(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

The Psychopath: A Darkweb Manifesto

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The darkweb spider kicked out an interesting albeit kind of freaky site this morning for me. The site “The Psychopath” has a long rambling diatribe on how the world has become too domesticated and that this group, the psychopaths, are starting a war against “the man” so to speak. I honestly had a hard time reading this darkweb manifesto because it is poorly written in a long winded sort of way as well as reminded me greatly of Ted Kaczynski‘s rant that he sent to the New York Times and other papers back in 1996. The rambling text with the pseudo educated diatribe on this site reminds me of Ted’s particular bent as well about society and it’s ills. In this case though it seems that the creators have a grudge against societies conformity.

The site names names of targets they have in mind and claims there will be actions against them while seeking to entice you yet scare you to their position and call to action. I will keep an eye on this one to see what else comes of it and perhaps do a little more digging on the clearnet for hints as to the person(s) involved. Until then, I leave you with the full in screen shot and uploaded here for you to read through. It seems that they set up the robots.txt well so I could not wget it.


Written by Krypt3ia

2017/08/07 at 20:11

Posted in DARKNET

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  1. You can have wget ignore the robots.txt by setting the robots variable to ‘off’ in your .wgetrc or you can use the -e switch, e.g. ‘wget -e robots=off –wait 1 [url here]’


    2017/08/07 at 20:26

  2. Tried, get a 403 forbidden still.


    2017/08/07 at 20:32

  3. An interesting find, though I’d wager the author of the site isn’t a threat, for two reasons:

    The language is quite flowery, has all the trappings of an intellectual screed, but it lacks the observation and the incisive reasoning you’d find in Ted Kaczynski’s letters, or in a letter authored by someone with life experience. For example, the site appears to rail against post-modernism and decadence, without reflecting on why things are the way they are, and suggests yet more decadence and nihilism as the solution (I’ve been through that phase myself, long ago).

    Also, given the thinking behind the article was so intricately unhinged, so incoherent, unstructured and inconcise, so far outside the reasoning of 99.99% of the population, that I very much doubt the author has any accomplices at the time of writing.

    I believe it’s the work of an alienated loner, most likely in his early 20s.


    2017/08/07 at 21:25

  4. I did a quick search and this is all I could find.

    His blog:

    “I like to watch the world burn” He seems like an… interesting fellow.


    2017/08/08 at 15:23

  5. Certainly no accomplices but possibly able to act out themselves in a lone wolf type of crazy.


    2017/08/08 at 15:43

  6. Yeah saw these and even more in looking today. I will likely add on to the post with new stuff…


    2017/08/08 at 15:44

  7. My, unless he’s laid a deception out well in advance, it didn’t take much effort for an amateur like me to learn roughly where he lives, the venues he frequents, something of his daily routine and his buying habits.


    2017/08/08 at 17:25

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