(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

What The Elena Alekseevna Khusayanova Complaint Doesn’t Say Is Important Too

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While the news cycles have been pundit filled bated breath hot takes on the complaint that was released this last week it is important to take some time and consider what was said as well as not said in this document filed on September 28th in the Eastern District of Virginia.  Project Lakhta ( Ла́хта проект ) was what the Russian’s code named the active measures campaign against the USA using social media that was based in St. Petersburg and basically the complaint takes direct aim at the bag woman of the project as a means to an end. Elena Alekseevna Khusayanova was the ostensible target of the charges but one has to ask themselves do we actually ever hope to see this accountant in a US court anytime? I am pretty sure the answer to this is no, so why did the government file these charges and now release them to the public?

My take away’s from this document are as follows:

  1. These charges are just a means to a greater end and may set up a line of argument or charges in the Mueller probe to come
  2. It is also a shot across the bow that the US knows that the project under a new name is still active as of April/May of 2018 of affecting the midterms
  3. That the US and or Five Eyes (FVEY) have compromised their operations and continue to have access
  4. Because access has been achieved we have ALL your documentation from 2014 on to today and we see you!
  5. We have been following the money and we know where you keep it!

So there you have some simple bullet points that I think boil it down for you simplistically. Of course the document also cites company names and they likely have a lot more data that they can you to interrupt the ongoing operations by the Russians but this is all implied for those who play these games in a simple charging document. Of course this seems to have to come from the courts and perhaps the Mueller probe from behind the scenes because the Trump admin is really not going to do anything to rock the boat right? This was a smart move on the part of the US government no matter how impotent it may look on the surface of things given that it is likely now that Elena will not travel to a country with extradition deals with the US if she is smart.

This document as well sets the stage for more to come later that will show in documented form (either intercepts or a cache of documents stolen or bought from their operations) that outline the money trails and company ties between Putin’s chef and all of this. In the future they can use the information for charges, or, to perhaps seize funds later on from the chef? That is an interesting notion as well, after all, it seems the primary way to get to Putin or his oligarchs is through their money right? I look forward to seeing future documents come out and or when Mueller drops his report after the midterms find all of this tied into the final documentation showing a connection between Putin, the chef, Elena, and the Lakhta Project all the way to the overtures to Trump.

…and of course Trump’s actively participating and then covering it up with obstruction of justice.

Keep your eye’s peeled.


Written by Krypt3ia

2018/10/21 at 11:39

Posted in Active Measures

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