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From Russia With Love: Hunter Biden Laptop Shenanigans Again

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Here we are again, it was inevitable really, these characters just don’t quit with all these shenanigans over the ersatz Hunter Biden laptop. This morning I logged into my cutout account on Telegram and dove into the thick, gooey, derp that is Qanon/Boogaloo/PatriotParty/MAGA leftovers and came upon a string of posts by “The True Great Awakening”

This account strated dropping more images of images allegedly taken from the Hunter Biden Laptop (henceforth HBLT) The images included things I had not seen before, but I guess I was not looking in the right place, until today that is, to find them. The images were of no forensic value because they were manipulated into pages of images, or collages if you will, and thus the metadata and EXIF data was nil. However, the narrative that was being played up here was of some interest and is a pivot I had not anticipated.

What was being selectively dropped on Telegram was data showing that the Russians, were in fact, running Hunter Biden, and by proxy, his father, POTUS is now an asset of Russia.

*blink blink*

Now, I had thought that the main ideas within the Q-verse and the spillover into the new “PatriotParty”, was that China owned Biden, right? Well, the winds of change are here and now, thanks to a slippery charla… I mean, “character” named Yaacob Apelbaum (yes, yes, errily close to Jacob Appelbaum of other ill repute) who claims to be the CTO of an AI/Facial Recognition firm called XRvision.

Appelbaum has a whole blog full of crazy conspiracy theories and alleged dirt that has been spotted in places like, coming out of the mouth of Matt Gaetz just post the insurrection and in the Washington Post. In fact, the whole flap with Gaetz has made the rounds in the news after Matt Binder (NYT) did a little digging with the Google (like five minutes worth) and showed that XRvision and the whole drivel that Appelbaum had been spewing was bunkem, which now has Appelbaum screaming about “Cease and Desist”

I did a bit of digging on XRvision as well as Apelbaum and details are rather sketchy, as you can see from the LinkedIN, he say’s he’s done a lot, but, scrutiny of those claims leaves a lot of blank spaces really. Also, the company itself seems to have an inflated sense of importance and not much can be proven out on the claims that are made. In addition to this, the location of the firm in Singapore is, interesting, and the finances that seeded the startup as well all lead back to Asia and Luxembourg. It is the Asian money though that interests me, and some searches on the companies that seeded them could have ties to Chinese money. There is one site that has a picture and article showing XRvision winning some kind of award in China, so, *shrug*

Anyway, yeah, Apelbaum’s blog is chock full of Qanon crap and in fact, seems to have been pimped by Q themselves as well as other cutout accounts on Twitter that have since been banned from the platform. All of this singularity activity makes me wonder just how connected this guy is to the whole Q thing in the first place, as he was posting stuff on his flickr account in 2008 about child abuse and other strange art works that show a rather hamfisted artistic quality.

Hell, this cat even claims that Apelbaum was the CTO of Homeland Security? Which is cleverly mirrored on his LinkedIN but doesn’t really say that outright. He was though, evidently, CTO at Dunn & Bradstreet for less than a year…


Well, the HBLT, has not seen its end in the Q-verse now with this new retcon of “RUSSIA OWNS POTUS!” and I am wondering just how much more we will see of this narrative as well as the hoked up images that Apelbaum seems to have a plethora of. I mean, I do not remember a lot of these being out there before, but maybe I was just living under a rock. for the last year in particular. The locus here of Apelbaum and so much of the Q/Biden/Mueller/Russia/China/ disinformation is rather interesting, and one has to wonder where he is getting all this stuff, and why is his site being cited, as well as himself, in all this alt-right media?

So, gentle readers, buckle up, cuz I expect to see more out of this cat and his blog showing up on Telegram, Gab,, and all of the other dark and derpy corners of the internet. It will gurgle up I am sure and appear as talking points by the likes of Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene on the senate floor, and we all will want to just hit ourselves in the head with a hammer until the pain diminishes.

Smoke em if you got em.


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2021/01/23 at 20:50

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Perilous Times

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Earlier today I posted a long thread, but I wanted to make a more cogent post for those of you not on Twitter. My tweet thread went something like this…

Militia site proposing and architecting the 4k militia action against the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The events of January 6th, 2021, were I fear, just a prelude to an ongoing threat that will culminate in actions against not only the inauguration, but also across the country at capitols in most of the states. These actions, basically more insurgency and insurrections, will be a turning point for the United States more so than what has already taken place within the space of four years of Trump degradation to the values the Constitution upholds.

What I have been monitoring online in the open and places more dank, has been the first time since monitoring Islamic Jihad, that I have felt that we have finally reached a point where domestic terrorism was the larger threat to the nation than Islamic Jihad and all the various flavors of that there are. Specifically, since 9/11, I have never felt that internal forces could come close to wreaking the devastation that the 19 attackers did on September 11th, 2001. Now though, I am worried that the first skirmish at the Capitol of our Democracy, will not be the last, nor will it be the bloodiest.

The forces of the Alt-Right, are now, it seems, the totality of the Republican base, and within them are a melange of unstable individuals and groups:

We have the Qanon folks, who are outright paranoid delusional individuals or grifters, mostly though, they comprise of true believers with mental instability and ideations that lean toward violence when their world view is challenged.

We have the MAGAheads who also cross pollinate with the Qanon true believers as well. These are the people who are just drawn to the strongman in Trump.

We have the ProudBoys, who, well, are much more oriented toward hate and are often times bridges between Neo Nazism. The Nazis are all over the place too now in amongst the sheeple that are the MAGAheads and the Qanon’s, and they are something to really be concerned about.

What is really happening here is that as things play out, it is becoming increasingly clear in the Telegram channels for the NaziProudBoy set, is that they are planning on using the MAGAheads and the Qanon’s as cannon fodder in their own putsch for their own goals. These people have another more hate filled agenda and that is of the kind that you saw some in the crowd at the events on Capitol Hill. The kind who wear shirts like this and believe that eleven million Jews killed in the holocaust were not enough.

The net effect though, is that there are forces at work in the open at first, but now scattering to the darker parts of the internet, plotting and planning actively, another series of attacks because they have been empowered to do so by the likes of MAGA and Qanon. This canon fodder, are their diversion to carry out more focused and dangerous attacks like what was attempted at the Capitol. They failed last time, but only just, and now, if they can rally their canon fodder along with Trump, then they will have another few bites at the apple.

Also, if they succeed, even marginally, then they will be empowered further in recruiting and planning for more later on down the road. All of us should be concerned by this, just as much as you should be concerned in how many of these people of like mind, already sit within the government, military, and police forces of the United States.

As the date approaches for the next insurrection, we should all concern ourselves with idea that Washington DC and in fact many places in the United States (e.g. capitols, state buildings, federal buildings as well as corporate buildings) may become the new American Kabul or Palestine. With fighting in the streets by pseudo guerilla forces of Trump America. They will plan all their actions in private chat rooms on Gab and Telegram, or create new venues that likely will rely on services from places like Russia, where they will not deplatformed, because these sites and these forces, plotting and acting out, are a boon to Putin.

As if this all wasn’t bad enough, last night the Joint Chiefs felt moved to put out a statement memorandum admonishing sedition and re-iterating that the military is not a political body and that their directive was to protect the Constitution and the people. The fact that they had to say this in this way, is a troubling thing and we all should be concerned about just how many in the military and other forces like the police, are in fact believers in Trump and these other doctrines being put out there by Qanon, Alt-Right, Nazi’s and Proudboys.

One of the biggest concerns out there that you all should be aware of, is just how much sway someone like Flynn might have on these same people. Also, just how many connections and loyalties he may still have, as he is now the titular leader of Qanon, the public face of Q, a man in the “know” as he was in the IC proper and held a high position.

Here he is before the insurrection at the capitol, basically pointing at the stadium seats and saying “go for it, I got your back and Q has all the answers as well as Trump” This is a dangerous man, who is now free to carry out Trump’s and his own grifter agenda after being pardoned by his master. This man, who worked as an agent of Turkey, willing to rendition a US citizen to the Turks for money.

We are through the looking glass ,people.

Be afraid, because if Trump continues to be a chaotic and psychotic force, whipping these people up, we will be seeing more of this in the coming years. Unless the states that have criminal cases against him act, we will not see the last of Trump. Without him being charged and perhaps incarcerated, he will continue on this path and it seems, attempt to run for high office again.

This will not end well.

Keep your wits about you.


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2021/01/13 at 12:50

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