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So Why Doesn’t Tor Blog Really Show You How To Set Up A Hidden Site?

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I was recently fiddle farting around on the TOR blog and looking at the setup tutorials for a ‘Hidden Site’ on TOR. When I really dug down into the alleged tutorial though, there wasn’t a whole lot of help there for someone isn’t let’s say, a “Dark Cyber Wizard”, to set up a site inside the onion. Sure they tell you to download the TOR and then to do ‘things’ and magically you have a tor site!

*blank stare*

No TOR blog not really. Since the disappearance of Vidalia and your pimping of the TOR Browser only really, you seem to be neglecting adding to the complexity of the onion with, ya know, actual sites to look at in there. So to that end I thought I would just write up this quick and dirty for Ubuntu (I hear the hisses out there already from some) and give you some guidance on what to do after you get it running. I am using Ubuntu because FUCK YOU is why! So just deal with it.


Phase one: Install your web server

Step one: Install lighttpd

sudo apt-get install lighttpd (or NGINX or whatever you like really but lighttpd is what is recommended by TOR)

Step Two: Start the server

sudo /etc/init.d/lighttpd start

Step Three: Check it is up

Open browser and go to and see if you see the default page. If that isn’t working I suggest you google some things about how lighttpd works

Phase Two: Install TOR and configure Hidden Site

Step One: Install TOR

sudo apt-get install tor

Step Two: Edit TORRC

sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

UN-comment these two lines (in red) and of course change the port from 80 to something else if you want to.



Step Three: Start TOR

sudo /etc/init.d/tor start

Step Four: Get the onion address

sudo nano /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Step Five: Copy the address in the file and close out.

If you have followed these steps then you “should” have a working TOR hidden site and that default page in lighttpd will be showing up in the onions. Now this mind you is just to get the shit installed and working right? I mean, there is much more to this hosting an onion site that concerns security. For that I suggest you all learn how to secure your Linux install, your lighttpd version and install, and of course the TOR itself. You are gonna have to keep up on the vulns for TOR and everything else to insure you aren’t just hanging your dick out there on the internet for everyone to slap right?

But this all leads me back to the question of why TOR blog does not simply just give you the means to install and use this product? Are you guys afraid of being liable for a naughty site to be out there? Are you guys instead all trying to be dark cyber wizards keeping secrets like some cyber dragon in their cyber cave?


It’s not that fucking hard but man you guys really make all kinds of stupid about it.

Ok kids! Go install and play!


PS.. if all of this Linux stuff is too arcane for you… well..




Oh yeah, by the way, you should really run an OnionScan against your new site to see what may be leaking or insecure. Go do that now… If you have issues please get in touch with @OnionScan

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2016/11/29 at 19:53

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