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DDoS Will Not Stop Daesh or AQ or AQAP

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Anonymous Hackers Target Jihadist Twitter Accounts And Websites: Nine Down

Hackers ‘disable extremist website’

Charlie Hebdo: How ‘hacktivists’ and cyber-jihadis will wage a digital war


I have another word though for it all..


Ok, I have said this before and I guess it is time for me to say it again as all I see in the news today is hyperbolic bullshit about how Anon’s took down a jihadist site. For the record the site in question was the lowest of the low hanging fruit. It has been pwn3d three ways to Sunday and is mostly full of other agent provocateurs looking to hook themselves a stupid jihobbyist anyway. So really, what has Anon done by taking this site out of all the sites out there down?


Look, if you guys want to do something of worth then you use all your doxing powers to locate all these fuckers online in these forums and pass it to the authorities ok? Failing that what you are only doing is managing to garner headlines by lackluster reporters looking for a story that will give them page clicks is all. It will mean fuck all to the jihad, the GWOT, and most of all it will NOT stop another attack by those loon wolf enough to do it. It’s a simple equation kids and I know you want to feel like you are doing something, which I laud you for, but do it smartly would you?

The same thing goes for the Twitter accounts. I tried to do this too and I was actually taking the time to single out the big players. You get them banned and they just come right back. However, when you DOX them with their real information they tend to get popped by authorities. So why not take the time and do some real work on stopping these fuckheads?

You all can be better than this. Evaluate the ops.. Is it for you or is it for the greater good?

Do some research:


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2015/01/12 at 16:53

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