(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

2020: Krypt3ia’s Quatrains of DOOM

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Sitting alone at night in secret study;
it is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and
makes successful that which should not be believed in vain….


Well, 2020 is rapidly approaching and my dread keeps closing in upon me like a wet blanket soaked in chloroform in a dose that will certainly kill me. I look at the news and the Twitter and all I see is litany after litany of self absorbed fuckery interspersed with disinformation. I gotta tell ya kids, things are really black and yet they are about to get so black that not even light can escape it’s gravitational pull. As some may have noted, I have been pretty silent of late, and that silence has really been my depression and exhaustion with everything in the world exerting their twin influences on my psyche. But, as we hurtle toward our new doomed year, I thought I would at least outline some things that I suspect will make things even worse…


2020 Elections: The election post impeachment of Trump will in my opinion, go the same way 2016 did. Manipulation by outside and internal forces (gerrymandering and tampering) will lead to another victory for Trump using the flawed Electoral College system. Trump will be unhinged and unyoked by the impeachment without removal by the House and the Senate. This is of course the darkest timeline, but, this is the timeline we are in now and you all have to admit this to yourselves and deal with it accordingly. I see another 4 bleak years as Trump becomes even more entrenched and insane, for he has defeated the American system by proxy of it’s own inability to have laws and functions that mean anything in a situation like this.

…And no, no Democrat or other will win the election because it is not about who the people want, it is about what the party willing to do anything to win, can manipulate the system into electing.

…Oh, and the election systems will be tampered with again. This will be even easier because the Senate refused to enact substantive security mandates for the system to be secure and fair.


Disinformation/Active Measures Campaigns: Disinformation was in it’s infancy in 2016 where the net and social media was concerned. The Russians created the playbook and have perfected it. In 2020 we now have Pandora’s box fully open and cracked into pieces and everyone with a computer and an axe to grind will be actively dis-informing the public. What’s worse is that all of these players and plays will work spectacular because we, as a society, have not even tried to create social mechanisms to teach people about disinformation and how to detect it. Of course there is also the problem of all the cognitive dissidents out there willing to believe the new flat earth or anti vaxxer disinfo because it fits their disturbed world view. What’s worse is that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not in the fight substantively to stop it all because, hey, they make money off of the whole thing. Expect much more disinfo and much less real substance and this includes the mass media, who only now seem to saying “Hey, disinformation came from us and look it’s really happening!”

Shit stains.

Looking at you Chuck Todd.

In the end, unless the government has a will to really try, we will be swimming in disinformation, dividing us from within and without.

Net/net, inertia.


A.I. : Meanwhile, A.I. is being created and used by corporations and governments for many purposes. Of course this is a dual use technology, and in the case of China, it is being implemented as a means of control over their population. It is rapidly consuming all data and profiling everyone in the country in data oceans that will not only contain all their data, but also predict their actions. The technology is also being used for prediction by companies seeking to sell us things, track us online and off, to direct advertising our way, oh, and to sell the data to anyone who wants to pay. The greatest of all prisons is the A.I. panopticon we are actively building that will be trained against us all for various wants by those who control them. If you want to take a glimpse into the more dystopian of these scenarios, go look at what China is already doing with this technology. Their social capital program alone is enough to put a chill up your spine seeing just how much control they want to have over their populace.

I no longer fear a nano technology sentient A.I. … I fear humans wielding the technology using all of our ghost data from the net and our devices whether or not you consent to the data being sent.

Pay attention.


Persistent Surveillance/The Surveillance States: 2019 already showed how much surveillance of our data is being used and sold. Now consider this moving forward as everyone seems to be too self involved to care. In the US this seems to be less of a problem in that we are not as wired up for surveillance like say China, or the UK, but, we are getting there. Of course the complement to this is our cell phone data that is being hoovered by various app makers etc, who then sell the data to whomever wants to pay. The NYT pieces on this were of no surprise to me, but, the response out there seems to be a surprise, no one really gives a shit.

*Snaps gum and scrolls on tik tok*

You are all doomed by your lack of foresight.



The Balkanization of the Net: Meanwhile, China and Russia are creating and implementing means to disconnect from the internet when they deem it necessary. Well, Russia just tested theirs and they say it worked. Consider this the cocks crow at the dawn of a new information warfare warning shot. Imagine if they start a hot war and pull that plug so all our CYBERRRRR warriors can’t get at their implants. I expect we will be talking about doing the same thing in the states and others will follow in order to “protect” themselves. One wonders what other segmentation will come from this.


Climate Catastrophe: All the while, as you read all of my doom predictions, know this, the climate is changing and the realpolitik of this is that we have already passed the no return point. Expect to see more climactic changes that will take the form of more and stronger storms. More destruction as well as more problems in self sustaining ecosystems. Greta is angry and she has a reason to be, she also has nothing to lose in trying to make people change by shaming them. The fact of the matter is this; too many have too much money to lose to actually lean in on this issue and try to change it. We will see more fires, more mass migrations, and more carnage because we as a species are too stubborn and stupid to change.

I am glad I did not have kids because they are doomed.


So that’s it really in the broadest of strokes. For all of you who were thinking I would talk about INFOSEC or hacking, yeah, fuck that. You all are too self absorbed and full of hubris to care about. You all spend way to much time thinking about what you can do as opposed to what you should do for the greater good. And this is the crux of a lot of our problems today. Like Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park;

Smoke em while you got em kids.


Written by Krypt3ia

2019/12/30 at 14:59

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