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Actors Keynoting RSA… REALLY?

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I have been taking a mental break of late and perhaps I have been silent long enough or perhaps, maybe more to the point, this news sent me into a fugue of disbelief and bile over the fact that we now have actors speaking at security cons. No, you heard me right gentle reader, we now have actors speaking about security at security conferences post Sony’s hack.

That’s right folks, we now have actors like Alec Baldwin talking about how Hollywood had a “cooling” after Sony got hacked. How rights are being assailed in privacy and how the bad bad nation state hackers dropped a cyber deuce on us all because we now learned just how the Hollywood sausage is made. Poor Hollywood and poor poor Alec and others who had to change their AOL addresses!


It gets worse though, not only have we had Alec speaking about how horrible the Sony hack was but also Kevin Spacey as well speaking at the Davos fourm about cyber security.


No the fuck way!

What the holy fuck are actors doing at Davos anyway? What the shit is this fuckery? I am so tired of seeing allegedly important people (actors) talking about things that have much more meaning than play acting on screen for lots and lots of money to entertain us. This is outright stupidity people and for RSA to buy into this shit even more for “star power” really offends me.

But wait it gets worse! RSA 2016 has the stars of CSI CYBER doing a panel! What the shit? Reallly? You are going to tell me that these actors have anything the fuck to say about the realities of vulnerabilities and the intricacies of security issues? I give up. Fuck you RSA for your feckless pandering for the almighty dollars. You truly remind me now of a played out stripper working it hard to a bored crowd. I am not giving you one fucking dollar for your gyrations.

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So back to the issue of Actors talking about computer security post Sony. How about these pompous asshats mention the fact that not only were they using crappy addresses and are self proclaimed “Luddites” but also that Sony was a company with one of the worst security records out there to start? How about you self righteous fuckers mention that Sony’s emails showed a large amount of fuckery on the parts of execs and stars that truly lifted the dress a bit and showed their true colours?

Perhaps RSA should go to Wikileaks and read through the emails. Sony is a big company rife with backdoor deals, catty behavior, and a solid record of fucking over women in salaries over men. So fuck you Spacey and Alec and the rest of you trying to be relevant and accepting speaking fee’s from fuckers like RSA. You have no business being in front of us and that goes doubly so for anyone representing CBS and the fucking pile of crap CSI cyber.

Cut it out you abhorrent self important swine.


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2016/01/29 at 02:30

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