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Domain Games: Confirmation Domains for Candidates and The One Who Made It To Confirmation

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With the hearing debacle over Kavanaugh I decided to do a little digging around and specifically about a domain I had heard of called I had seen go by in a tweet. In looking at the domain creation and subsequent site that popped up on it after the announcement I became circumspect about the timing of its purchase. Once I began to really look into this it also made me question the timeline about the choice of Kavanaugh as the Trump admin would have us all understand it.


  • Early 2016 before Trump is even nominated McGahn comes up with a list for supreme court picks
  • May 2016 Trump provides a list of candidates for supreme court that does not include Kavanaugh presented to him by Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society
  • June 27th Justice Kennedy announces his retirement to be July 31st 2018
  • July 9th Trump announces Kavanaugh
  • September 4th 2018 confirmation hearings start
  • Today… Well you know the story.

Right, so this all begins back in 2016 before Trump is even nominated and Kav is on the list that McGahn provided. Ok, so there you have it, they were thinking of him and about 11 others back even before they were in power. This is a but presumptous I think but hey, they do have to have a plan right if they get into the White House. What then takes place though seems to telegraph that the choice had already been made by Trump way earlier than most of us might think as to who he was going to put forward as his choice. It turns out, that if you look at the domains bought for all the candidates for the Supreme court only one is carried through to have an actual site on it while another one has a redirect to another site and domain (no longer online) for a site named “” which should scare the everloving shit out of us all.

Domain Data:

  • —- Creation date February 8th 2017

The domain was created by proxy so we don’t have a direct line linking to the Trump org but it’s more than probable it was in fact them that set this up. That is unless it was Kavanaugh himself or lackeys and supporters thereof. Note the date though, this domain was bought in February of 2017 BEFORE the fact that Kennedy was retiring became a public fact. My question then is this, did Donny know that Kennedy was retiring before he announced it? Was foreknowledge of the retirement given to the White House or did they know something was going to happen because, maybe, they helped it happen? While Snopes official ruling on that is “unproven” this does not mean there is no fire to that smoke. I would say that the fact that this domain was started WAY before the fact that Kennedy retired, adds some mystery to the picture that maybe some others out there should look into further.

Still, that one niggling fact that the domain was bought and all set to go back in February as being just a proactive thing kinda bugs be. To be specific though, there was no list, there was no empty seat to fill, and more to the point, Kavanaugh wasn’t even on any list that Trump had mentioned or added him to until much later. So who set this up? Who had the foresight to set up the domain and make the plans for the site back in February of 2017? I decided then I should look into Trumps other pick, Niel Gorsuch.

In looking back over the other Trump nominee Niel Gorsuch, I also found that his domain was created back in 2016 and was lit up on February 3rd 2017. That’s right kids, February, that magical time when everyone knew there would be a supreme court for Trump to fill with conservatives. REMEMBER that this was not even at the time when it is reported that McGahn started his little list for Trump before he even got the nomination.

What’s the deal here?



Screenshot from 2018-10-01 09-23-16

But wait, it gets better… Dig this, after Trump nominates Kavanaugh someone decides to set up an anonymously owned domain named which even the sound of it should scare you. The site is not live and I had to go to the Wayback Machine to get a copy of the front page (see below) perhaps whoever it was thought better of it or maybe they are just re-vamping it for after they get Kavanaugh in, if they manage to do so. But this is all just more interesting when you do a historical WHOIS on the site and see that the domain was created, wait for it… Wait….

February 10th 2017.



I suppose that this is just a coincidence eh? I mean maybe they saw the Gorusch thing and thought shit, let’s make a site about the TRUMP COURT! But, how would they know there was an opening to come? Rather presumptuous of them… Maybe it’s just their way, but it is interesting.

All in all, I am wondering just what is planning for a rainy day and what is a plan already in motion. Was Kavanaugh always the choice? Was he the choice after a certain time where perhaps he and Donny had a chat? Maybe some communications on how one would rule in their favor and then machinations on their nomination were put into action back in February way before his name even came up on the public radar as a candidate?

I leave it all up to you to decide. I just did the digging around in the WHOIS dirt.



Thanks to @z3dster for pointing out that the site is run by the JCN for Kav and others. It seems perhaps that they are the group that created the domain as well as are running the content. This though begs more questions on the timing of Kavanaugh’s being a candidate and where that idea came from.

The JCN is the Judicial Crisis Network (see link) that is a dark money PAC entity that seems to have been perhaps behind a lot of the machinations between themselves and the Federalist Society to get Kav on the ticket. There are two stories by the Wasington Post that I was unaware of that Zed shared with me asking much the same questions but not about the timing of the domains being bought and sites created.

Washpo 1

Washpo 2

Both concern the dark money and how Kav became the choice here. There is still fuckery afoot here but we have to now contend with the idea that there are other forces at work other than just those inside the White House on this nomination.

This all brings me back to something I tweeted earlier as well. These sites need to be made transparently but it seems since SCOTUS ruled on Citizens United we have no hope of that happening. Dark money and fuckery rule.


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2018/10/01 at 13:21

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