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Da’esh Terrorism As Advertising

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Someone on Twitter recently passed along this little email from ZENEDGE to me in hopes that I would have something to say. That someone was right and what I have to say is not going to be nice. The email, a marketing email, purports to be selling cyber services because “Terrorism” for all your cyber security needs. This frankly is one of the more craven and baseless marketing emails that I have seen of late and I agree’d with the sender that it warranted my special attention. So Leon Kuperman, and ZENEDGE, here’s your special attention!

First off, I would like to take the time to extend my sympathies to anyone who has been touched by terrorism and specifically to those in Brussels as they are used as a pastiche for this tissue of marketing bullshit you see before you. The article, and I call it that quite loosely, starts off claiming that “terrorists” and names da’esh (ISIS) are in it for the “terror” and that terror is able to strike anywhere! Anywhere to ZENEDGE means *gasp* online and you gentle reader are in danger of being cyber terrorized.

The past several months have brought a string of terror attacks and violent incidents, which not only claim lives but cause worldwide feelings of fear and vulnerability. It seems that groups of terrorists like ISIS can strike when and where they want.

As the authorities ramp up surveillance, such attackers simply adapt and change their tactics. They have learned to be patient and to leave few traces.

Stopping terror groups and other bad actors requires an evolving approach. Because these attackers don’t rely on yesterday’s methods for launching the next strike, authorities can’t rely on yesterday’s surveillance and intervention methods if they want to stop the attacks before they happen.

This is especially true as terror groups take their fight from the streets to The Street.

Oh my god, the terrorists can strike “The Street” Wait, what? What does that even mean? Are they going to attack Wall Street? Mulberry Street? So da’esh can strike anywhere anytime? Really? Like in my office here? My bedroom? ..*gasp*… My bathroom? What a crock of shit. But wait, it gets better! Because of “surveillance” the da’esh masters of terror are evading yesterday’s surveillance! They have gone DARK!

*gong sound with ominous portents*

Terror attacks serve a dual purpose: They not only harm or kill people, they send psychological shock waves throughout the world. After the rubble is cleared, fear and insecurity persist. This is what the attackers count on. For this reason, it is certain that terrorist organizations will increasingly bring their attacks to the online world, where ideologically motivated players — like Anonymous and New World Hacking — have already made a splash.

That’s right anonymous like entities will be committing the cyber terror in a place near you soon! They will either scar you psychologically or they will outright CYBER KILL you! Honestly this is one of the most egregious marketing mails that I have seen with it’s bated breathy scare tactics. It goes on and you can go read it for yourselves. I will not belabor you with it all here but I felt moved to call this kind of bullshit out. They continue on with the usual bugaboo’s of the scary darknet and operators therein being paid by da’esh to attack all our networks and maybe even a dam or YOUR NETWORK!

*insert scar balaclava da’esh hacker imagery here* BOOGA BOOGA!

Ostensibly this marketing blast is out there to sell ZENEDGE’s wares, whatever they may be because it really doesn’t give you a menu or anything to look at. It only says that you need to be proactive to stop the terrorists. So is password management with 2FA and having a good security program in general proactive enough to stop da’esh? Frankly, yes, in fact da’esh isn’t a cyber threat here and never will be. Let me set you straight Leon da’esh is not a hacker collective, their online propaganda is just that and their hackers, if you want to call them that loosely, are not a threat to much of anything but a poorly configured web page. Your using them and the events in Brussels as a sales pitch are in point of fact craven and the lowest form of marketing I for one have seen.

Leon, buddy, stop with the scare tactics bullshit and just try to sell your wares elsewhere. Stop trying to use tragedy as a sales and marketing tool you tool.

Dr. K.

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2016/04/11 at 18:16

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