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Kavkaz Jihad: AQ’s Little Brother

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The recent bombing in Minsk brought me to thinking about the little brother to AQ’s big brother in the Chechen jihad of the Baltic. While the idea had been floated that the  Minsk bombing was the work of the Chechen’s, I frankly don’t buy that and neither do many of the Belarusians. Had it been the Chechen’s, who have no real bone to pick with Belarus, they would have claimed the victory over their Russian oppressors… Not to mention that Belarus is not Russia.

In the end, my thoughts drifted back to the Chechen’s as it does once in a while. When people here in the states think of Jihad they usually do not think whatsoever about the Baltics, but then again the American populace is rather lacking in the history area and may not realise the issues that have been burning so long in the area.




All of them dealing with Muslim and non Muslim fighting as well as the spectre of ethnic cleansing. So easily we forget that we had troops there and we attempted to stop the genocide, albeit feebly. So, the fomenting of Jihad movements in those areas should be no surprise to anyone in the know. However, the Chechen’s are singularly focused on the Russians who oppressed them and still do. So I guess it is easy for some to overlook them as a problem because they are really focused on hitting Russia where it hurts and gaining their own freedom.

This however should not be taken at face value and discounted from the bigger picture.

The Chechen Jihad has everything to do with AQ today as does AQAP or even the Malaysian vectors I have talked about before. For some time now fighters have been training in the Caucasus with the Kavkaz crews. In fact, there has been a healthy transfer of knowledge and training between them for some time. This exchange also has been enabling the Chechen’s to aling with the Ansar types online and share their videos and blogs like the one above. The net effect is that the little brother may in fact become a larger player as a training ground and support infrastructure in more than a few ways.

Think about it this way.. Look at these faces:

All of these shahidi could pass for any non Mediterranean coming and going just as some of the recent recruits like Emerson Begolly here in the US, was blonde and blue eyed. The big difference though between Begolly and these guys is that these guys trained and fought in the mountains of Chechnya against Russian forces.

They were battle hardened.

I would also like to point out that the sector of the world where these camps are and Kavkaz is, is less scrutinised than places like Yemen and other Middle East locations where we are so very focused on. Infil and Exfiltration would be easier to carry out and once in the mountains the training can go on pretty much uninterrupted. To me, this makes for a ripe area that AQ might take advantage of. Maybe that’s just me.

I have been watching the net presence of the Chechen Jihad and it has been growing and expanding ties with the regualr AQ venues, so I think its time more people (that means you guys in cubicles in Langley as well as the Fusion Centers) to pay a little more attention to the Baltics.

Time to keep an eye on them.


Domain Data:

Base Record Name IP Reverse Route AS cname

6 hours old

United States


Google , Inc

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ASSESSMENT: Anonymous Caucasus, Electronic Army of the Caucasus Emirate

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Screenshot from 2014-01-11 16:36:01

Jihad 3.0

The time it seems may be upon us where Anonymous meets Jihad, something I am calling Jihad 3.0 for the moment. Very recently a site has popped up as well as a video therein claiming that a new Anonymous cell calling itself “Anonymous Caucasus” They have made a splash by declaring an OP against the Sochi Olympics and the Russian government for crimes against the Caucasus Emirates. Now this is a big deal in the sense that already Russia has been the site of two “Black Widow” suicide bombings prior to the games actually starting as well as this is the first nexus between Anonymous and Jihad.

Think about this for a moment. Anonymous, an idea online is now being used as a weapon within the Islamic Jihad ostensibly as an electronic army to backstop the greater jihad. This will no doubt cause some consternation to not only some Anon’s perhaps but also to the terrorism analysis and warfare set as well. It seems perhaps that Vilayat Dagestan is taking a page from the Syrian playbook here and following the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) model. Of course one wonders just how much power this group will have in the area of hacking but in tandem with kinetic attacks and intelligence gathering, this could be a new generation in the GWOT.

Anonymous Caucasus, Electronic Army of the Caucasus Emirate:

رسالتنا هي للحكومة الروسية و إلى كل الشركات التي هي جزء من ألعاب سوتشي و تضع كل دولار لإقامة هذه الألعاب على أرضنا . الأرض التي تمت فيها الإبادة الجماعية للقفقاسيين في عام 1864 حيث تم إبادة أكثر من 1 مليون شخص . مجهولو القوقاز يؤمنون بأن ألعاب سوتشي ستقام فوق أكثر من مليون قبر لأشخاص أبرياء نفقوا في الإبادة الجماعية . عار على روسيا و على كل قفقاسي يؤيد إقامة تلك الألعاب على أرض وطننا . اليوم مجهولو القوقاز قرروا القيام بعملية جديدة ، عملية PayPackSotchi أكبر عملية ضد الحكومة الروسية و سنشن الحرب الإلكترونية عليها. اليوم مجهولو القوقاز أقوى من أي وقت مضى و نشاطنا سيكون عالمي . نحن ندعم كل الأمم القفقاسية التي هي ضد روسيا و ضد أعداء الإسلام. سنجعل الحكومة الروسية تفكر 1000 مرة قبل أن تقرر أن تقوم بأي شيء على أرضنا . اخرجو من ارضنا ، اخرجوا أو سنجعلكم تحت اقدامنا . اذا العالم سينسى المسلمين و مجهولي القوقاز فنحن لن ننسى أبدا . حربنا الإلكترونية ضد روسيا سوف تؤثر على جميع الحكومات و مواقع الشركات التي هي جزء من ألعاب سوتشي و جزء من محاربة الإسلام . نحن دائما موحدون و أبدا متفرقون و أفعالنا ستثبت من نحن . هجومنا الأخير على البنوك الروسية كان مجرد دعابة . سنقتل روسيا بنجاحاتنا و سندفنها بابتسامتنا . هجومنا سيودي بالحكومة الروسية إلى الحضيض و سيجعل العالم يعرف من هم القفقاسيين و من هم المدافعين عن الإسلام . هذا اليوم سيأتي قريبا كما هو معتاد و الشر بذاته سوف يتهاوى . سنضحي بأنفسنا من أجل كل شخص حر و كل إنسان لم يكن يملك أي شيء سيكون الان مفعم بالقوة ضد الشر . نحن مجهولو القوقاز … لن ننسى أبدا …. لن نسامح أبدا … ترقبونا

Our message is to the Russian government and to all the companies that are part of the Sochi Games and put every dollar to establish these games at home . The land in which the genocide of Afghanistan in 1864 where he was the extermination of more than one million people. Unknown Caucasus believe that the Sochi Games will be held over the grave of more than a million innocent people had died in the genocide . Shame on Russia and all Agafqasa supported the establishment of those games in our homeland . Today unknown Caucasus decided to do a new process PayPackSotchi largest operation against the Russian government and will launch electronic warfare on them. Unknown Caucasus today is stronger than ever and our business will be global . We support all the nations of the Caucasus , which is against Russia and against the enemies of Islam . The Russian government will make you think 1000 times before you decide to do anything on our land . Akharjo of our land , or get out Sndjalkm under our feet . If the Muslim world will forget and unknown Caucasus , we will never forget . E fight against Russia will affect all governments and corporate sites that are part of the Sochi Games and part of the fight against Islam . We are always united and never dispersed and our actions will prove who we are. Our attack on the last Russian banks was just a teaser . Russia will kill our successes and Sndfnha Baptsamtna . Our attack will claim the Russian government to the bottom and make the world know who they are Caucasians , and they are defenders of Islam . This day will come soon, as usual , and evil itself will crumble . Sacrifice ourselves for each person is free to everyone and did not have anything now going to be full of force against evil . We Caucasus unknown … We will never forget …. Will never forgive … Triqbona

Statement from the Anonymous Caucasus

The above statement is directed toward the Russian government and the Sochi games but really does not say much about what attacks are to come. They mention attacks against banks but little more than “look out we’re coming for you” as is often the case with an anonymous operation. The Arabi here for the most part translated as if it was already written in English and translated into it but it seems perhaps that the author is fluent in not only English but also Russian and Arabic. As announcements go this site is some what green with many functions not yet up for use but generally it seems they are somewhat serious about not being taken off line (cloudflare) as well as having the media savvy for a slick video set and graphic design.


Screenshot from 2014-01-11 16:37:46@AnonymousCaucasus

Screenshot from 2014-01-11 17:15:18WHOIS

Screenshot from 2014-01-11 19:37:33Hacking of site on Vilayat Dagestan site by Anonymous Caucasus

In looking at all of the site data and looking behind the scenes a bit has been interesting. It seems from the WHOIS data and the links to and from the site (including shared infrastructure such as email) link Anonymous Caucasus directly with Vilayat Dagestan. Vilayat Dagestan is aligned with Islamism and has ties to Al Qaeda. In fact all of you out there may in fact be remembering the ties that Tamerlan and Dzokhar had to the area and to the same group ostensibly when Tamerlan went to the old country to visit. The question then becomes is this actually a funded operation by Vilayat and the Caucasus Emirate or is this a smoke screen for some kind of attention and support? Since the sites tie right back to each other with shared infrastructure it is my opinion that this is in fact an approved operation by Vilayat.

These facts, the connections to the Mujahideen and the actual words spoken on the Anon Caucasus video show it to be not only an anonymous emulating group but also in fact part of the greater jihad. This then makes it a new twist in the GWOT for us all. As stated above it remains to be seen just what capabilities this group will have but the paradigm itself is what is more important in the grander scheme. For the moment though we can see they have hacked at least one site and show proof of it with a dump on pastebin as well. Of course the reality of most hacking operations with regard to Anon as well as the jihad thus far have only been propaganda oriented. We have yet to see real operational intelligence being gathered and used by AQ and others in theatre so to many this may also seem just an interesting twist. We will have to see what happens when the games begin and move on. Perhaps these guys are all bravado… Perhaps other Anon’s might not like this group’s using their nom de guerre for terrorism…

Interesting times….


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Darknet Jihad

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Jihad on the Darknet

A couple years ago now I took a dip into the darknet and saw a sparse jihadi arcology forming. Today I took another tip toe through with jihad in mind and came up with a couple more sites. It seems thus far that the jihadi’s are not overly capable of holding down their sites in the clearnet because of the DERPD0S crews working the clearnets. So thinking that they will migrate to the dark may be a stretch at the present time overall. However, there have been a few in the past and there is one larger player today that may in fact get the others thinking about launching in the deep web.

Not to put this out there but well I am going to beg the question. Since all the DERPD0S and the assclownery one has to wonder just how long it is until the brothers get wise and place their sites in the dark. I mean sure, you can still attack them but you certainly can’t drop their domain’s through reporting them or looking for their expiration dates right? I do suppose that a DERPD0S in the darknet would work just as well but were you to keep the site real secret squirrel like you might have a better chance at real SECOPS no?

I know I know.. they aren’t that advanced on average (the average jihadi Joe or Jane) … Derp.


The first real player in this space though is the Kavkaz site. Kavkaz Center is a site and org that is considered by the US to be a terrorist org. The Russians have banned it and many do not really consider it a “news source” for anything other than Muslim (albeit Chechen) jihad. On their site today in the darknets you can get all kinds of information (news) as well as some media such as books on jihad. You can see the same content (mostly) mirrored online in the clearnet as well but in poking around on here I seem to be seeing things that are not a direct mirror which is interesting. Kavkaz as you might suspect also may have played a part in the Boston Bombings as they are the same players who were idolized by the Tsarnaev brothers. I have also written in the past about the Caucus campaigns including about another kid in the US who wanted to be a shahid but only ended up biting a Special Agent and landing in jail. I suggest that you all out there get to know the Caucuses because this is a hotbed of activity that has rivaled the new Syrian training grounds of jihad today. It has not slowed down and Russia will only put up with so much. The threat though is there even for us as we have seen with the Tsarnaev plot.



The next jihadi darknet site is one that I have remarked upon before and has been pretty steady in uptime. The “Fund The Islamic Struggle Without Leaving a Trace” embraces the new technology of not only the darknet but also that of Bitcoins! The current wallet has a little over 2 coins in it and I have yet to really work on the wallet/blockchain angle as yet to see who it may belong to. This site interests me because on the face of it it could be a future issue at least within the West I think. It could be an interesting way to transfer money outside of the regular banking system as this currency is still off the radar for the most part where regulations are concerned. Once again though the hindrance here seems to be the lack of jihadi’s technical abilities to get into the darknet as well as create sites online I think. It is a new-ish technology but these guys here may be on the road towards more activity along the lines of Kavkaz.

Transient Jihadi Sites

According to TORCH (search engine in the darknet) there was a jihadi site (the usual PHP sites) that seems to have fallen off somewhere in the past year. I could not get a cache (this ain’t Googled kids) so no real idea on the content other than the description in TORCH that it was a jihadi site where people could discus the jihad. This alleged site reminded me of an idea I had in the past about the “transient” sites out there. If one were looking to have a covert channel site one could turn off the site and turn it on when wanted. It would make it harder to access/find and especially given the nature of the darknet as it is not “searched” by bots like Google. Let’s put it this way, if I wanted to be more stealth I would have a transient site with a pre-determined second channel communication to let people know when it will be accessible. All in all, in looking at the darknet where this is concerned it is still in it’s infancy. Others seem to have missed these sites (such as the INSS DOH!) but hey, they aren’t so technically inclined either eh? I will keep looking for the lulz out there and when I see something new and interesting I will let you know…



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The Stand Alone Complex and Jihad

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Stand Alone Complexes

I have written in the past about the “Stand Alone Complex” and I have to say that recent events still have me fascinated with the premise. I would say that perhaps the Boston bombing in and of itself shows how the “SAC” applies to jihad and lone wolves once you begin to look at it in that light as well. The Tsarnaev’s (Tamerlan mostly in my assessment) latched on to jihad (literally) only after his personal goals were not attained in boxing and other areas. He then molded his ideals and his aegis for the actions he would take in the bombing to the idea of Islamic Jihad though he had been raised primarily without a strong Muslim background (look at their photos while in Russia, mom is not wearing a hijab as she is now for example) and his profiles online all talked of Westernized goals of money and women. Yet, the global idea of “Jihad” became a lure for Tamerlan and Dzokhar that in the end was the justification for their actions on April 15th 2013. Note that I say it was a justification and not their sole goal here in my opinion. I do not believe that either were that devout just as I do not believe that Dzokhar will continue to be in his 6×6 cell from now on.

Global Jihad

I believe that the specter of global Islamic jihad has become the core of a larger SAC for all of these lone wolves out there. People with mental disorders or needs to believe in something that gravitate to the jihad to fulfill those needs. Remember that this brand of thought is one created or augmented by those who interpret the Koran just as others interpret the Bible as verbatim or an absolute truth. Some of these people who are interpreting these books and beliefs are doing so in a way to put forth their own goals and that is exactly what is happening on the macro and micro levels within the jihad. It is this echo effect that we are now seeing in the franchising of personal jihad as well as institutionalized jihad within the groups out there today such as the Chechen jihad that may or may not have played a part in the Boston incident.

Each jihad has a different bent and each jihadi has a personal bent for what they are doing. A majority may just cite the treatment of Palestinians or some other rubric around the lands of the ummah but for the most part I personally believe that each and every jihad and jihadi have their own reasons and interpretations of the movement that make them wish to join in. It is this personal jihad (which is talked about in and of jihad itself as a personal struggle in some interpretations) that I am focusing in on where it concerns the new wave of the fight.. The Lone Wolf jihad which has been the pivot for Al Qaeda as it has been marginalized by the war on terror. Jihad it seems has been packaged and sold in slick form by AQAP to appeal to those who have not been a part of the struggle in country and who are now being cajoled into taking up the sword by use of propaganda on the weaker minded of us all.

Lone Wolf Jihad

These “Lone Wolves” as they have been dubbed need not be Muslims to start and may as well not have any experience in the Middle East. The Tsarnaev’s had some experience (Tamerlan really) in the old country where the Jihad really came in the form of fighting against the Russians much like the Afghanistani fight that created the Mujahideen. Neither of the boys though really had enough time in country to see much of this fighting and thus were drawn into this web of thinking by imagery and propaganda online that they seemed to be seeking themselves. To date there is no evidence that the boys were supported by or egged on by any jihadi group (Imarat Kavkaz) actively. All of their content was passively passed vis a vis websites and YouTube pages where they had posted their nasheeds, fatwa’s and teachings online.

The same can be seen for the likes of Emerson Begolly who radicalized online and never got to act out his ambitions other than biting a couple of FBI agents when they arrested him. However both of these cases are good examples of “Lone Wolf Jihad” as well as SAC behavior. This is the basis of the idea of an Stand Alone Complex. These people are all unrelated, unaffiliated, and not likely to be acting out of a defined “same” motivations or goals other than some notion of “jihad” but the jihad becomes the appearance of “concerted effort” We are seeing by proxy of Inspire Magazine and other propaganda tools such as the YouTube videos online the movement of a stand alone complex by person(s) known and unknown to effect a goal. This then also plays into the extension of the SAC within the plot line of the series (Ghost In The Shell SAC) where a plotter (Goda) is seeking to make political change by using the idea of the SAC on all appearances while in reality he (in this case AQ directly) is manipulating the players to effect his political goals. In essence within the analogy here AQ is Goda and their enticement and propaganda campaign is not at all dissimilar. They are attempting to incite jihad using disparate players unknown to them with their propaganda tools to ensnare and motivate those willing or unstable enough to act out in furtherance of the global caliphate (ostensibly) or, more to the point, to wreak havoc and fulfill their own bloody desires.

The Media Cycle and Stand Alone Complex Jihad

The media is also playing a large part in this cycle and it should not be overlooked. The global jihad needs a global audience. They already have the internet but now they too also have the media ravening to report on anything they can concerning it. Look at all the media hype that surrounded the events of the Boston bombings and you can see the dynamic at work. It even reached the height of being something that the  bombers themselves reveled in as they carjacked someone’s SUV telling the owner that they were the bombers with pride or seeking recognition. Just as in the SAC on G.I.T.S. the media played a huge roll in the perpetuation of the complex. The laughing man became a zeitgeist or a meme in today’s terminology that perpetuated the SAC and expanded it.

An analogy today for us is the “Free Jahar” movement ongoing online. The coverage also cuts another way where so much has been made to make these two appear to be so well trained and lethal without really attempting to pick apart their ersatz plot for mistakes that it appears to others of a like mind that they were lions instead of inept would be terrorists. They got lucky in reality and the media made them out to be larger than life. Something that is playing right into the hands of the AQAP types who put this notion out there to begin with and what the boys latched on to and used to sow their brand of terror. In short, the media attention and the cycle that is still taking up vast swaths of online news pages copy will only insure that the SAC will only continue on and that those manipulating it (AQ) will re-double their efforts.

Future States

We have seen Anonymous as a form of SAC and now I think we can make a substantial case for the (lone wolf) jihad being one too. If this idea becomes more memetic and resonates with those of a like mind then we will see more of these types of attacks as well as those out there (not only AQ) trying to entice others to action as well. Both online and off I fear that as the media cycle churns on and AQAP comes out with their next triumphal issue of Inspire the reverberations will only geometrically increase. Time will tell as always but as we become more tightly connected through instant media while being closed off and alone at the same time we will allow for festering to begin in those psyches willing to act out. The repercussions of knee jerk reactions as well within the government will also create more fodder for those like minded to find reasons to radicalize too.

One re-enforces the other like ripples in a pond…


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The Tsarnaev’s Jihad

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The Tsarnaev History

As you all probably have seen ad-nauseum on the news the history of the Boston Marathon perpetrators has been re-constructed by people who know them and subjected to almost a minute by minute accounting it seems. Yet only now are dribs and drabs coming out through interviews on the news of how devout Tamerlan had become and perhaps how radical he really was. It seems that the boys had hidden well their growing radical beliefs from everyone around them formally but if you paid attention you could see the signs. For all intents and purposes though, the boys seemed to be assimilating (Djokhar more than Tamerlan) to life in the states but once you start prying back the veil you can see much more was going on.

In articles and blog posts throughout the internet a picture is emerging on the boys, their family dynamic which lends to the idea that this family had its share of issues and perhaps a history of unbalanced behavior as well. The mother for example was caught shop lifting $1,600.00 worth of clothing from a Lord & Taylor as well as has been described by others as being a 9/11 “Truther” while the father has been painted as a thug or a tough who also has been called crazy by some. So, you can see that as we go along, like any family they have their foibles. All of this though does not make for a radical jihadi unless you add to this a longing for a history, a kinship to their titular home (Dagestan/Kyrgyzstan/Chechnya) and an increasing feeling of disenfranchisement with their adoptive home.

Suffice to say that the Tsarnaev’s are and were a complex lot and out of all of them given what we know now, the only one who really assimilated seemed to be Djokhar. Sadly though he decided I think, to follow his elder brother into Jihad because of the influence over him that Tamerlan had. However, I could be wrong, perhaps Djokhar always had the seed of jihad within and it only evolved naturally.. Only time will tell once he is no longer sedated and able to answer questions I guess. On the whole though I will say that they hid their tendencies and plans for a long time without anyone being the wiser. Even their online behavior has been hard to prize out and get a clear picture of their plans as well as their involvement in jihad.


As it is coming out in the news these last couple of days it seems that the key to the events that lead up to the bombing was a trip to Russia by Tamerlan in 2011. This trip also kicked off the FSB’s query to the FBI here to look into Tamerlan for what would later be seen as radical beliefs that he indeed did have. The FBI looked into Tamerlan and found nothing at the time but it seems that perhaps even this event in and of itself would lead Tamerlan to carry out the final Boston plan as it held up his petition to become a citizen here. Was that the last straw on the camels back? One really has to wonder about that. Obviously Tamerlan at the very least was becoming radicalized, enough for the FSB to make that call because he had said things in Russia or had been seen colluding with people known to be radical.

Interestingly it wasn’t until after his trip to Moscow that Tamerlan set up the YouTube site and linked to the Dagestani jihad videos and those of the radical Imam. Thus I expect that he came into contact with someone there who had the key to his radical jihadi lock so to speak and opened him up to it all. Just as well he was there for six months and could in fact have had training while he was there in bomb making as evidenced by the pressure cooker bombs they used at the marathon. The question then becomes was he inducted and trained as well as perhaps supported by a jihadist group in Chechnya or Dagestan? This is as yet unclear and the case can be made on both sides that either they did it on their own without training as well as Tamerlan got the training and support by an as yet un-named jihadist faction. My gut is telling me that Tamerlan had at the very least some training while he was in Moscow on bomb prep and tactics before he came back to the US.


An alternate theory is that they were “Inspired” to be lone wolves by Inspire Magazine and other materials out on the internet. While nothing has been said yet of the contents of any hard drives that may have been found at their house, I am going to guess that they may indeed have some Inspire issues there. Djokhar’s laptop took a hit in December of last year so I am not sure if he got a new one after that (assuming yes) so there is likely to be some good data forthcoming from the computer forensics guys at the FBI. Until we get confirmation though that they had these materials it is anyone’s guess as to how they learned their tradecraft other than to say the internet.

The bombings though and the chase that followed has been a real shot in the arm to the AQ jihobbyists online who have been posting congratulations as well as composing nasheeds for the Tsarnaevs. If anything, this incident has inspired the jihobbyists out there and certainly has the AQ/AQAP types looking to capitalize on the actions taken by these two to try and create more like them. This whole thing including the closing down of Boston, the media circus, and now the fallout with congress critters ravening to create new “tough” laws as well as circumvent the ones on the books and treat the survivor as an “enemy combatant” are a win for jihad propaganda. Simply put, all of our reactions have only played to their twisted ideas of winning. So, inspired? Yes, this has been inspiring to them even if we do not know just how the boys were inspired to do this in the first place.

Chechen Jihad

Meanwhile there is the angle of the “homeland” and Chechen Jihad to contend with. It seems that Tamerlan primarily was feeling more kinship with Chechen jihad than being an American ..Or more to the point to aspire to be one and compete in the Olympics. Both boys seem to have been drawn to their original place of origin and in fact linked online to a group that comes from Dagestan in particular. At what level they were affiliated with them, or had contact with them is still unknown but from postings online by an acct that seems to belong to Djokhar he is looking to rationalize jihad with citations from the Koran. Tamerlan meanwhile had links to a radical Imam’s videos from the region as well but also had links to the Syrian conflict as well. So you can see that there is a direction (jihad) in general but an affinity for their homeland and it’s troubles as well. Even their nicknames that were used (in Tamerlan’s case Timur Mucuraev and muazseyfullah) are references to regional presences in jihad. So once can deduce their proclivities toward what was once their home as well as the jihad overall. What really remains to be seen is whether or not they were officially affiliated with the jihad there and group(s) thereof or not. I am sure that with time and some interviews we will be hearing just how much contact the boys may have had with anyone over there if at all. At the very least from what has been seen online one of them did reach out and connect with them but there is no telling just how they responded if at all.


Another interesting twist to all of this has been the remarks by the boys mother on TV about how this is all a conspiracy. It seems that the Tsarnaev’s may have grown up with a conspiracist pablum fed to them by their mom. Did this have something to do with their ultimate decision to bomb the marathon and turn to jihad? One can make the argument that this could be the case because of the similarity in the narrative on 9/11 and other globalist conspiracies put out by the likes of Alex Jones. Frankly it’s an insidious brew that ensnares the weak minded and places their already delicate psyche’s into an even more paranoid and delusional place than they already were before.

More will come of this I suspect both in the investigation as well as all around it as I have already watched the “Jones-ian” mindset barrage the FBI and others at the press conferences last week asking inane questions on how this was all just a “False Flag” event to remove our civil liberties. It is this mindset and the malleability of the weak minded that allows for not only jihadi induction but any other militant group that might use this as fodder to brain wash a candidate into action. I am interested though to see just how much the 9/11 truther movement had influence over the mindset of the Tsarnaev boys.

Interrogations Soon

Finally, as Djokhar comes out of the drugs and the intubation it will all come to light just why he did these things. In the end I understand they both had suicide vests but neither carried out the final measure and became shahid. Why is that exactly one wonders if they were so moved to jihad? Induction and grooming would have tried to lead them to blow themselves up especially when cornered so why didn’t they? Perhaps they were too “Western” after all and thought they could escape like Butch and Sundace?

Once the interrogations happen, the evidence is collated, and charges filed perhaps we all will know more. Until then we need to focus on the why from a psychological issue. If they self radicalized what was it about them that made this happen? What is the psychological makeup of the jihadi? How do you detect it in someone? Is it something that one can stratify and place into some sort of DSM-V catalog? Certainly in this case no one around them really knew save maybe the uncle that Tamerlan talked to just after the bombings and he did not make a call to law enforcement either.


Further Reading on the Chechen Jihad:


Ok so a lot has been happening with this case since I posted this piece. Lately there have been congress critters going on morning shows spewing all kinds of useless innuendo about how the boys “must have had help” to make these bombs and to carry out the plot “so well” that I feel compelled to respond. First off let me start by saying that the congress critters need to shut the fuck up. Pure and simple. They need to step back from the lights and cameras and shut up. So far the information coming out of the investigation does not say that they had help at all. In fact, if you look at the whole affair you can see that at the most they may have sought help in the electronics for remote det devices “maybe” The reality is that you can get all of this information on the internet pretty easily and it does not take a mental genius to rig up a pressure cooker bomb and a cell phone.

Secondly lets look at the stupidity of the boys in their plot points.

1) Set off bombs at a large heavily camera covered event and get away: Sure it worked but they took no pains to cover their identities much did they? Had they been trained one of two operational tempo’s would have been employed (stealth and egress) or (stealth and shahid) The boys did not plan on being shahid and their stealth was lacking so how much training could there be?

2) They had no real prep for getaway and ended up carjacking someone to get a working car. Once again they were on camera AND they boasted about being the bombers to the carjacked person who they let go. Had they been trained and supported they would have had an egress plan to get out of the country. Instead they tentatively planned on going to Times Square to light off another pressure cooker… With their faces plastered over EVERYTHING.. Yeah, some elite training there…

3) Funding, there was none. They bought some fireworks and common materials to make the bombs just like they are shown in Inspire magazine and by all rights could have “made it in their mom’s kitchen” as the article title suggested.

In the end it appears to me that these guys did it on their own. They had inspiration from online jihadist videos from the likes of Kavkaz and Vilayat Dagestan but both have disavowed knowledge of them anyway. I think once we get all the facts we may see that they reached out but were not trusted by the jihadists. This is common in the jihadi circles to start but even more so in the Chechen area where the FSB and other military orgs have tried to put a stop to their activities. What this leaves us with and what the congress critters cannot fathom, is the fact that these two guys did this on their own, for their own reasons (Tamerlan primarily at his inability to box any more on Golden Gloves and not get his citizenship and Dzokhar following big brother’s example) and were not a plot by any jihadist organization. They were not geniuses and they certainly did not make mistakes in their attack, they just happened to catch us all off guard and carry out a heinous act just like any other mass murder scenario. Frankly I think that the Jihadi element to this was just a weak rationalization that they made as a panacea to quell all their woes in life and nothing more.  It should be noted that Tamerlan only really started becoming more devout to “Islamic Jihad” once his boxing career was at a stand still. This is an important fact that many are not paying attention to and should be. This is not just a story about jihad and terror but also about a guy who just felt alienated and alone in a place he thought was his home and when that home became less available to sustaining his desires he turned to jihad.

So.. Once again congress critters.. STFU until such time as the FSB/CIA/FBI and others have solid proof of communications between the boys and Islamic jihad (aka Imarat Kavkaz)


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Post Bin Laden: Don’t Get Cocky America

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It was a busy week last week on the internet. With the news that OBL was gone, the jihadi boards stayed silent for a couple days as the rank and file waited for AQ to post a response. It wasn’t too long though before at least one faction (Kavkaz) began posting that OBL was in fact alive and well and that the fire fight in Abbottabad actually took hours.

Of course this is a Russian/Maghreb source so they are quite used to propaganda blasts. This posting though did not seem to gather any traction with the masses on the other boards. The silence continued until AQ finally put out the official word on Thursday, that OBL was indeed martyred and that OBL would ascend, leaving thousands of jihadi’s behind in his wake.

It was soon after AQ put out this statement that the boards began to spin up on traffic. The masses began to write prayers interspersed with threats to America and President Obama…

These are just a few from the last couple of days. The boards have been getting extensive posts from the masses.. I am still going through them all and it seems with every refresh, there is a new post of prayer and threats. What has been interesting though, is that they are re-grouping and trying to create extensive propaganda blitzes online. When the news of OBL’s death came out, the savvy jihadi’s started a Facebook page called “We are all OBL”

This site came down quickly as Facebook caught on, but you get the idea. Once this site was removed, I saw traffic that had a new idea. The jihadi’s compiled an uber list of sites to post propaganda on. They had created new OBL Graphics, nasheeds, and documents to get the word out that their shaiykh had been killed, but his jihad goes on. I have yet to see the propaganda propagate anywhere, but I am sure they are feverishly working toward making more videos to upload to YouTube and other places.

Slowly the boards have begun to have non credible threats being made within their threads including comments about bombing and shootings. So far the comments though are not being seen as warranting any action other than being more vigilant (i.e. nothing saying today we are going to hit this place with a bomb) but time will tell if one of these guys decides to go all lone wolf and try something and this is the real problem. The lone wolves out there in their bedrooms making bombs or plotting to shoot people, often times, they do not overtly post that they plan on doing such things. Instead you have to read between the lines on their postings to see who actually might act up.

It’s a crap shoot.

I have been taking stock of what has transpired this last week and here are some observations:

There seems to be another wave of “America FUCK YEAH!” fever going on since OBL’s demise:

While I agree we have some things to celebrate, I think that we also need to take into account that it’s not over. We should not feel as though we can dust off W’s “Mission Accomplished” banner and go back to swilling beer. I have read a few pieces in the news that covered the mentality of the youth who grew up post 9/11 and there seems to be a consensus that with OBL’s death, the “Boogeyman” has been removed from the collective unconscious. Given that I am older, I can’t really empathise on how they feel as well as with what I know about AQ and Jihadi mentality, I cannot party down like many did that night.

I think that Obama has it right when he says we need not swagger. I also agree with him that releasing the photos would only incite more of the jihadi’s to work together and really do something as a whole, it would in effect re-energize them even more so than the killing of OBL itself has done. It would be the equivalent of drawing a picture of OBL and Muhammad together and then having Terry Jones burn it on camera for CNN.

What I really fear is that people collectively have this idea that since OBL is dead, that AQ is too.. And that just isnt the case. If anything they have been damaged (and the intel from the hard drives may give us much more data to keep them on the run or to kill them as well) but, there are many more of them out there now saying they will follow in OBL’s footsteps because he was a righteous man.

To understand the war.. One must understand the enemy…. I think we are still lacking critical thinking and understanding by the masses on that enemy. I really would hate to see us slip into a 2001/2002 mentality again.

Whacknutty “Deathers” and other conspiracy theories abound:

Since the death of OBL was reported, there has been a spinning up of the conspiracists out there claiming that OBL had been in fact dead all along and that this was another COINTELPRO project or something of that ilk. The decision by Obama to not release the photos has only inflamed these conspriacy nuts even further. I actually took a listen to Alex Jones the other day and he was going on and on about how this was just another media created manipulation by the one world government blah blah blah.

Hey Alex… You are insane btw… No, really, clinically insane. You need help.

But I digress.. So, yeah, the lack of physical data or other proofs that OBL is indeed dead would likely make no difference now anyway. You see, for the conspiracy folks, he would have just been on ice somewhere and this “killing” was used to boost the poll numbers for Obama. Frankly its all drivel and shows the insecurities in the average conspiracists mind. If you give them data, they will just say its forged. My evidence that OBL was in fact dead came from AQ themselves. They put out a pdf announcement as well as the boards, like I said above, had been real quiet like… So something was up.

Ugh.. Well, no worries though.. According to other whacknuts with a 100 million dollar radio ministries say that we are in the end times anyway. As of May 21st the games up!

And don’t you know I will be emaling them on the 22nd saying “Welcome to Hell bitches!”


Oh, and back to the “deathers” give it up. He’s dead. Lets move on and work towards ending Jihad huh?

Don’t get cocky America!:

Last weekend I read an article that is pertinent to the post OBL world. The title of the article is “Don’t Get Cocky America”  and is by Daveed, Gartenstein-Ross. The point of his argument is that the death of OBL, while damaging, is not the end of AQ nor Jihad. More specifically, the brand of jihad that OBL was espousing featured an economic bent. In the latter part of his jihadi life, OBL and AQ had been moving toward an even more diffuse organization that would be harder to track. Using couriers as he was to get data back and forth was his undoing, but, it is this model along with the idea of self radicalization through jihadi media outlets that makes this more dangerous.

OBL from the start, cited that he wanted to bleed America dry with a death of a thousand cuts as the Mujahideen had in Afghanistan with the Soviet Union. By using this model OBL wanted to create cells all over that could self actuate and with every small attack, cause the American government to spend even more money on security and war. His economic warfare in fact worked… Look at where we are now as opposed to where we were 9/10/01. We have a multi front war ongoing, a security behemoth called the DHS that can’t get out of its own way, and trillions of dollars in debt to show for it all.

Still, we are not truly safe and the sad fact is we never can really insure that we will be. It is just the nature of the beast. There will always be a way for a determined aggressor to strike and we just have to understand this.

Meanwhile, as the article alludes, many now think that the war is over because one man, who was an active part but no longer the true aegis of the organisation, is dead. This is a fallacy and we have to come to grips here with the future.

OBL is dead.. The movement isnt.

Which brings me back to the economic warfare thing.. Do we really need to spend as much on all of this? Would the intel that eventually killed OBL be just as obtainable without the trillions being spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? It’s a puzzle that needs to be looked at and I have to think about it some more…

Moving forward:

Its not time to relax our security stance, but, it is a good time to take stock of what we are doing and how. OBL’s demise will bring on interesting times I suspect and I for one, will be quietly watching.


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“The Jihadi Social Network”

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The Jihadi Network


Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crazies out there on the intertubes to chase. It seems like the jihadi sites are just popping up like mushrooms on piles of internet dung too. So, in a state of apathy, I decided to map out the “Top Ten” jihadi sites out there to see their interconnectivity and if indeed they were related to each other. What I found was kind of interesting. Many of the sites have links to each other, but also that many seem to have all of their eggs in one server.

One of the other features here from these searches also is an expanding of the jihadi site list that I have already. Just from this one map above, I have come across a whole slew of Indonesian jihadi sites on WordPress. These sites also have more links on them to others.. and on.. and on.. You know, its the interwebs. I will continue following them all down the rabbit hole and see if anything interesting turns up. However, I decided to let you all play at home. If you like, you can open the Maltego maps here

Meanwhile… I ran across an interesting trend.. The irahbi’s are multiplying! Irhabi’s as in irhabi001, irahbi008, and irhabi009. The interesting part seems to be a connection to the Indonesian’s again…

The irhabi iterations are all over the place and talkative on the usual sites. I guess they are just picking up where Younis left off back when he was caught and put into detention.

Full Map

It would seem that they have been busy, but I am getting the impression that the new gen of irahbi’s has just been getting started. I will drill down a bit more and see what I can locate to pass on. As I have pointed out in the past though, I do worry that the Indo Asiatic sector of Jihad is just beginning to really spin up. As such, we should be looking toward that area for more possible events as well as support to the AQAP and AQ boys.

The other troubling aspect here is just how connected these guys are to the kavkaz (Eastern European) sector too. The mujhaids in the Baltics are still very active and also have a long, distinguished history of jihad. Of course these are the same guys who brought you the attacks on the Russian opera house and the school in Beslan so, we know what they are capable of.

More soon…


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Binyamine | Crusades | Jihadist Encyclopedias and Metadata

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Full Size MAP



The Darkweb Project has allowed me some more access into the jihadist world and I have been leveraging that to look a bit more closely at all of the takfiri’s out there one by one… Well at least the interesting names anyway. In this case, the map above is for a user (#75 on Ansar1’s English forum) and what I would call a “Propagandist” for the cause of Jihad. Here are the basic stats on him:

1) He’s either American or Canadian (my bet is American from the syntax)

2) He is plugged into As-Sahab, Al-Malahim, & Jundullah Studio

3) He has been not only posting videos but also editing/creating them

4) He likes pr0n and the blood finally left his head enough to make a mistake

You see, Binyamine had been pretty assiduous about keeping his personal information to a minimum on the boards and places he has been posting. I had a devil of a time actually locating an email address, AIM session, MSN session, etc on him from anywhere. That is until a little creative Googling using previous behavioral data gave me two hits. Hits which turned out to be his email addresses. I shan’t put them in here though. His downfall though was a desire to post comments (non jihadist) on a free porn site!


However, by using Maltego, I was able to not only see where he has been posting, but also make connections between names/entities/sites to give a good pattern of behavior for further investigation into ol’ Binny. Oh, and yeah, for a guy who hates the Zionists and rails against them, odd name choice there buddy.. Binyamine.. aka Benjamin in Hebrew… Go figure…

“Zionists sound the alarm: a war for Islamic Caliphate is going on in the Northern Caucasus”,“75”,”Binyamine”,“Peace mercy and blessing of Allah be upon all of us. Quote: Zionists sound the alarm: a war for Islamic Caliphate is going on in the Northern Caucasus Publication time: 9 October 2009, 10:18 Zionists sound the alarm and call to “pay attention” to the Northern Caucasus. As ITAR-Tass reports referring to an edition of Jewish State, upon performing the analysis of situation the Jewish “experts” arrived to the conclusion that Northern Caucasus “from the internal problem of Russia transformed into an international one”. In opinion of Zionists, North Caucasus is “one of the central fronts and breeding ground for the global Jihad aimed for creation of Islamic Caliphate” now. Jewish edition asserts, “the facts about connection of Chechen militants with international terrorism are becoming known more and more frequently lately”. As an example of such «connections» the edition wrote about a recent self-immolation operation in Nazran city, which resulted in dozen of disbelievers and apostates destroyed. “One of the leaders of extremists of Northern Caucasus – the ideologist of wahhabis and terrorists Aleksandr Tikhomirov, better known as Said Buryatskiy was involved in this attack”, Zionists report a “new”. Zionists from Jewish State wrote they “conducted investigation and identified that Said Buryatskiy undergone a lengthy training in Saudi Arabia”. Let us remind that critics of Said Buryatskiy assert the contrary – that he studied nowhere and is a self-taught person. Jewish State also revealed an “intel”: it turns out that Said Buryatskiy “swore allegiance” to Dokka Umarov. Certain Yossef Bodansky is presented as an “expert” investigating Jihad in Caucasus, who, as it is claimed, was before a director of the “Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives”. This «expert» declared, that the reason “Chechnya has become such an advanced threat are the tons of cash flowing from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states for these kinds of operations”. We will remind that Moscow and its marionette Kadyrov assert the opposite, declaring that Mujahideen have neither money nor food, and that they will die of starvation soon. A colleague of Yossef Bodansky, an “expert” Gordon Hahn from Monterey Institute complained that western mass media got used to “frame the issue of Chechnya in terms of Russian human rights violations and the Chechen people’s autonomous yearning”. “It is actually a time to revise such approach, because it no longer represents the reality, and Chechnya has become an active hive of Islamist Jihad”, Gordon Hahn told. Department of Monitoring, Kavkaz Center Source: Quote:”,”2009″,”10″,”12″

Anyway, his data may provide more once I do some more digging. Suffice to say that he seems to be more than just the average “Jihobbyist”…


In other news… I came across this photo yesterday on a blog. The picture is from Afghanistan and I think it pertinent to show here and talk a little about…


Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but to Your name give glory


As you can see this image is counter productive to the GWOT because it lends credence to the arguments of the Salafist’s, that they are in a war with invading “Crusaders” What better image to say that here than the Knights Templar huh? This was left by the French Foreign Legion and not only does the imagery of the Templar give reason to the Jihadist ferver, but also note the use of the “mice” which looks a lot like a “rat” The mice/rat image is also reminiscent of the images of rats in Nazi propaganda.

This does not help our cause…

Just one of the perception issues that we face that is fueling this fire.. Thought I would share…

Jihadist Encyclopedias


While doing background on “CENSORED31” I came across this file set from 2008/09 that I was able to perform a full metadata investigation on. The file is called “Maosoet Eltadreeb Alaskary” and is a full series PowerPoint show with video tutorials and PDF’s on how to carry out Jihad. It’s much the usual fare you see out there to teach the takfiri how to perform tradecraft without the benefit of going to a camp somewhere in Peshawar or Waziristan. What was different about it was that it had a sole author and all the files had been bundled together….


Using FOCA, I was able to import all of the files in and see what the PC name was of the machine this guy was using as well as his username, system OS, and file structures that he as using:

System: PC_Mojahed

OS: Windows Vista

User1: Mojahed

User 2: ZAK

Etc etc… You can see from the jpg’s here the rest of the data. I am still looking into tracing this guy down a bit more so look for updates later on.

Overall, I really like using FOCA to get this data not only from local files but the web too. I will be using this in the next stage of the Binyamine investigation.. He has been posting more than a few photos… I wonder what his metadata is like….

More soon.


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