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Fine Old Cannibals: The Sexual Cannibal Site Started in 2007 and Is Still Munching Today

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Well, I have done it again and went down the rabbit hole on cannibalism. This time I came upon another clearnet site called the “Donner Party Catering” site ( and, well, I let the Twitter poll decide all your fates so here’s the post on what I saw. First off, let me say that this site actually had a lot more “visual aids” than the previous site that the real cannibal Armin Miewes made his cannibal connection on. This site has been fodder for darknet stories though, and in this case the stories are more lurid than the actuality in a lot of ways. However, after looking at the “content” and at those who are actively still posting their stories, videos, and other materials, I wanted this time to not only cover the ick factor and novelty of this kind of site but also the actual psychology of sexual cannibalism.

The site has been around since 2007 like I said earlier but the design has stayed in the 90’s throughout the whole length of time as seen in the screen shot above. It’s so Geocities that it out Geocities Geocities! I guess though that it is fairly easy to maintain so it has that going for them. The owner has been traced to a man and his wife who currently live in Florida in a retirement community. I have decided to not out their names on this post but suffice to say that there is a married couple in Clearwater Florida at a retirement community who are still actively living out sexual cannibalism fantasies online and in real life. They make photo’s and video’s and they seem to be making some money off of this content today.

Note though, that while he is a computer guy, he isn’t a computer security guy. The OPSEC on this site and is terrible! The images and the doc and pdf files are all laden with metadata. I assume the movie files are too but in the case of the images I saw the EXIF data is all from their digital cameras and not from phones where you could get some more interesting info. However, who needs that when you have everything else for you to see by using their email addresses and such to track their real names and locations. Anyway, yeah, you can pretty easily find out just who they are in the world but I want to take a deeper look at the why of all this.



Google: cannibal

Why cannibalism? Why cannibalism of women primarily? Of course there is a lot of the run of the mill BDSM on this site as well and plenty of amateur auteurs making videos. For me the puzzle is why the mock eating of people that gets sexualized for them? I also wonder just how far it is from fantasy to actually carrying these fantasies out for those who seriously have this fetish. According to my readings thus far, even if you have these impulses and carry them out in a fantasy, you may in fact already be showing signs of a serious psychopathy. You have to admit that this is a fairly odd fetish and to go to the extreme of Photoshopping images or, in one case a series of live action videos where women being spit roasted over a live flame, buttered, and basted like a turkey are considered arousing.

I started to do some research into the psychology here concerning what I have been seeing on this and other sites and I would have to say there are dual paraphilia’s at play. The first paraphilia that is most prevalent displayed on these sites is Gynophagia (see above) In this we see the preponderance of the sites use of cannibalistic/ritualistic fantasies of cooking and consuming women by men for the most part but I have also seen some women on women fantasies here as well. Of course all of this sits under the Erotophonophilia diagnosis but you get the picture right?

All of this seems to be focused on feelings of not only control on the part of the cooker,  but the sense of loneliness and the desire to be integrated into a more powerful entity (person or animal in some cases) that may also concern feelings of inadequacy and loathing. In a study that I obtained online; “Vorarephilia: A Case Study in Masochism and Erotic Consumption”, one patient recounted how they had paraphilia’s concerning analingus and fantasies of being devoured by a large powerful woman and then excreted as feces. In this case it seems to have stemmed from a combination of loneliness and other incidents in the patients past that created this behavior. It then makes me wonder about these people online at this site and others. What histories they might have that led them to this particular paraphilia and what other darker and possibly more active measures they may have taken to sate their desires.

Lykins, A. D., & Cantor, J. M. (2014). Vorarephilia: A case study in masochism and erotic consumption. Archives of
Sexual Behavior, 43, 181–186. DOI 10.1007/s10508-013-0185-y

I also have to wonder about the pornography habits of people like Armin Miewes and Dahmer cited above in the paper on Vorarephilia. There has been very little study on this from my searching so maybe someone out there would like to take this up and do some scholarly work on the convergence of fantasies of Gynophagia/Erotophonophilia/Vorarephilia from online communities to real life and finally committing murder and physical cannibalism. This is a very interesting subculture and psychological area that will likely have me reading some more on as time goes by.

Incidents of cannibalism 2000-present

Finally I also have been wondering at just how many of the people on these sites and in the media created, are actually in it for the sexual paraphilia and how many are just paid performers. I am thinking that a preponderance of the material I have seen is all home made by those of both particular bents (being eaten and those doing the eating) this power dynamic needs to be determined. However, some of the content seems to be of a nature where it may be paid actresses and or models. In one series of videos called “Turkeys” three women are hunted by a man using a paintball gun while shackled. They are subsequently trussed up, taken in a truck to a remote locale, and then strung upside down. The movie cuts away to the next scene where a pit fire has been set and a spit contraption is set up with a woman being placed in it. She is then covered in butter and turkey basted while being turned over the fire by the other two women.

It’s disturbing.

Are these models paid for this? Are these women Vorarephiles seeking to live out their fantasy as well as the Gynophagic male?

I don’t really know and I really may not try to ask.

In closing, I decided to look up just how many cases of cannibalism had happened since 2000 and, well, you can see above that there have been quite a few. In fact, when you think about cannibalism you also have to take into account the core ideal of Christianity. The wafer and the wine are Jesus’ body and blood right? This has been going on since time immemorial but it’s also frowned upon by society right? Meanwhile online these people are obviously having their jollies on these clearnet sites and have been doing so for many years. You think you always hear about this stuff being spooky darknet stuff but the reality is that much more of it is on the clearnet in these really terribly designed sites by the likes of this retirement community cat.

We are a messed up species.


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