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So Why Doesn’t Tor Blog Really Show You How To Set Up A Hidden Site?

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I was recently fiddle farting around on the TOR blog and looking at the setup tutorials for a ‘Hidden Site’ on TOR. When I really dug down into the alleged tutorial though, there wasn’t a whole lot of help there for someone isn’t let’s say, a “Dark Cyber Wizard”, to set up a site inside the onion. Sure they tell you to download the TOR and then to do ‘things’ and magically you have a tor site!

*blank stare*

No TOR blog not really. Since the disappearance of Vidalia and your pimping of the TOR Browser only really, you seem to be neglecting adding to the complexity of the onion with, ya know, actual sites to look at in there. So to that end I thought I would just write up this quick and dirty for Ubuntu (I hear the hisses out there already from some) and give you some guidance on what to do after you get it running. I am using Ubuntu because FUCK YOU is why! So just deal with it.


Phase one: Install your web server

Step one: Install lighttpd

sudo apt-get install lighttpd (or NGINX or whatever you like really but lighttpd is what is recommended by TOR)

Step Two: Start the server

sudo /etc/init.d/lighttpd start

Step Three: Check it is up

Open browser and go to and see if you see the default page. If that isn’t working I suggest you google some things about how lighttpd works

Phase Two: Install TOR and configure Hidden Site

Step One: Install TOR

sudo apt-get install tor

Step Two: Edit TORRC

sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc

UN-comment these two lines (in red) and of course change the port from 80 to something else if you want to.



Step Three: Start TOR

sudo /etc/init.d/tor start

Step Four: Get the onion address

sudo nano /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname

Step Five: Copy the address in the file and close out.

If you have followed these steps then you “should” have a working TOR hidden site and that default page in lighttpd will be showing up in the onions. Now this mind you is just to get the shit installed and working right? I mean, there is much more to this hosting an onion site that concerns security. For that I suggest you all learn how to secure your Linux install, your lighttpd version and install, and of course the TOR itself. You are gonna have to keep up on the vulns for TOR and everything else to insure you aren’t just hanging your dick out there on the internet for everyone to slap right?

But this all leads me back to the question of why TOR blog does not simply just give you the means to install and use this product? Are you guys afraid of being liable for a naughty site to be out there? Are you guys instead all trying to be dark cyber wizards keeping secrets like some cyber dragon in their cyber cave?


It’s not that fucking hard but man you guys really make all kinds of stupid about it.

Ok kids! Go install and play!


PS.. if all of this Linux stuff is too arcane for you… well..




Oh yeah, by the way, you should really run an OnionScan against your new site to see what may be leaking or insecure. Go do that now… If you have issues please get in touch with @OnionScan

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2016/11/29 at 19:53

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Re-Counts and Forensics in 2016

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Since the election I have taken a break from the insanity as much as I could. I blocked off Trump on Twitter but he keeps leaking through the blocks anyway. I have been reading though on the usual source sites like the New York Times and other news sites and with each day I am seeing the utter unravelling of America. Thinking about it though I have to wonder if the unravelling happened long ago and this is all just an echo of the failure finally reaching us all like a radio wave from a distant dying pulsar…

Anyway, I wanted to write today about the current debacle concerning the vote and the calls for an audit of that vote. Since the Green’s have gotten the ball rolling and the Clinton camp finally agreed to look at the vote it seems to be happening and that is a good thing. In an election where blatant tampering through hacking and information operations (DISINFO and IFO-OPS) by the Russian state one can have some sense that perhaps the same adversaries ‘might’ have tampered with the actual votes as well. Now, had it been just troll propaganda wars I might say; “Ok we have been played, they did it, we lost because we as a people are unable to comprehend real news from fake news” but that is not all that happened here. We saw actual hacking campaigns carried out on our voting infrastructure and one of the parties outright and still no one is clamouring for a re-count AND an audit of the systems that are already known to be security challenged?

It is incomprehensible to me at times how our government works at all. The group think and the lackadaisical attitudes towards information security are staggering but this whole episode takes the cake. You mean to tell me that the DHS and the government, the ones who brought us the OPM hack and other massive data breaches are going to tell us that the vote could not have been hacked and it is silly to even consider a forensic audit? This is what I keep hearing in the media and out of the government as calls for the votes to be re-counted and audited. It is also what I am hearing post Halderman’s paper and blog post that says: “I’m not saying the vote was hacked but there is evidence enough to say maybe we should look into it”  What the fuck? We know things went down so why all the reticence to check?

Well let’s look at it another way shall we? let’s say the government, ya know the one who keeps claiming we have “cyber superiority” in fact is shown to have such a poor state of security (like OPM isn’t enough to cast doubt on that one) that the election systems, the ones that the security community has been warning about as insecure for years now, was in fact manipulated as part of a larger operation to fix the election for Putins puppet regime? What exactly would the outcomes be from that revelation?

  1. The system would not be trusted
  2. The country would be in chaos
  3. The government would be seen as incompetent
  4. Putin wins.

It seems to me that most of these things have already come to pass. Sure, we have not actually proven that the systems in key Electoral College states were tampered with by malware or added code yet. That code could have been put in the supply chain easily by infecting the key systems the polling places use (see Halderman’s paper *think USB and ballot templates*) but all it takes is a real forensic evaluation to determine if something was amiss right? Yet I still don’t hear a clamour to get this done. Why is that really? We have been sold the idea on many occasions that it is too hard to hack the election but really, with a limited target and a goal of manipulating it subtly one would not see it blatantly would they? I mean fuck, look, Clinton has what like 2 million more popular votes and this fuckwit wins the college? It is either fantastic strategy on the part of his campaign (I mean Putin’s campaign) or, given all of the other evidence of tampering and obfuscation that something could be amiss with the known insecure systems we vote with right?

Really what I am saying here is this; “We have been played. We have been played and now we have this kleptocrat in office who’s been placed there, whether or not you want to hear this, by the Russian governments intelligence apparatus. The least you can do now is do the due diligence to see if something more happened than the hacks and disinformation operations we already know about.” I suspect though that the government does not want to do this because it would call everything into question. It would openly call out the fact that a nation state fucked with us in such a fundamental way that the only real response would have to be, well, war? I mean what is the response to something of this scale anyway right?

Weigh the evidence.

Occams Razor this shit.



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2016/11/28 at 13:39

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Dear Republicrats, You Are Now Comrade Putin’s Puppets.

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Well you did it GOP and America, you finally elected a person who seems to be on the face of it, aligned with Russia, is an asset of Russia, or in fact is just a “Useful Idiot” as Uncle Joe Stalin called it. Worse still, it seems that you also have given access to at least three people within the Trump campaign who have had ties, direct ones, to Russia, the Kremlin and Alfabank to the White House. These people too may in fact be outright assets of Putin and the KGB.

Congratulations America.

What’s worse is that the GOP has actively pursued this all in the guise of being alt-right or more American than most Americans all the while you have been Putin’s pawns as well.

Once again, congratulations America.

I fear for the country in more ways than one. I fear that our President elect can easily be led to foolish action. (just look at his Twitter)

I fear that his strong man sensibilities and his crazy ideas about NATO will make the world a more dangerous place.

I fear that he has no idea how to run the country and likely will not listen to those who do.

I fear that in an age of Cyber “Warfare” and espionage this man has no cogent ideas on how to protect the nation.

I fear that this man also has a hair trigger and will pursue actions both Cyber and otherwise in the warfare arena that will only end in escalation of tensions globally.

I fear that his minions, and by that I mean the neo nazi’s the white supremacists, and the general maladjusted nut cases like those Alex Jones has in his thrall will only be emboldened to take actions against anyone they don’t like.

In short people we are fucked.

See ya..

Or maybe more on point, “dasvidaniya


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2016/11/09 at 20:28

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Shits Gone Plaid: GDD53 and Slate

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Last night, Halloween Night, it turned out was the last of the last nights for October Surprises and this time I was dragged into the mire by piss poor reporting by Slate’s Franklin Foer. Evidently Franky has been talking to “Tea Leaves” the titular secret security squirrel who has been pimping this conspiracy theory about Trump email servers and Russian banks for a while now. I came across the story when someone I know got hold of me asking technical questions about the story. I then did the due diligence and began looking into it and wrote a blog post that in the end after a couple updates dismissed Tea as a fabricator and moved on with life. I then edited the post with an update that in fact, part of Tea’s story was right that the New York Times had looked into this. While this was true, it is also true they dropped it for lack of evidence that you could get past editorial, so my blog confirmed that much at least. Unfortunately Tea still  shopped this around until someone took the bait hook line and sinker (Foer) putting out speculation, anonymous testimony, and not much more as proof positive that Trump is in league with Russia’s Alfabank via secret emails and configured servers.


There was none. There was a lot of speculation and theory but what Tea had put on the darknet and had been shopping around was not forensically proven and in fact all of the metadata that may have existed had been stamped out of all documents or never existed in the first place as they were using text files. In looking at the so called evidence I called bullshit and began questioning Tea. Tea emailed me trying to pimp more of this story but I asked pointed forensic questions and about the provenance of their “data” after doing so, Tea claimed they “never got the email”. This was utter bullshit because I even created an account on the same encrypted email server as theirs to send it to them. Clearly they did not want to or could not answer my direct questions on authenticity.

Here were the questions:


I got nothing back so I walked away from this story updating the blog with the image you see at the top. This was a non story and this was someone’s troll or an IC operation of some kind. I left it at that… That is until last night when this fallacy laden report came out of Slate.

Anonymous Security Professionals

So here is what I believe happened with Slate and Foer. Tea, not happy with my ignoring their bullshit, went on to pimp at least five venues looking for a way to get this wide and Foer was the gullible one to do so. Now, with a live one on the line Tea spun their tale and added the new twist that they are in fact a group of “security professionals” with insider knowledge and that this story is really real. Of course once again they provided no real proof of Trumps servers being configured for this purpose, no evidence of actual emails, and no real forensically sound information that proves any of what they say can be proven in a court of law. This is a key thing and Slate may not care but others do. Even in the previous dumps on the i2p site that tea set up their diagram said “this is what it would look like” would is not proof, that there is speculation and not evidence.


So more fuckery and none of it can be proven out, in fact as many on Twitter last night including Rob Graham skewered the whole thing pretty well. In the end there is no proof here that these events happened as they are being stated and if there is evidence, solid evidence, then it is being hidden by those said same security researchers because… Because why? If you have evidence that Trump has been in league with Russia via email servers as a defacto hotline then give the evidence to the FBI! What the holy hell are you doing spinning tales to fuckwit reporters? Like I said on Twitter last night, you lack the courage of your convictions sir.


Meanwhile, the story spun by Tea and now Camp et al on Slate makes me wonder just who Tea is. Obviously Camp knows Tea and the others and this is a small world so let’s work out the connections shall we?

Camp –>Vixie –> ??? let’s just assume that Camp knows these persons well and if one starts to dig you could come up with a few names of people who “would” (there’s that would again) have the kind of access to DNS data that is needed. Let’s just start naming names like Dan Kaminsky for example as Tea just because fuck he has access to that kind of stuff! It’s fuckery sure, but it is just as valid as that fucking slate article am I right or am I right?

Just remember Tea and company, we all know each other in this biz and someday your anonymity will be blown because of your fucking bad OPSEC. When that day comes then you better produce some solid evidence.

Just sayin.

Reporter Fuckery

Lastly, let me just say that I never “softened” to Tea. I got some facts that NYT looked at this and I postulated that it is possible for this kind of stuff going on but in the end I said that there was no proof. So this line that I am sure Tea gave to Slate about my “incorrect assumptions” was outright fuckery.

Proof or get the fuck out.


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