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The Dread Pirate Roberts 2.0 “The Return Of Silk Road”

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DPR 2.0

You just can’t keep a good pirate down it seems and as the movie/book “Princess Bride” set the precedent for the “Dread Pirate” so too has the Darknet. Just days after the first “Dread Pirate Roberts” (DPR) was nabbed in San Francisco a new one, someone who claimed to have been working with DPR-1 stepped forward and put “Silk Road 2.0” on the darknet to continue the “libertarian experiment” heh. The new DPR makes claims that he has re-audited the code from the first backup version of the site and that he is in it more than for money, that there is an ethos here just like the original DPR claimed. I for one don’t really believe that this is really the case but hey, who am I to poo poo his druggy utopia huh?

In looking at the writings of this DPR, he/she lacks some of the creative flair that the first one did and has some grammatical oddities in his/her style of writing but overall seems to be technically competent. There have been some changes to the way business is going to be done and he/she claims that they are looking to hire pentesters on a regular basis to test the site to insure security.. Oddly enough though, the security of the site (to date) has not been the issue that brought DPR-1 down.. It was hubris and OPSEC failures.


On the OPSEC front DPR-2 seems to lack the understanding I think of everything that DPR-1 did wrong. There has been talk of never again talking murder or actually hiring anyone to do so (ethos again) but overall I have not seen anything out of the new DPR that tells me he or she understands how OPSEC no matter how well put together or intentioned CAN and WILL fail eventually. You basically have to go into this endeavour knowing that at some point the jig will be up and it will be time to flee whatever country you are in and go off the grid.

One of the most BASIC problems with the OPSEC issues around this type of operation is that you are not in it alone. You HAVE to have admins and helpers who will eventually turn on you. This is one of the bigger issues, the other is that you will slip up and either cause some sort of technical vulnerability if not a logical one. (i.e. giving too much information away as to who you are unintentionally) Either way, eventually, you will get into trouble so DPR-2.0 you better have a hell of an escape plan. I mean it seems that DPR-1 did not have one really and you know how that all went for him (i.e. federal prison)

One last word here though for me is the boat load of technical vulnerabilities that will exist even in the “darknets” DPR-2.0, buddy, have you not read the news lately? I mean the NSA is all over this shit! While they have not worked out ALL of the kinks yet, they are really getting closer and closer to de-anonymizing people so i would watch out for that as well as your site’s code and vulns too. All in all dude, it’s a real security nightmare from every quarter… So how are you with constant stress DPR-2? I’d invest in Tums and cases of Pepto.. Maybe some sleep aids as well if you aren’t into tasting your own products from SR.

Hmm maybe that is the secret to it all?


Lastly, but certainly not the least concern I or anyone who might decide to join and use the Silk Road Mark II should have is this: Is this a big sting? Remember that the Feds have an original copy of the server and the code! Could it be that they have decided to catch all the other fish that got away here? Personally, as a paid paranoid, I would find this to be a real issue that would make me shy away from it all. In fact some people have said much the same on the site but they are posting anyway there. I would be careful kids, this could be legit but I lean toward two outcomes here;

1) A long con that will spin up, gather followers and users, and then be rolled up for the news media and the rounds of court cases


2) A legit attempt by those who were on SR Mark I to “live the dream again” that will only end up falling once more to the constant and concerted HUMINT and TECHINT attacks by a NATION STATE.

Just sayin…

*Looks at the map where it says “Here there be dragons!”*

I will watch the story unfold….

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Darknet Jihad

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Jihad on the Darknet

A couple years ago now I took a dip into the darknet and saw a sparse jihadi arcology forming. Today I took another tip toe through with jihad in mind and came up with a couple more sites. It seems thus far that the jihadi’s are not overly capable of holding down their sites in the clearnet because of the DERPD0S crews working the clearnets. So thinking that they will migrate to the dark may be a stretch at the present time overall. However, there have been a few in the past and there is one larger player today that may in fact get the others thinking about launching in the deep web.

Not to put this out there but well I am going to beg the question. Since all the DERPD0S and the assclownery one has to wonder just how long it is until the brothers get wise and place their sites in the dark. I mean sure, you can still attack them but you certainly can’t drop their domain’s through reporting them or looking for their expiration dates right? I do suppose that a DERPD0S in the darknet would work just as well but were you to keep the site real secret squirrel like you might have a better chance at real SECOPS no?

I know I know.. they aren’t that advanced on average (the average jihadi Joe or Jane) … Derp.


The first real player in this space though is the Kavkaz site. Kavkaz Center is a site and org that is considered by the US to be a terrorist org. The Russians have banned it and many do not really consider it a “news source” for anything other than Muslim (albeit Chechen) jihad. On their site today in the darknets you can get all kinds of information (news) as well as some media such as books on jihad. You can see the same content (mostly) mirrored online in the clearnet as well but in poking around on here I seem to be seeing things that are not a direct mirror which is interesting. Kavkaz as you might suspect also may have played a part in the Boston Bombings as they are the same players who were idolized by the Tsarnaev brothers. I have also written in the past about the Caucus campaigns including about another kid in the US who wanted to be a shahid but only ended up biting a Special Agent and landing in jail. I suggest that you all out there get to know the Caucuses because this is a hotbed of activity that has rivaled the new Syrian training grounds of jihad today. It has not slowed down and Russia will only put up with so much. The threat though is there even for us as we have seen with the Tsarnaev plot.



The next jihadi darknet site is one that I have remarked upon before and has been pretty steady in uptime. The “Fund The Islamic Struggle Without Leaving a Trace” embraces the new technology of not only the darknet but also that of Bitcoins! The current wallet has a little over 2 coins in it and I have yet to really work on the wallet/blockchain angle as yet to see who it may belong to. This site interests me because on the face of it it could be a future issue at least within the West I think. It could be an interesting way to transfer money outside of the regular banking system as this currency is still off the radar for the most part where regulations are concerned. Once again though the hindrance here seems to be the lack of jihadi’s technical abilities to get into the darknet as well as create sites online I think. It is a new-ish technology but these guys here may be on the road towards more activity along the lines of Kavkaz.

Transient Jihadi Sites

According to TORCH (search engine in the darknet) there was a jihadi site (the usual PHP sites) that seems to have fallen off somewhere in the past year. I could not get a cache (this ain’t Googled kids) so no real idea on the content other than the description in TORCH that it was a jihadi site where people could discus the jihad. This alleged site reminded me of an idea I had in the past about the “transient” sites out there. If one were looking to have a covert channel site one could turn off the site and turn it on when wanted. It would make it harder to access/find and especially given the nature of the darknet as it is not “searched” by bots like Google. Let’s put it this way, if I wanted to be more stealth I would have a transient site with a pre-determined second channel communication to let people know when it will be accessible. All in all, in looking at the darknet where this is concerned it is still in it’s infancy. Others seem to have missed these sites (such as the INSS DOH!) but hey, they aren’t so technically inclined either eh? I will keep looking for the lulz out there and when I see something new and interesting I will let you know…



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2013/10/14 at 20:04

The DARKNET: Operation Legitimacy?

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gaiuaim ioi dui pln!


The “Darknets” You’ve all heard of them. Some of you out there may have traversed their labyrinthine back alleys. However, have you ever thought that someday the darknet would be just as legitimate as the “clearnet” is today? With the recent bust of DPR and the Silk Road there has once again been great interest in the “Deep Web” and this interest was sparked once again for me too. It seems that the darknet is the new black once again and people are flocking to it just like onlookers at a traffic accident. Others though seem to be aiming to use the darknet technology (TOR and hidden services) to support free speech and to pass information as a legitimate whistle blower.

Still Mos Eisley but….

I loaded up TOR & Tails and took a trip once again into the digital Mos Eisley. It is still dark and full of crazy things and if you go there you too will see black market items, services like Assassinations for Bitcoins, and run of the mill blogs. You can (allegedly) buy just about any kind of drug in quantity just as easily as buying/mining bitcoins and paying for your drugs with them. All anonymously (once again allegedly as you can see from the DPR fiasco) via the Onion hidden services and backed by other services from anonymous email on TOR to bitcoin exchanges. However one can now see other sites out there that aren’t so black market oriented as well.

One such site is pictured above. The New Yorker decided post Ed Snowden’s revelations, that it was a good idea to put their new “secure dropbox” on the hidden services. This is a legit site that has been talked about on the clearnet as well as in the media a couple months ago. This is one of the first more legit sites I have seen out there that is offering a secure means to talk to reporters using the security that others on the darknets are using to carry out illegal activities. I have yet to really look at the site’s security but overall I see this one site being the key to showing others out there how the darknet can be used for something other than crime. Of course then again, if you ask the Obama Administration even this site could be considered illegal or an accessory to illegal leaking I guess. It’s really a matter of perspective.


So what about other sites? What would you out there use the darknet for that is not “illicit” but requires some security and anonymity? I can foresee other sites popping up perhaps in the arena of free speech or even political movements that might like this model to pass their ideals on. I honestly think this is a turning point for the darknet. Of course this is all predicated on the darknet being “secure” after the revelations from the Snowden Archive of late. It seems the NSA is really trying pretty hard to de-anonymize anyone they want to and would love to have it just not anonymous at all. Well, let me re-phrase that.. Have them THINK it’s anonymous while it is not so much to the NSA.

Other sites out there include an online Koran as well as all kinds of other non criminal sites that are.. Well.. Kinda goofy or fringe. I think that perhaps now things might shift as the technology becomes easier to manage making it easier with global connectivity for us all to hang up a shingle in the darknet.

Time will tell though I guess…


So what do the Feds have on DPR anyway?

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Sitting around and ideating today I had a thought about just what it was that DPR was being brought up on as charges go and exactly how they government could make their case. I decided to put this out there for you all to ponder as well because I am wondering just how much could really stick due to the idea that the government does not consider Bitcoins actual money…. So here goes the stream of consciousness bus…


Drug Trafficking: Hmmm yeah, was he “facilitating” or actually trafficking? I guess in the grander scheme he was in fact “facilitating” just as the Pirate Bay “facilitates” online piracy right? Though once again we circle back to the idea that the “money” here is theoretical right? I mean what is a bitcoin really worth? Can you easily convert that to cold hard cash? As I understand it you cannot but maybe I am naive on this subject. DPR never in fact transferred product, nor made it, nor packaged it as far as I know of…

So yeah, he was in fact “profiting” from the trades but as you can see from his lifestyle I think he was still trying to suss out just how to cash in here on the bitcoin thing. He also was not selling things personally as far as I know, he was really more brokering a place for sellers to sell and getting a cut of the “bitcoin” money. I think we are in new territory here in some ways for a clever lawyer. Anyone care to enlighten me on the legal side here on this?


Ok, back to the money once again. Bitcoins are not legal tender so how can this be a charge they are going to go after him on? Perhaps the laundering comes in the form of barter that is Bitcoins or maybe he was able to actually get cash money converted from bitcoins somewhere? I am not sure on this one but I know where the Feds are going here with RICO and other means to nail DPR to the wall. I think though that this is just a lesser charge that sounds all scary unless you start to parse it out legally. I mean really could one not again make the argument that there was no money exchanged here? Unless there are other funds transfers that I am not aware of…


Here’s a biggie and I have yet to really see this writ large in the complaints/arguments to come. We know that at least on one occasion DPR asked for a hit from a UC. This should be a nail in the coffin really for DPR but I don’t hear this getting a lot of play. Once again, I think the foundation is there but within the act itself that monetary thing comes up again. Sure they have him dead to rights on this but I would be interested to see just how they are going to play this. I suppose if I offered someone a deal to kill someone for a rare Magic The Gathering card it’s the same principle so out of all the charges I think this is the most serious in my opinion.

Plea Deal?

Now comes the juicy part. What about all those people out there growing, packing, selling, and really trafficking in drugs that were on Silk Road? Do you think that maybe this all will turn into one big plea deal and like Sabu he will be a CI for the roll up of anyone and everyone on SR? Of course SR is down but how much cooperation would the Feds want from Ross to speed things along? I dunno.. Maybe because they own the server it’s all moot? I am sure that many of these people tried to keep their personal data out of circulation on SR but if you interacted with DPR you might just be shitting your pants right now yes?

Time will tell I guess. As we only had one session of DPR in court and at that a continuance was issued we will all have to wait till Wednesday at least to see how the public defender plea’s to the court.


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DPR: Not so dread inspiring but surely now full of dread….

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No one would surrender to the Dread Pirate Ulbricht.

Well the news cycle exploded this week with the arrest of Ross Ulbricht aka DPR or if you like The Dread Pirate Roberts of Princess Bride and now Silk Road fame. The schadenfreude here had been epic as the criminal empire that was one of the largest in the darknet was taken down because the “pirate” could not comprehend how to carry out OPSEC properly. What lead to this guy’s demise was some good old fashioned internet gumshoe work by an SA who also worked on the Sabu case back last year. Ross it seems decided to use his personal Gmail address for postings pimping Silk Road as well as  other assets that tied it all together digitally back to him. Not the best of OPSEC here Ross.

I challenge you to a battle of wits.

Anyway Ross had an idea and that idea was pretty interesting in that he wanted to use the darknet to have a Libertarian nirvana of commerce for just about anything. He set up his site, maintained it himself for a time, and then began to realize that he could not do it alone and this is where things start to go wrong. You see, when you run something yourself you only have yourself to deal with. When you start bringing in people to work for you and they know things about you (and you will always slip up here and give things away unless you are a trained spook) and that makes them a liability to your Operational Security. Ross learned this the hard way I suppose in that he started to feel that people needed to be whacked because they knew too much.

Meanwhile the OPSEC failures that Ross had made were steadily creeping up on him. So too were the UC’s on Silk Road who worked their way into the boards making deals and gaining his trust. In the end Ross decided that one of the UC’s was actually a cool Huggy Bear kind of guy and asked him to whack one of his administrators who he felt was a threat… OOOPS! If it’s one thing a Dread Pirate should know is to “Trust No One” but Ross I guess did not read that lesson in his Econ Theory classes. I guess it’s just another pointer I would make to all of you would be Pirates or Ninja’s out there … You can’t trust anyone. Oh, and yeah unless you are trained for this at say Langley or maybe Академия федеральной службы безопасности Российской Федерации you are more than likely to fuck up majorly and end up in the clink with Ross and many others. I have to say though that the idea of using the darknet and all the means that Ross had put together was a pretty good plan. The only real hitch was that he never took into account that he was going to be going up against a nation state(s) and they always win.

Hey, at least he didn’t fall for that land war in Asia thing right? …..

Look, are you just fiddling around with me or what?

So Ross went on to become the ersatz Walter White of the darknet until one day at his apartment in San Fran his doorbell rang. At the door was ICE/DHS and they had an interesting package for him in their hands. The package was full of ID’s with his face on them but not his name and when asked about them according to the complaint/affidavit his answer was “Anyone could get documents like these online at places like Silk Road” which let me tell you Ross, isn’t the thing you want to be saying here. After some questions and answers it seems the ICE/DHS folks went away which is confusing to me. First off, I surmize that the ICE Q&A was just a front for the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Ross but really, why tip their hand like that? If I were Ross I would have closed the door, waved at the feds through the window, watched them leave and RAN to my system to have a fire sale at Silk Road. I would have chosen a new DPR and been on my way to a non extradition country but ol’ Ross?


Ross instead of cutting and running doubled down! He went on to do an interview with Forbes and continued on his way doing the business of being the “Dread Pirate” which let me tell you son, was one of the most ballsy and stupid things I have seen since Barrett Brown on camera threatened federal officers lives. Ross what were you thinking? I mean damn dude, did you really think you were Walter White? Oh well I guess time will tell as interviews are carried out or data dumps come from the feds as we go along slouching toward a plea bargain. Perhaps though your cognitive dissonance between personae online and offline just sort of short circuited you out and you couldn’t do anything other than carry on thinking you were covered.

Time will tell… But let this be a lesson to all you would be Pirates out there. You may call yourself a pirate or a ninja or even a Ninja Pirate but you really are just some shmuck with a grandiose sense of the self instilled in you by your helicopter parents who always told you just how fucking special and magnificent you were. So as you sit in federal pound you in the ass prison Ross take heart, for I am sure there will be another DPR someday in the darknets ….Sailing the dark digital waters with the shrieking eels that will some day end up in the cell next to yours where you can commiserate.


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What is it Mike? Why do you feel you need to sit and smirk on panels while spinning more and more exotic fantasist tales about the terrible cyber future out there? For that matter why do you feel compelled to joke about putting Ed Snowden on a kill list? I mean, you are retired man! You should be somewhere warm with your wife, sitting on a porch sipping a warm beer and enjoying life. Instead you are making the rounds trying increasingly more boldly to steal Dr. Cyberlove’s (Richard Clarke) thunder? What is up with you man? I mean are you trying to sell services or some kind of security appliance to the masses now that you are on that sweet sweet government pension? Or is it that you are now able to be the center of attention and talk after being bottled up so long as a secret squirrel at NSA?

Well in any case you are taking THE PRIZE with this little story you told about “CYBER MASS SHOOTERS!!”  WHOA dude you went completely plaid with this one! You have my attention at the very least! Well, that may not be so good though having my attention but I digress. Shall I tell the folks out there what I think about your little story?

*looks conspiratorially at the crowd and ushers them closer with an eyebrow waggle*

BOLLOCKS! It’s absolu-fucking-lutely bollocks my friend! Holy what the hell? Dude you are delusional and those panels that people are inviting you to increasingly are going to be comprised of you and Alex Jones having aneurysm fights.


The fastest-growing cyber threat is from a kind of digital mass shooter, a deranged or outraged hacker able to obtain cyberweapons currently available only to nation-states and organized crime, a former senior U.S. intelligence official said Thursday.

“They’re just mad, they’re mad at the world,” said retired Air ForceGen. Michael Hayden. “They may have demands that you or I cannot understand.”

Mr. Hayden warned that within five years hackers “will acquire the [cyberattack] capabilities that we now associate with criminal gangs or nation states,” such as being able to conduct online sabotage of industrial control systems that run power plants, factories and utilities.

Looks at that statements over and over and over again always having the same vapor lock.. HOLY WTF? Who do you think invented this shit in the first place? The hackers, the criminals, and YOU GUYS Mike! I cannot fathom just how clueless Mike seems here. I mean, he was in charge of the NSA so how could he be so out of touch? Perhaps he has early onset Alzheimers? Did he eat the British beef in the 80’s? 

*shakes head*

Ok so yeah “cyber mass shooters” I am trying to stifle a giggle every time I say it in my head. I don’t think Mike has really thought this one through. Has he seen the hackers out there? Has he got a good grasp of the infrastructure as well that we have? I mean HOLY COW! First off, let’s look at the hackers. It would take a cabal to do what he is talking about. The only cabals I know of are the criminal gangs, the nation states, and maybe Anonymous. So yeah, it’s all groups Mike, not one sole hacker master mind. I mean really, we aren’t all Thomas Jane ya know..

*slips in Die Hard refence #score!*

Next we have the idea that one sole hacker is going to be able to attack the “infrastructure” in a way that will be able to take it down. Uh yeah Mike, I’m sorry but that is just not so easy. I mean, it’s not like all the power companies run all the same things and are all connected to the same subnet mmkay? No Mike, it will take nation state patience, money, and access to take down a section of the grid for example and cause mass annoyance. There will not be “mass casualties” as you allude to and what did you say.. “Dislocation”???


Following that stellar statement we have this claptrap about how the hacker can now have “cyber weapons” like those of the nation state. Let me disabuse you of this notion right now Mikey…


The derp on that statement makes me want to just punch some small furry critter in the nuts man. SEE WHAT YOU DO TO ME MIKE!?!? Look, if you have a copy of Metasploit you are now actually, according to you Mike, A MASS CYBER SHOOTER! Your statement is infantile and it is the WORST type of fear mongering I have seen since your predecessor Dr. Cyberlove (aka Richard Clarke)

*hangs head*

Lastly, let’s talk about this infinitely stupid comment about how the “mass cyber shooter” may have no “demands” that we can understand.


What? Just how many movies have you been watching since you retired man? I think you have some real misinformation in your head from watching one too many Die Hard movies my friend. Wow.. Just WOW man! I am in awe of your derp on this one and that is a hard thing for me to do. I am almost speechless here …. Well not really.


Finally I think Mike has envisioned a new “Ministry of Fear” for us all to cling to in troubled times. He will be in charge of the ministry and he will make the rounds to all of the appropriate places to spew his stories of “cyber mass shooters” to a ravening lame stream media machine. Your hopes I am sure, are that you and your pals can scare the straights into compliance with the NSA pogroms you and yours have been carrying out and are now in trouble over. As long as you keep the fear levels at the right height, you and your pals can keep on keepin on with the tacit approval from the people.

Mike, you’d be wrong.

The Ministry of fear will fail and as long as you are out there saying these epic derptastic things I will be here countering them on my measly little blog. So, for the news media I will now break this down into small bytes, which I will then puree into a nice baby food consistency for you to slurp down.


  1. There will be no singular cyber mass shooter it takes too much effort and coherence to pull something off like this.
  3. If demands are made sure, you may have to look up some terms on Wikipedia or 4chan but hey, you will understand what “we” want so rest assured you will know.


God I need a drink…


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I Am Disappoint: Gabby Coleman and Anonymous

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So Schneier, the paragon (most of the time lately) of being behind the curve, has linked a paper put together by Gabriella Coleman (ersatz sociologist and Anonymous cipher) Before clicking on the link and downloading I braced myself for a read that likely would make me want to perform the head—>desk ritual. Sure enough, after reading the 27 pages of mostly histrionics regarding Anonymous I was ready to apply said head to desk with the usual force. Why do I do this to myself? I suppose that I am that person who Einstein referred to as the epitome of insanity by performing a task over and over again expecting a different outcome. Either way, I thought it appropriate to call this into question for the larger audience to look upon and judge post my bile spewing.


Well Gabby, how long were you following the anon’s around again? I think you would have been better served by reading Parmy’s book and then spewing out some facts and insights after a little digestion than what you have put out there as a scholarly text on the Anonymous movement. Sure, your generalities concerning modus operandi citing the Rand report from 1997 is all super cool and all but really, what audience are you reaching out here to? You neither get into the issue deeply enough for the non novice concerning the net and Anonymous nor do you really put together a usable picture for the un-initiated to follow along as to what is really happening and has been since Anon percolated up out of the pool that is 4chan.

All in all the paper if it be called such, just lays out in florid language, the long and winding road of histrionics around Anonymous but not really touching on the issues of how it/they have been effected as well as are affecting the net/global politics/cyberwar today. There are hints and allegations in it but really, you are a sociologist are you not? Should you not be taking up this kind of inquiry as well? What you do do though is state that they are a not so anonymous and not so leaderless group which sounds awfully familiar to me. *I wonder why? Maybe you should look at my blog posts all these years eh?* While you point out that they have been a force, you do not really maintain what kind of force they are nor do you summarize whether or not you think that they will be a real force in change nor why they would not be? Well nominally I think you allude to the lack of cohesion but then you go on to counter that with all of the amazing things they can do with PR and hive mind. Frankly you just seem muddled there. Perhaps overall it is because they are so amorphous that you cannot really conclude anything at all? Which you again allude to.. It’s like that saying from the Supreme court on porn “I know it when I see it” It’s mighty useless when it comes to actually explaining something.


The one thing.. ONE thing that I would have loved to have seen anything solid about is how today post events with busts like that of Silk Road and the other fallout from the Snowman revelations have affected the anons. You kinda sorta mention it at the end but then drop it. Perhaps it is too early to tell on that account. Perhaps you are just still milking this whole thing to further your drivel writing. I dunno. I just think that there is a far richer picture here that needs to be looked at and you are failing to do so with all your years of allegedly “studying” the anon diaspora. This paper was useless and I sure hope that policy makers aren’t reading it to understand anything other than the history of how Anon was born because otherwise they will be left more clueless and tired eyed than they started.

Oh and yeah so when do you appear on the next Dr. Phil?


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2013/10/03 at 18:08