(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Dear Paul! : The Curious Case of A Letter In A Cache of Files from Andrea Manafort’s Phone Dumped In The Darknet

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The letter you see above was posted in a cache of pictures ostensibly from Andrea Manafort’s cell phone which was hacked back in 2016. The pictures, which were checked for metadata to be sure, are in fact hers and contain quite a bit of visual information that I will not release here including medical data and taxes etc. The interesting bits though were alleged pictures/images of documents in Cyrillic and in English that concern a media company that was set up by Dmitry Firtash and others during Paul’s time working in Ukraine for Viktor Yanukovych. It was during this time that many assume Paul made connections like his second in command Kilimnik (GRU) that are all becoming very important to the obstruction case of Donald J Trump, the 2016 election tampering by Russia, and Manafort’s centrality to it all.

The documents above purport to be either a letter or an email, but it is impossible to tell because there are no headers, and no way to determine which it is. In fact, this could be an outright fake. This is the caution I am making up front here concerning this document in the dump with the rest. Not only is there no data in the page to tell what the source is, there is also no metadata at all to prove out where it came from so it could be a fabrication, but to what end and by whom I wonder? As for the other documents in Cyrillic, they are checking out to be real but they are also elsewhere on the net from other sources in Ukraine and can also be verified by the companies involved.


A map of companies comprising the flow of ownership and money concerning a media company set up in Ukraine

So some of this tracks as real, but the document at the top of the page is not found that I could tell anywhere else. So, is this disinfo? Was Andrea actually the one who had these files sent to her by someone? I suspect that “could” be the case but once again, it is impossible to know completely without metadata that is forensically viable to prove it. So, I would have to ask Andrea, or maybe someone in the media can, if indeed she has seen these documents before and was she party to looking into what her father was up to at some point?

But wait… It get’s more interesting..

Did you really read the document at the top of the post?

Lemme draw out some things…

Paying attention here? It’s subtle but there seems to be some planning here and intonation of criminal conduct with regard to the Ukrtelekom deal there don’t it? My only question now is who is JN? Anyone? Hmmm JN? Oh well, the fact of the matter is that if this is real, well, there may be some ammunition that Mueller may have or want along with those documents in Cyrillic. On the other side, this could be some Ukrainian hackers attempt to drive the narrative. Perhaps Andrea can enlighten us all on the provenance of those documents in the dump…

While she is at it, maybe someone should tell her also not to take pics of her insurance card and other very personal things… Ya know, cuz they may end up in the darknet…

The other documents are being translated so I will have more on them later.



Written by Krypt3ia

2018/06/19 at 15:42

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