mouth breathing rabble that make us all look bad.

All of you.. STFU.