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The DNC Hack: October Surprises & The Second OPM

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While the data may not be as invasive as an SF86, the fact of the matter is that every democrat that the DNC had access to is now up for grabs on the internet because of a hacker, or nation state, or hacker of a nation state, has dumped it all there. Whether it be the dump previously put on the net by Guccifer_2.0 or the last one this week, the upshot is that large chunks of raw data are out there with some kinda personal content if you are a Dem and that I think should give one pause.

In a discussion I had the other day with <REDACTED> about the election and the mess we are in generally as a populace, the natural turn things took were pretty fucking bleak. Look at the choices we have and then look at all the rhetoric about Russia potentially tampering with the election on the electronic warfare level and then stop to think about what has yet to come… October. The October surprise though seems to be being prepped or peppered already by the likes of Guccifer 2 and @DCleaks_ never mind Wikileaks. With the dump Guccifer put out this week while virtually speaking at a security conference (talk about flying planes sideways stunt hacking elections!) we just have more data to use and possibly abuse that might be valuable toward affecting the election process.

So when you see Mike Rogers at the podium saying “Russia might attack the election electronically” you might want to just yell back “They already did asshat!”

Just sayin…


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2016/09/14 at 18:20

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