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Darknet Red Rooms: The Reality and the Fiction

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This was a red room that was actually a viral ad on the darknet for a book sold on amazon!


It is said that in the darknet no one can hear you scream…



Ok ok ok, I was retreading Alien’s tagline for drama, the truth of the matter is this; there are these sites out there calling themselves “red rooms” where bad things are supposed to happen to people and you, the voyeur, can pay to see that happen. Actually, you can pay and in some cases participate by chat, telling the “dungeon master” what to do to the hapless victim. All of this stuff makes for a good book or a movie, but, have you ever asked yourself if they are at all real?

Well, I did, and the answer I seem to be finding is no.

To date, I have not seen any proof of a real situation where someone was tortured to death and filmed or live online. There are just what you might call “Exit Scams” in the darknet where people make the offer look as legit as they can to get you to pay for access and then do not deliver. While other cases out there of horrific online, or more to the point, video content, has been created and shared for sale in the clearnet and darknet such as the case of Peter Gerard Scully (see image below on case) It is yet to be proved out that any of these alleged live red rooms were anything but a scam or someone’s idea of a spooky site on the darknet.

So, when I was cruising the darknet the other day and came across this post on a pastebin, I was incredulous about this new redroom to be. However, when I brought up the links in the paste and they had someone’s real photos, I had to dig a little further. The idea of the red room to be, is that this is being planned by some groom who is marrying this targeted individual to bring her to a honeymoon red room event. The post itself is one in a series of evolving posts where they are looking for two things; dom’s and people to pay for access to this event. Now, do I believe that this is real and that this woman is in danger?

Not really.

However, do I think that she knows that her photos have been provided as an object of this red room and those who would pay to see bad things happen to her?

No, I do not think she is aware, and this is a problem for me. You see, in the darknet I see a lot of bad shit. In many cases of late, there seems to be a spike of use of the paste sites as well as fully created and posted content, out to incite others to do harm mentally and physically to people in the real world. In an effort to find out more I did research forensically on the photos and came up with pretty much nothing useful, they have been cleaned of metadata. I then went to Google image search as well as Tineye, but none of these photos seem to be online in a way that can be searched. So, it is kind of a dead end unless someone on the internet see’s this post and knows who this is. I am sure that this person might like to know that someone with access to her photos has uploaded them and tagged them to a violent red room post seeking individuals to do harm to her and to pay to watch it.

This brings me back to the whole leveraging of the darknet to post anonymously and target individuals for abuse in the real world. I have been passing these off to the proper authorities in hopes that at least the targets could be warned that this is actively happening and perhaps ready them, if not prompt them to take some protective measures to halt it. I gotta say, the darknet can be a wonderously derpy and fun place, but all of this targeted abuse stuff is just malevolent.

Can’t we just have a nice darknet that is just the new geocities with shitty bandwith?


@manhack sent me a link to more pictures found on of the woman in question! They were located on a “fap” site, and there seems to be no more information as to a name to put to the face, but the images were posted in 2009 by a user “rayray11” on which is, well, a fap site… So these pictures may be known to rayray, or they may have been stolen and posted here. If more turns up I will update in this section.


Thanks to the diligence of @H0tdish we have located the party in question. She is a lawyer in California. We will reach out to her to let her know about these events.

UPDATE III: Authorities have been contacted to alert the person in question of these events.


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2020/02/04 at 13:41

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