(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

So what do the Feds have on DPR anyway?

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Sitting around and ideating today I had a thought about just what it was that DPR was being brought up on as charges go and exactly how they government could make their case. I decided to put this out there for you all to ponder as well because I am wondering just how much could really stick due to the idea that the government does not consider Bitcoins actual money…. So here goes the stream of consciousness bus…


Drug Trafficking: Hmmm yeah, was he “facilitating” or actually trafficking? I guess in the grander scheme he was in fact “facilitating” just as the Pirate Bay “facilitates” online piracy right? Though once again we circle back to the idea that the “money” here is theoretical right? I mean what is a bitcoin really worth? Can you easily convert that to cold hard cash? As I understand it you cannot but maybe I am naive on this subject. DPR never in fact transferred product, nor made it, nor packaged it as far as I know of…

So yeah, he was in fact “profiting” from the trades but as you can see from his lifestyle I think he was still trying to suss out just how to cash in here on the bitcoin thing. He also was not selling things personally as far as I know, he was really more brokering a place for sellers to sell and getting a cut of the “bitcoin” money. I think we are in new territory here in some ways for a clever lawyer. Anyone care to enlighten me on the legal side here on this?


Ok, back to the money once again. Bitcoins are not legal tender so how can this be a charge they are going to go after him on? Perhaps the laundering comes in the form of barter that is Bitcoins or maybe he was able to actually get cash money converted from bitcoins somewhere? I am not sure on this one but I know where the Feds are going here with RICO and other means to nail DPR to the wall. I think though that this is just a lesser charge that sounds all scary unless you start to parse it out legally. I mean really could one not again make the argument that there was no money exchanged here? Unless there are other funds transfers that I am not aware of…


Here’s a biggie and I have yet to really see this writ large in the complaints/arguments to come. We know that at least on one occasion DPR asked for a hit from a UC. This should be a nail in the coffin really for DPR but I don’t hear this getting a lot of play. Once again, I think the foundation is there but within the act itself that monetary thing comes up again. Sure they have him dead to rights on this but I would be interested to see just how they are going to play this. I suppose if I offered someone a deal to kill someone for a rare Magic The Gathering card it’s the same principle so out of all the charges I think this is the most serious in my opinion.

Plea Deal?

Now comes the juicy part. What about all those people out there growing, packing, selling, and really trafficking in drugs that were on Silk Road? Do you think that maybe this all will turn into one big plea deal and like Sabu he will be a CI for the roll up of anyone and everyone on SR? Of course SR is down but how much cooperation would the Feds want from Ross to speed things along? I dunno.. Maybe because they own the server it’s all moot? I am sure that many of these people tried to keep their personal data out of circulation on SR but if you interacted with DPR you might just be shitting your pants right now yes?

Time will tell I guess. As we only had one session of DPR in court and at that a continuance was issued we will all have to wait till Wednesday at least to see how the public defender plea’s to the court.


Written by Krypt3ia

2013/10/07 at 18:08

Posted in .gov, DPR

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