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I feel dirty…


Because I have been going through the messages from Paul Manafort’s daughters iPhone sql light that’s why. I feel dirty more so because there are revelations in there that, if true, could be evidence of potential kompromat on Manafort while he was working in Ukraine. The Sql database as far as I can tell is real and in fact Manafort himself confirmed to Politico that his daughters phone was hacked on the record so there is that. The question then becomes did someone tamper or create this sql db? In looking at this so far, I cannot say that I think it was created whole cloth or that it has been edited in a way to add these allegations but I have only done a cursory forensic look at it. What I ended up doing was looking more closely at the chats since Politico went on record after they lifted things from this blog. Yesterday I went through all the back and forth and found many a salacious thing. Cutting to the chase though, I found conversations between Manaforts daughter and someone about how her father was having an affair with a girl younger than one of his daughters.


What is even more interesting is that the allegation here is that not only was Manafort having this affair but that girl (who is named in the chats and I have backstopped and was in fact in Ukraine at the time mentioned while Manafort was there) but that of all things Paul seems to have said that she was some “Russian friends” daughter. Though the text below states they don’t really think that the girl is Russian there are more down stream that talk about her father and her family and ties to Russia (maybe) but the sick burn here is if she is, well, that is a pretty direct tie to the country that might, ya know, use that as kompromat on Pauly eh?


Even the idea that Paul may have had a young trophy mistress is enough for blackmail but the texts go on to describe her travel with him all over the world including to Ukraine while he was working there. So, if the Russians did not have access to her or had placed her in the proximity of Paul this certainly would have been information they would not have passed up on to use. So, once more, if the sql database is legit and the information presented here is on the mark, it is quite possible that Manafort was at least in this instance easily vulnerable to compromise by the Russians.


As the chats went on though, it seems that the new girl was also straining Manafort’s money because he was being extravagant with her. As you can see from above, he allegedly rented her a house in the Hamptons by his own for a summer and bought a NYC apartment for her to be in. All of this money being spent also as it happens, was concurrent with his daughters wedding coming and Ukraine not paying him for his services. I believe that the timing for this was at the time Yanukovich was about to flee to Russia and those ledgers with the monies supposed to be paid to Manafort were dug up, which in the end he did not get. All of this could lead to further compromise right? What if all the money trouble and girl trouble put Paul in a bind and the Russians said “We have way to make things better! You know this Trump guy right?”

You see where I am going don’t you?


The above text was mentioned in the politico story but here is the raw text. So if this is all true it seems to me that it and much more (allegations of sex things that I will not talk about) in my book would be quite enough to land one in the dossier like that one Steele put together on Trump. All of it, all the sordid details would be things that the SVR/GRU would LOVE to know about and leverage wouldn’t you say? But wait it gets better! It seems that Paul took a page from The Patreus playbook and tried the old “draft email” technique popular with television terrorists!


This evidently was working for him until the daughter saw it on his phone. She mentioned a sketchy email and that kinda jives with that email server and domain I found before huh? Maybe that server is how they are communicating? I would love to see what is in that email server, I wonder who else he has been emailing on there? Anyway, there is a lot more in the db that is pretty damning as well as all kinds of personal info like passwords to systems, wireless AP’s and other things owned and operated by the Manafort daughter and immediate family. There is also quite a bit of mentions about Trump and how, even at one point it seems that Manafort was messing about with porn on a Trump laptop or some such thing. I leave all the really dirty things to Politico and any other media source that has the wherewithal to locate the sql dump and open it.

As for me, I have a copy and those law enforcement types who want it can ask if they have the interest. I have tried to get the Anon’s who posted the db to give me more but I am thinking that their statement (see top of page) was an allusion to all the dirt in that sql light db… Which politico, if they ever really got the db, which I doubt now, would have been ravening over to publish.

Stupid fucks.




I just wanted to cover the idea that this is maybe disinfo and thus placed out there for people to find and publish to muddy the waters. While that is possible, and we are dealing with possible nation state actors, in looking at the db and the contents I lean towards this being real data. The chats are very fluid and read properly, not as if just some anon has put this together inside of the db. The facts on backstopping the names and dates and locations have also checked out so I think it is legit. Added to the fact that Manafort copped to the hack being real adds to the credibility of the data.

That being said… You never know so I thought I would make that caveat. Anything is possible with a nation state player. It is now the job of the news orgs and the LE set to look into this and to determine if the data is true as well as if this possible could have been part of the picture where Manafort and the Russia connections to Trump and his campaign may have their intersection.

UPDATE: 3/7/17

The young woman asserted to be the mistress in this morass has deleted her profiles online as of today. I have not released her name so someone must have called her from a news service. Someone else obviously learned how to open the SQL light database. Sorry miss, but the internet does not forget so your stuff will be out there in cache in perpetuity.

UPDATE: 3/11/17

CNN has finally published something on the dump but they ONLY went after the weakest bit of data in there. A comment by his daughter is just that, a comment  but they went with that when they could have gone with the provable facts that he has/had a mistress in Andriana and that he bought her a place in NYC as well as spent lavishly on her. All this while he was not getting paid by Ukraine and then making odd loans.

What I was getting at all along was that this is all provable information, I backstopped it and now the mistress has deleted her online profiles! Come on CNN stop being pussies!



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2017/03/04 at 09:29

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  1. yeah. i basically ignored the screenshots and focused in on the sms.db when the “manafort clan” dump appeared on my radar. i ruined my karma a couple of weekends ago going through the messages … i don’t have digital forensic expertise to very the whole cloth of the db, but verified enough to my satisfaction via the hyperlinks to expend more energy and follow the hyperlinks. simultaneously a friend of mine from brooklyn tipped me off to the brownstown paul had bought … so i dumped the msgs into a text file and corroborated same … following up on the real estate flipping properties angle, which appeared in the intercept … … there’s more to the story … reminds me of the mmm recordings dump in early 2000, a mystery i spent years trying to unravel …


    2017/03/04 at 11:09

  2. Yeah it all seems to check out and there was A LOT more I did not talk about that was bad bad bad in that chat dump.


    2017/03/04 at 11:25

  3. ha ha … ovulation ovulation ovulation … i’m based in kyiv … first thing i did was talk to a parliament deputy about the dump … then i tried to get my black net mafia guys in minsk to do a forensic on the db file … which they wanted money for, so i balked … then helped a colleague to run down the real estate angles (carrols garden, brooklyn) … so that checked out and a decent article appeared on the intercept … tried to run down barrow, the mistress’ parents … but ran out of time … did check out the sanahunt photos and her kyiv shots … was pissed at politico for their hack job … still pissed … so i’ll probably do something more with the db and the real estate empire … also, andrea worked for the law firm hired by manafort to dig dirt up on former ukr pm tymoshenko … maybe i’ll look more into that … or the ukr angle


    2017/03/04 at 11:31

  4. Who did you contact for the Db?


    2017/03/04 at 18:50

  5. Left comment on page. No one responded to date. Left email.


    2017/03/04 at 20:27

  6. yeah, i went back to the sms.db and searched for tom barrack … bingo … close family friends … andrea says she met with tom, hoping to work for him … but paul’s girlfriend got the job instead … it was barrack who asked manafort to head trump’s campaign … interesting angle could be how much biznez he does with the russians

    a b d y m o k

    2017/03/22 at 15:54

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