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Funding Jihad With Bitcoins REDUX

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Bitcoins for Jihad Isn’t New

A recent article that is making the rounds is decrying a new paradigm for jihad in that @abualbawi is calling for funding through Bitcoin and Darkwallet. I was sent the article and I took a look at the PDF that *was* located on this guy’s site but overall this is not as interesting or scary as the media would like to make it out to be. Why isn’t it scary you ask? Well, primarily because having been in the world of monitoring these jihobbyists I don’t find on average that they are that tech savvy. In fact, I haven’t seen a really tech savvy one since Irahbi007 back in the day but that is just my opinion.. *by the way he wasn’t a mental genius either*


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This type of fund raising has been going on for some time in the Darknet *to what end I am not really sure* but as you will see below actual funds were transfered in the darknet to that wallet and taken out circa 2012 and recently more has been added. Of course to date, the above Darknet site (pictured at top of page) is the ONLY one of it’s kind that I am aware of but this would not preclude others passing bitcoins in the background to send to certain players in the global jihad. So this pdf and the rationalization for the use of kuffar technologies is in fact new and novel really for Abu and his pals at ISIS I will give them that.

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It also seems that Abu is trying to horn in on the old and tired “Jihadi Magazine” with his AL-KHALIFA but hey, a jihadi media mogul has to start somewhere right? Interestingly Abu has decided to remove the bitcoin pdf from his galley but I luckily got it before it was gone. The notion though that Abu has in mind is that there is no real way to de-anonymize a Bitcoin transaction and, well, that isn’t completely true. So yeah, it may be tough but you also have to factor in bad OPSEC on the part of the players as well as possible technical attacks against the system that could in fact let the other guy know who you are.

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… By the way.. Abu, umm it is Abu right? Or is it Bobihnd? You guys seem to have the same UID for Twitter and talk to the same people… Perhaps I am just not caffeinated enough.  Nope nope nope.. I was not caffeinated enough. There is telling tidbits that they are one in the same or close but I cannot prove this out.. Yet.

Anywho… Back to the issue of Bitcoin, Darkwallet’s, and anonymity. I expect that you guys will have some large hurdles here to get the funds flowing for your caliphate. I just can’t imagine Al-Baghdadi being all over this either. He doesn’t strike as a real “techie” ya know? I could however see the likes of the House of Saud maybe tossing some money at some GPU time but really, this is an untenable posit for funding your jihad Abu. I mean how many Western jihobbyists are going to rent bot time to mine or mine these things at home just to give to you and yours?

Get real.

The First Attempt On The Darknet Did Raise Money

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On the other hand… The site I mentioned in the Darknet? Yeah as you can see above they had about 1200 bucks in there at one point. You have to notice though it wasn’t a lot of bitcoins but instead it was the inflation that was happening at the boom time that gave it the bump. Of course they cashed that shit out toot sweet and I suspect bought a nice Macbook Air, not an AK-47 or a ticket to Syria. So yeah, the idea is not new mainstream media and so far it has not made a huge amount of money so it should not be a booga booga booga news headline mmmkay? Nothing to see here.. Move along…

Next I will cover the hullabaloo over ISIS/AQ using TAILS OMG!




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2014/07/10 at 16:46

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