(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

The 0day and The Snowman

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<REDACTED> sent me this blog post this morning and I read it with due diligence per our relationship. Once I had finished reading it and the bile taste left my mouth I decided that I should put down some thoughts here to share…

First off, let’s all face facts that NO ONE has the full story here. No one. Not one fucking person. Snowden is lying to some extent, the NSA and the government are lying to some extent, and anyone who does not have direct experience with what happened at the VERY top of clearance probably doesn’t have the whole story either. It’s called classification, over classification, and compartmentalization. Whether or not it is to protect “sources and methods” or not, there are always lies, obfuscations, and inveigling that happen within the community. So fuck you all for all of your jibber jabber back and forth on who’s bad and who’s not and what damage this has done to our safety.

That really includes you Mike Rogers.

Here’s my take on it all.. Fuck if I know what the fuck happened and you don’t either!

I watched Stone’s movie and thought it heavy handed and certainly not the facts as they are presented.. That is presented by whichever source you want to believe. Just like this whole fucking HSPCI report timed EXACTLY to coincide with the release of a fucking film to spin the media and the people? JESUS FUCK if this report isn’t a propaganda leaflet drop what the fuck is?

Ok so fuck this shit. Everyone move on. Understand that you are all being surveilled to whatever extent you want to believe either by the government or the companies you slavenly give your information to in order to get access to the next great fucking Facebook app! Big brother is everywhere and he is in your pocket right now ticking your neither regions!


If you want to leave it then stop using the shit, learn to secure your shit, and use OPSEC.

Dr. K.

Written by Krypt3ia

2016/09/23 at 14:54

Posted in 1984

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  1. Pretty slick reference there, Falcon and The Snowman.

    Torn Victor

    2016/09/23 at 17:52

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