(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Chongryon and Sony

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#GOP Concerns

Pastebin posted 12/31/14

#G…O……P……. express highest regard to the People of North Korea.  It is the juche we strive to free the world.  It is our stance that 공화국영웅 shall be given to the most powerful leader whom have save Korea from shame.  재일본 조선인 총련 our family of old friends will always look over our Leader and protect him from dishonor even in the event he would not see us.  Soon our film of 리설주 will made ready for the sons of Korea to witness.  Through our leadership the 2 korea will be made whole and our brother will live in peace.  Our power is ultimate and strong as our secret war is being won in the world of American hate.
For we are the Guardians of Peace in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and want no more fighting in the family.

** Follow links in kanji to meanings above**

Theories and Suppositions:

I was Googling through the Pastebin’s as is my custom nowadays and came across this little post from December 31st. It caught my eye because of the Korean as well as the content. Now, language wise the Korean is standard, and not the Korean you would see coming from a DPRK person. I also noticed that the transliteration was direct into English which to me, implies that this was a translation carried out on Google translate. However, the translated text is all place names, people’s names or names of organizations that will stand fairly static in the linguistic play book so a variance issue on vernacular is less a factor in this case. Interestingly though they chose to use the English phonetc of “Juche” instead of Korean kanji for a term that covers “self reliance”, a term for how DPRK perceives itself against the world.

The idea has been floated in the past that the Chongryon may have had something to do with the attack on Sony and it is one that I could buy into, all I would need is some real proof from the government on things like IP’s they claim to know about or some other secret sources they refuse to release on the whole affair. This paste though is subtle and as such I thought I would bring it all to you as an interesting tidbit to think on with regard to Sony and the debacle of SPE’s hack. This morning I posted a tweet linking a story about how Sony may still be compromised because they were so utterly owned. It is entirely possible that they are and also that not only SPE was the target. Once again I will mention the Sony IP’s in the malware and the fact that the language of the GOP’s email on 11/30/14 talked specifically about human rights, reparations, and issues that they claimed to have directly with Sony itself and not just SPE.

So let’s once again take a step back and imagine that this was not just about “The Interview” and not just about SPE but Sony itself. A company that is Japanese and has their own history and issues with Korea as well as the DPRK. Consider that DPRK kidnapped Japanese citizens in the 70’s that they still have not accounted for. Or perhaps let’s talk about how the Chongryon headquarters is being sold out under them by the Japanese government which has caused consternation. There are many aspects of the region that seem to be lost on the media and it is disconcerting that this seems to be just about America but hey, we invented the Streisand Effect didn’t we?

The Last Sentence:

I suppose the most interesting bit for me is the last sentence in this possible troll; “For we are the Guardians of Peace in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and want no more fighting in the family.” It hit me once I had read it a couple of times that it made more and more sense if you consider the Chongryon as involved with this hack. The allegations of all the issues with human rights, the language around Sony and the restructuring that happened over the last year in particular, all of it. It makes a kind of a sense but it certainly is not evidence I would bring to a court. However, the sentiment and the language jive with what the DPRK rhetoric has always been inside and out. A long slog of “Poor North Korea against the world!” amongst other ideals that are indoctrinated into their people from the get go. So read it with that mindset. Is it really GOP? I can’t say that it is. What I can say though is that they writer knows some things about DPRK and the tensions in the region.

As I was writing this the AP came out with a story about how POTUS has approved sanctions against ten individuals from the DPRK in an attempt to cut off their access to American money. This is a flaccid response really added to the other sanctions we have against the DPRK. It has not stopped the DPRK and Un from carrying on but they have made it at least a little harder on him. I highly recommend that you take a look at this YouTube Money & Power in North Korea – Hidden Economy to get a sense of just how much money Un has and how he gets it as well as where. This will help you understand just how these sanctions are supposed to work. Once again the US reacts and I await the unintended consequences.


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