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Oh Jokey…

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As many of you out there have likely seen, Jester got a bit upset when I tweeted to him this weekend pointing out the failure of his ways with removing sites (claimed by him) from the internet with his new tool. I responded to his self lauding tweets that in fact the site may be down now, but, as soon as they get their backup set, they will be back online, just like all the others, so, really what have you succeeded at? It’s been a couple years plus now that Jester has been on the scene tweeting the ever shouted “TANGO DOWN” and claiming a win for the good guy, mainly him. I and others do not feel that he is winning anything nor doing anyone any good except drawing attention to himself and whatever it is he thinks he is doing.

Nowadays, he has bracelets to sell (ostensibly for the wounded warrior project) and a brand name to keep up with his tweets of takedowns. He has inspired many followers and he often lately seeks their approval by tweeting with the hashtag #whoswidme which, well, pretty much to me is just a plea for attention. After the jibe from me on Saturday, he came out with statements that he was going to come at me and that I was on his radar.

Well.. today you have the response on his site and now Island.

Ho hum.

The facts are these.

1) There were files on the server at the time, they were there for a reason and I told Jester that after he started mouthing off about it.

2) I am who I am, so I reacted as the bastard that I am. Meh.. It’s my idiom… Sue me… Oh, wait others have! And lost.

3) I fundamentally disagree with Jester’s method and his goals, as much as they have been explained of breaking their comm’s. I pretty much explained myself in rather clear, albeit terse, language on several occasions including my rant about getting off the lawn. As usual the reading and comprehension levels out there are varied, but the point was made. I continue to say the same thing. Everyone taking this all into their own hands and DoS-ing sites with the idea that they are stopping Jihadi recruitment are deluded. Nor are they driving them anywhere but maybe into places where others (LE) can’t necessarily see them.

This is the crux of the issue. That and I think that there is a certain pathology here with the Jester’s of narcissism and misguided ideals of heroism.

Jester has the right to write what he likes just as I do.. It’s all really a matter of how it’s done and what is being said that should really matter.

Oh well.


Written by Krypt3ia

2012/04/24 at 18:10

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  1. Personally, I’ve seen a lot of arrogance from both you and J lately, and that’s fine. I expect it. If there’s one sect of people that seem to excude arrogance it’s IT. If it’s another, it’s Intel analysts. I would know. And frankly, it’s required to some extent. I’ve seen some of the brightest individuals in both fields argue to the death (figuratlively) their points of view. Only end results ever prove one view more accurate than the other. Rarely are either views completely right and the other completely wrong. After all, these are smart people coming to educated conclusions based on experience and raw knowledge. That being said, I think you’re both right and you’re both wrong.

    So begins MY opinion….

    J’s methods come from watching old school methods fail, time and again. Beurecratic red tape tieing up talented people from doing what they know damn well needs to be done. Anaylsts and investigators like to watch. It’s kinda their thing. It’s not kinetic, and it’s infuriating to people of action. They claim all day that they’re tracking. They’re following the trail. They’re closing in. But the kicker is they never seem to get to the end game. Then they claim there IS no end game. If you take down one target another will just pop up. That’s their line every time. As a result, nobody ever gets hit, and everyone carries on as if they’re bulletproof. It’s ineffective. It’s WHY 9/11 happened. It’s why every successful terrorist operation happened. But there’s another reason….

    The other reason is lack of communication. One group held on to their information so tightly so the other group didn’t get ahead of them. Maybe they were afraid the other group would compromise their efforts. Maybe they were just arrogant. Well…. definitely they were, but it may not have been the reason, then again it just may HAVE been… Who knows. The point is, each was doing a different job. Each was seeing another part of a bigger picture and nobody was showing their cards to anyone else. Nobody was coordinating with anyone else. Everyone thought their way was better. They were all wrong. J has made some mistakes. He knows it, whether he admits it or not, and you know it. You made a mistake by putting those videos out there for an indexer to crawl. There’s no excuse for that. End results, in this instance, do not justify the means. Regardless, I’ve seen many indications that you do make a difference, regardless of what J says.

    You both have a part to play, and frankly I’m glad you’re both out there. What you need to do is stop measuring your dicks, put your rulers down, and maybe think about coordinating your efforts. With your knowledge, experience and insidiousness (I mean that in a good way), and his straight-up kinetic strength, imagine what you could do.

    End my opinion…..



    2012/04/24 at 19:02

  2. Those bracelets. THOSE BRACELETS!
    1st. They’re tacky.
    2nd. Raising 5.00 from a half dozen right wing fundies on twitter probably isn’t on WWP’s radar.

    This whole jester thing is completely for show. Who know whether it’s an attempt to encourage others to do the same thing s/he’s doing, or if it’s just an ego trip made up on the fly. Either way it reeks of amateur hour.

    If you watch twitter enough you can see jester’s hand full of minions passing info and then moments or hours later it’s distributed on jester’s twitter as if s/he was the sole source. It was even admitted in the article when jester says “I used to have to search myself for all my targets”. Relying on a bunch of know nothing’s with who knows what agenda is not something I’d be advertising.

    I’m laughing at all of these middle aged ex mil types that had some desk job for a couple years that have now found twitter and turned into battle hardened keyboard commandos trying to start up the crusades again.

    I would just ask the jester to cut the bullshit out, stop interfering with your little games, and quit giving veterans (if you even are one) a bad name. Using the sacrifice of others to promote yourself is one thing that pisses me off to no end.

    (Full Disclosure): I’m a veteran that was in a warrior transition battalion for almost two years dealing with surgeries and therapy.

    Smedley Butler

    2012/04/24 at 19:29

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  5. I have to agree with you here:

    “Everyone taking this all into their own hands and DoS-ing sites with the idea that they are stopping Jihadi recruitment are deluded. Nor are they driving them anywhere but maybe into places where others (LE) can’t necessarily see them.”

    If Jester is not working with LE, not only could he be pushing targets to places they can’t be followed, he could also interrupt investigations and infiltrations. I find this highly irresponsible.

    Packeting a site for a while as a protest is one thing. Interrupting intelligence work is another. I’m a supporter of Wikileaks (kind of – I have healthy criticism for them as well). But I do believe it is the right of an individual to packet as a means of protest (same as packeting CIA’s information site). I view it as the digital equivalent of picketing.

    But taking sites offline where LE/Intel could have penetrated and made some inroads is incredibly counter productive and irresponsible.

    Jester’s main weakness has always appeared to be his ego. And it’s his ego that tipped me off that @cubespherical was Jester. When questions started being raised, I went back through my DMs with @cubespherical. Even this guy who, apparently hated Jester, spoke with some mystique/respect when describing Jester’s supposed real life identity.

    So taking this all into account, at this point, it’s hard for me to think of Jester as anything but a famefag. He seems to be making a lot of the ego-driven mistakes that Julian Assange made. And, like Wikileaks, a schism has occurred as well (ero Reapersec).



    2012/05/18 at 00:24

  6. i think the j35t3r is just another case of stolen valor

    Stolen Valor

    2012/08/25 at 17:12

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