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Oh Jokey…

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As many of you out there have likely seen, Jester got a bit upset when I tweeted to him this weekend pointing out the failure of his ways with removing sites (claimed by him) from the internet with his new tool. I responded to his self lauding tweets that in fact the site may be down now, but, as soon as they get their backup set, they will be back online, just like all the others, so, really what have you succeeded at? It’s been a couple years plus now that Jester has been on the scene tweeting the ever shouted “TANGO DOWN” and claiming a win for the good guy, mainly him. I and others do not feel that he is winning anything nor doing anyone any good except drawing attention to himself and whatever it is he thinks he is doing.

Nowadays, he has bracelets to sell (ostensibly for the wounded warrior project) and a brand name to keep up with his tweets of takedowns. He has inspired many followers and he often lately seeks their approval by tweeting with the hashtag #whoswidme which, well, pretty much to me is just a plea for attention. After the jibe from me on Saturday, he came out with statements that he was going to come at me and that I was on his radar.

Well.. today you have the response on his site and now Island.

Ho hum.

The facts are these.

1) There were files on the server at the time, they were there for a reason and I told Jester that after he started mouthing off about it.

2) I am who I am, so I reacted as the bastard that I am. Meh.. It’s my idiom… Sue me… Oh, wait others have! And lost.

3) I fundamentally disagree with Jester’s method and his goals, as much as they have been explained of breaking their comm’s. I pretty much explained myself in rather clear, albeit terse, language on several occasions including my rant about getting off the lawn. As usual the reading and comprehension levels out there are varied, but the point was made. I continue to say the same thing. Everyone taking this all into their own hands and DoS-ing sites with the idea that they are stopping Jihadi recruitment are deluded. Nor are they driving them anywhere but maybe into places where others (LE) can’t necessarily see them.

This is the crux of the issue. That and I think that there is a certain pathology here with the Jester’s of narcissism and misguided ideals of heroism.

Jester has the right to write what he likes just as I do.. It’s all really a matter of how it’s done and what is being said that should really matter.

Oh well.


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