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Patriot Hackers: GET OFF MY LAWN!

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Ali didn’t go far enough so I will say it….

Yeah, I have seen the comments on the post Ali did on Island, and I have heard that there are some folks pestering him now online because of that post. Let me assure you that Ali is too nice of a guy and too caring in how he may be getting things across in a more, shall we say civil manner. Those are certainly not problems where I am concerned, so let me start off with a tirade, cool down a bit, then make a reasoned argument ok?


Listen up you morons, you are not doing ANY of us a favor with your antics. Taking down sites via DDoS or actually popping them and RM’ing them makes you NO BETTER THAN  LULZSEC OR ANTISEC (of the Sabu variety pre popping by the Feds) Your hamfisted attempts at self glorification (and you know who I am referring to) are petty and stupid. You are not serving any greater good in my book and many others (including others in the CT world) by your actions. Basically, you are seen as trying to garner attention that you so much desire because of lacking interpersonal skills or psychological issues induced by ADHD/Aspergers.

Now, IF you are being condoned by some organization in your efforts and directed by parties in the government or military, I say to you, there’d better be a fucking good reason for the actions. I would also say that the stove pipe shit that was supposed to stop post GW’s order has not actually happened and people are just basically shooting each other in the knees here, and this is just patently stupid.

Cut it the fuck out!

For those of you on your own and emulating others such as he who shall remain un-named at present, know this, you are getting in the way. In one way it was nice to have 12 days of nothing to do post these last take downs, but on the other a lot of shit can happen in 12 days that could go spectacularly wrong because of your actions. Think about that as you ponder how you are helping the CT world and saving a soldier somewhere.

You aren’t You are deluding yourself into thinking you are, that’s all. You want to help? You go to the appropriate agency and offer your help. Don’t just go off half cocked and shoot others in the foot with your hair brained actions. Think about the consequence potential of what you are doing to those who are inside the system and operational ok? That especially goes for you Raptor, you claim to have taken down the sites but you really have given out no proof, so I cannot say for sure you did squat that way, but, what I can say is you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the jihobbyists because here they are. all back again with databases intact!

Feel like Sisyphus much? Your victory was hollow at best.. IF you did anything.

So, like the title says… GET OFF MY LAWN!


Whew! Ok, got that out. Now let me take a more reasoned approach here…

First off, you want to help, then please offer help to those in charge of such matters. The FBI say or DHS etc etc. Hell, you can even contact the NYPD right? You see something you say something right? So you see shit, tar it up and email the shit to them! Maybe they already know about it. Maybe, it’s an ongoing operation and they will say thank you and move along. Mostly though, you will have done something constructive instead of destructive and inhibiting.

Secondly, once again, you never know what you are stumbling about in. You could be in fact ruining operations that could lead to arrests or actionable intelligence. Think about it before you go all charles bronson and then later pastebin dump about it.. Or for that matter, talk to Fox news about it. Now there’s operational security huh? Being a news whore about it will only get you derision on the part of some and outright malice on others.

Which am I in those two? Ehh mostly derision as you have seen in the past.

Suffice to say that all I really ask of you all, in my own special and endearing way, is to GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN! .. and others lawns. You wanna help, offer it to the authorities. Cut this chicken shit out.


Written by Krypt3ia

2012/04/18 at 18:00

Posted in .gov, .mil, Jihobbyists, Jokey

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  1. Reblogged this on Reaper Security and commented:
    Ditto! Couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks Krypt3ia for allowing us to reblog this. Good read!


    2012/04/19 at 14:13

  2. Reblogged this on AnonymousDown (official) and commented:
    Props go out to Krypt3ia! Thank you for a fantastic article. -AD


    2012/04/19 at 14:27

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  4. two thieves. one is supposed to have been saved and the other . . . (he searches for the contrary of saved) . . . damned.


    2012/05/18 at 03:35

  5. Patriotism isn’t wrong, but using the energy from it to do stupid shit indeed creates more shitstorms than shutdowns.


    2012/06/19 at 02:27

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