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Inspire 11: Hasty Pasty Propaganda

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Well after some confusion a couple weeks ago Inspire 11 finally was dropped on the jihadist boards. The issue was a hasty amalgam of the usual propaganda to get the Western ummah to rise up with a few new stories relevant to recent events. In fact I believe this issue was hurried out because of a couple of reasons. The first being the failure to launch on the first attempt (it was either fubar’d by the brothers or it was tampered with by the intelligence set) and the second due to unfolding events with the killing of a soldier in the UK by a couple of whacknut brothers.


The file was dropped yesterday and once opened (in sandbox and under a full spectrum of malware/meta/data sniffing) you can see how slapdash this one is. One of the first tidbits though is a mention that though the Amriki brothers in Yemen had been whacked the brothers in Pakistan were still active and able to put out their magazine. This says a couple of things right off the bat, the first being “neener neener neener” and the second is “send the drones to Pakistan” but that’s just me. Overall though you can see just how rough this magazine is and how many new writers/designers there are and their competency levels in English as well as pagination (i.e. not much)


The magazine though has the obligatory entry by Adam Gadahn who tries the sound and fury approach to whip up the Westerners into Jihad. It falls flat as usual but they really are making an effort to say “Hey get our iPAD Jihad App!” *blergh* That aside, this whole issue is a love fest for the Tsarnaev’s and their personal (lone wolf) jihad against the kuffar. As I predicted when this all went down April 15th 2013, the boys from AQAP/AQ have grabbed right onto the Tsarnaev incident and are trying to make them the poster children of the great cosmic battle for Islam. The usual exhortations and nasheeds are present as you can see from the image below where they have Tamerlan in the clouds.. What? No Virgins? DERP


Another fun fact is that within this poorly constructed image of Tamerlan with his swanky sunglasses we see an alleged sms message to his mother. I am unsure if this actually happened or if they are just blue sky thinking here on this one. If indeed he had sent this to his mother the timing would be rather important. Of course mommy was on the phone with him talking about jihad when the FSB caught them with the wiretap so… One wonders just how complicit mumsy was to all of this. In the end though all their love for the Tsarnaev plot is nothing new. On the boards since 2:55 pm EST on April 15th the jihobbyists were all wanking off about the attack and hoping upon hope that it was and AQ plot of some kind. Funny enough though, that by day two no one knew just who really had done it and some of the brothers in the know were saying “it wasn’t us” and much pontificating went on.

After the brothers were killed/caught and other revelations came out, specifically the admission by Djokhar that it was indeed a movement against the US for their policies and in favor of Islamic jihad well they just went full on bananas on the boards. This is what I feared would happen if it were in fact lone wolves taking successful action against the US. Of course I do not expect a groundswell of incidents to follow but I do fully expect the AQ set to try and leverage the hell out of this incident and certainly this ersatz magazine is one of those attempts. They will continue to pump out this propaganda and try to energize the base but the fact is that they have nothing new to say. Their rhetoric is always the same and in fact you really could just take old copy and paste it into a new galley for the magazine with new images and voila! Instant crappy propaganda.

Sad to say it, but I miss the old crew.. At least they had some talent.


Written by Krypt3ia

2013/05/31 at 14:36

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