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“The Red Room” A Chamber of Horrors on The DarkNets?

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The Mikado: MillenniuM S03E13

I often like to take little trips into the dark seedy underbelly of the internet called the Darknet. Well today was just another day for that kind of thing until I came upon a site that claims to be a “Red Room” A “Red Room” is really a composite urban legend where snuff films and extreme BDSM meet in a dark corner of the internet. Up until today there have been many rumours of sites and often times one can find alleged “Snuff” films on the internet and darknet. This site though has a twist to the old rubric, this site wants you to sign up and pay a fee in BitCoin in order to watch content live in the future, 136 days in the future to be precise (see image below)

Screenshot from 2016-03-07 14:27:24

The spooky bloody countdown!

Now I don’t know about you all, but well, I have come across various sites in the corners of the net and of course in the darknet that, shall we say had unsavoury content in the past. You can imagine the kinds of things one see’s on the net especially if you consider “Rule 34” and have been around long enough *shudder* Anywho, this site piqued my interest because it reminded me a lot of an episode of MillenniuM back in the late 90’s. This episode pretty much presaged this site’s intent with an early online site that could not be traced being run by a serial killer who was killing people live online according to the number of hits the site got (see image at top, the number is how many hits he wanted before killing her)

Now I remember thinking that this was all bogus back then, particularly over the tech speak that they tried to use with the hacker trying to capture the location of the kill site. I tell ya, it was hilarious up to a point but I really had to wonder at the time whether or not this kind of thing would eventually become a reality. The site that I located today might be the real deal, but I really tend to think this is a little scam on the part of some enterprising Germans. I mean come on! Give me some content to start with that will make me WANT to give you Bitcoins guys!

Anyway, this site claims the following as it’s hook:

Three people will die … just one will survive. You will decide who is the lucky one. Livestream from 4 diffrent locations in this world. You decide what each person deserves. Choose between 67 diffrent torture methods. Whether physical or psychological pain, you choose by voting. All four camera livestreams on one site with a chat for each camera. Interested? Register now! More information after registration. Important! Access is limited to 300 registrations! Login will be possible 3 days before it starts.

So three unknown people will die after torture and the viewers are to choose the one who will live. With a wide array of torture methods (what we don’t know) including psychological torture how can one resist this? Frankly this reminds me of a recent “Castle” episode with the school room and the tortured kid (now grown up) who started killing people off with puzzles and terror.

Oooh… Ahhhhh…

Screenshot from 2016-03-07 14:27:14The registration page

Screenshot from 2016-03-07 14:38:03Confirmed accounts (notice the 176/300) ORLY?

The site is kinda poorly coded and leaves too much of a trail for someone to follow back to the creators. The BitCoin wallet was created recently it seems and has no transactions at all. So if there are people who have signed up where are their Bitcoins? According to the site out of 300 spots to view the murder/torture of unknown people 123 were taking up already. Would this not mean that there should be a substantial amount of Bitcoins in the wallet? The net here if 300 people actually paid the Bitcoins would net the creators about 300 Bitcoins (today $123,591.00) which is a tidy sum. If you then believe the site and not the Bitcoin wallet taint then 123 Bitcoins given already would total $50,672.31 Now if you look at the second page that you can access via code, you see that 176 people have allegedly signed up. Well, that would be how much in Bitcoin? Oh yeah: $72,506.72 so where are those funds HMMMMMM??? I am sure some Treasury or DEA agent would love to steal those eh?


Screenshot from 2016-03-07 14:28:33Blockchain Taint


Screenshot from 2016-03-07 14:43:21German language in the code

Another fascinating fact that I alluded to above is that this site was likely created by “Zose vacky Germans” as there are German words in the code and the video (oh yes, there is a video but in reality there is only text in it so cool down!) It figures that the cultural reference that ran through my head was the Cartman’s mother in Scheise videos here! Yep yep, German BDSM Red Rooms on the darknet! I can see the headlines now on Vice! Breathless stories about how the world is coming to an end and that the cause will not be something like an asteroid or a nuke, nope, it will be a Red Room that will drive our civilisation over the edge!

Alrighty, this was amusing. I will chalk this up to Slenderman and the other internet born Red Roomy urban legends. While I would not discount this kind of thing going on and being only something the Illuminati get to see, I seriously doubt that this is a real thing. If you decide to part with a bitcoin gentle reader, let me know how that goes for you. I will keep an eye on the site to see if anything interesting happens in 136 days.




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2016/03/07 at 21:58

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