(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Anonymous Versus Da’esh: It’s OPCARTEL All Over Again

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Sit down kids and let me unfold to you all how idiotic I think you all are. As someone who has been doing research low these 15 years that we have been in the GWOT I have to just say my peace concerning your so called “war on Isis” The short and simple get off my lawn statement is you have no idea what you are doing. The longer more thoughtful commentary will follow shortly.

Honestly, you all mean well I am sure and I am also sure that many are in it not for the moral faggery but more so the attention seeking narcissism that fuels all of your breathless narratives given to any and all hack reporter that will listen and then fill in the blanks per their own clickbaity needs. In either motivation you all are doing a poor job at trying to prosecute a so called war with horrible OSINT and a plan that only annoy’s the da’eshbags more than stops them communicating.

A great Twitter war of Whack A Mole is pointless and in reality the government and Twitter have only shut down accounts that were not only confirmed to be spewing da’eshbag materials but also were real players. The blanket approach that you all have taken drift net like, and capturing not only some real accounts but also others who are just innocent Muslims, Iranians, Palestinians, etc does nothing for any cause save your own attention seeking. Pay attention! Twitter is not using your data. The government is not using your data! Your data is bad and you are an impediment not great warriors in the greater battle against radical jihad.


Either work smarter or stop.

I have sat in on your pirate and other “pads” and even given you direct information that some of the people you have targeted have nothing whatsoever to do with jihad. You all never seem to listen so I stopped. I am sure nothing I say here will matter either really so you will continue to go on and be a hindrance while making the headlines. Frankly the hardest thing for me lately is to be tagged together in reports on your little war with the story if my locating the dark net site recently that was a feed of da’esh propaganda. I really want nothing to do with you but the media, though I block them, still cannot seem to get their shit straight and report on what is really important over the lede of ERMEGERD ANONYMOUS WILL WAGE WAR ON DA’ESH!


Let me just give you the same cautionary that I gave you on OpCartel

You aren’t ready for this kind of real warfare. If da’esh finds out who any of you are and they are able to, they will kill you. Maybe even behead you for the camera because they too need the media cycles to pimp their ideas and propaganda.

It’s that simple.

Work smarter or leave the battlefield.



Written by Krypt3ia

2015/12/01 at 18:03

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