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I have been ruminating lately on our situation regarding aspects of Russian interference (active measures) and the new President of the United States. In previous posts I have delved into the Wilderness of Mirrors of counterintelligence that we find ourselves in today as well as some other musings on motives that the Russians and the President (and his minions) may have in relation to their actions. Today though, on the morning of the big Comey interview in congress, I would like to cover the fabricator. By fabricator I mean the intelligence term and not the guy who makes something on the line at the local plant. A fabricator in the parlance of spies means someone who lies, creates stories, and half truths in order to deceive in order to mislead intelligence operations. More to the point, I would like to submit that in the goings on today you will have to ponder whether or not the president and his minions are all fabricators acting in whatever interest they have against us all.

Fabricators have motives just like any other liar but here are the defined reasons in the intelligence definition:

  • Fanaticism or ideology is often cited as the key reason behind fabricator activity. When fanaticism is involved or ideology becomes stronger than morals, fabrication may then be seen as a reasonable means to an end. The fabricator may invent the fake intelligence to help bring about a specific outcome to a situation.[7][9]
  • Mental illness, such as confabulation, often combined with alcoholism, causes some individuals to fabricate intelligence, most often done as part of a fantasy of being a secret agent or to gain official attention.[10][11]
  • Money is a strong incentive for some fabricators. Often, a reliable intelligence source agent will become a fabricator because of financial problems or greed. When the agent no longer has valid intelligence to sell to the conducting intelligence officer, the agent may decide to sell fabricated intelligence in order to satisfy need or greed. (Source: Wikipedia)

As you can see these are not so different from any other liar, however in the context of the intelligence world and what we see playing out today all of them could also easily fit the Presidents and the White Houses machinations of late. many have speculated already on all of these with regard to Trump and his coterie of minions in the White House today. I would put it to you here that all of these are likely but money and fanaticism are two of the key players here with a healthy helping of political expeditiousness. While Trump seems to be in his own reality much of the time, his outright lying and cognitive dissonance has multiple purposes. I would say that he has all of these factors, the mental illness, (narcissism) Desire for money and power, (Money) and a fanaticism that he wears like a cloak to keep him in the seat of power by using a base that he may not in fact believe in truly, but needs their support to win. I would say that this was a thumbnail of his campaign and what we are seeing now as he is running the country.

Looking back I would say the one biggest tell has been his claims of the Obama admin “tapping his wires” at Trump Tower during the election. Trump used this, as he does many other outrageous claims by Tweet, to distract everyone. He is specifically distracting the media, from looking at the real problem at hand (e.g. Russian ties between himself and his coterie and the monies involved) in what I am calling a WMD attack (Weapon of Mass Distraction) vis a vis early am Tweet storms. As we have seen with the claim of wiretapping there is no evidence but he uses spin and word salad to confabulate and bamboozle the media and the populace to look the other direction. I put it to you now that you can expect some other outbursts today or tomorrow post the Comey hearing in an attempt to spin things away from the connections that he and his people have with Russia.

Trump is a fabricator.

See through it.


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